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    – The title walkover. No-one seems able to string together enough great weekends to beat Vettel and Red Bull. Hopefully someone will take the fight to them next year.
    – Hamilton for making stupid mistakes.
    – Massa, Heidfeild, Petrov, Senna, Barrichello, Trulli, Webber, and Kathikeyan for being a bit rubbish.
    – Sauber for slipping back
    – Mercedes, Virgin and HRT for going nowhere
    – Williams for being crap.

    An honourable mention to DRS. It was hailed as technology solving the problems technnology caused, but the fact remains that there is a problem. People want to see racing, which isn’t necessarily overtaking. I think it’s like taking the goalkeeper away in a football match – there will be loads of goals, but will the match be better? Really?

    Oh, and they TV deal, but I’ve accepted that now and I’ll stump up for Sky. It’s left a bitter taste for British fans this season, though.



    How many different drivers will be on pole position? 6
    who will they be? Vettel, Webber, Hamilton, Button, Alonso, Rosberg

    How many drivers will win a race? 7
    who will they be? Vetttel, Webber, Hamilton, Button, Alonso, Rosberg, Schumacher

    Who’ll get first pole of the year? Vettel
    First win of the year? Button
    Last pole of the year? Vettel
    Last win of the year? Alonso
    Who will have the best car at the start of the year? Red Bull
    Best car at the end of the year? McLaren
    Which drivers will win their first grand prix? Rosberg
    Which will be the most entertaining race of the season? Canada, Monaco
    The most boring race of the season? Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Spain
    Which team will be the biggest surprise of 2012? Lotus/Caterham
    What team will be the biggest dissapointment? Renault
    What will be the biggest story/contreversy of 2012? Massa swaps places with Perez, is told to move over for Kobayashi at Hockenheim.

    Who will retire at the end of 2012? Schumacher, Barrichello(if he races next year), Webber, Trulli, Massa?
    Which drivers will move to a big team at the end of 2012? Perez (to Ferrari)
    What will be some huge achievements (by anyone)? Lotus get a bag of points, Sauber get their first win, Mercedes challenge for the title, HRT survive

    Drivers champion? Alonso/Button
    Constructors champions? McLaren

    Watch these get proved wrong…



    @Magnificent Geoffrey I’ve seen Karthikeyan being interviewed a couple of times before and he seemed friendly enough. I suspect being 24th has something to do with the lack of attention, although that is stating the obvious.

    I can see Alonso being pretty short with he media at times, although I can’t remember what he was like in his 05-06 championship years. Trulli maybe? He’s such a contrast to the very personable Kovalainen. I don’t know, I’m speculating now.



    Best Driver: Vettel (overall, no-one’s had a perfect season)

    Worst Driver: Karthikeyan

    Lewis Hamilton Award for Best Rookie: Perez

    Yuji Ide Award for Worst Rookie: Maldonado

    Best Team: Sauber (seriously, did anyone expect this?)

    Worst Team: Williams (the fall from grace continues)

    Best Overtake so far: Hamilton on Alonso, Germany

    Best Funny-moment so far: Button in the Red Bull pits and the marshall falling in Canada

    Takuma Sato Award for Erratic Driving: Hamilton

    Most Surprising Result: Kobayashi 5th in Monaco

    Least Surprising Result: All of Vettel’s wins

    Best Grand Prix so far: Canada

    Worst Grand Prix so far: Valencia

    Season Rating: 7/10




    There’s a slightly more basic problem, which is that Hispania are currently operating out of Colin Kolles’ base in Germany. That’s why they’re trying to get use of Mercedes’ wind tunnel as it would be more convenient for them.

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