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    My 2 cents:

    1) Sebastian Vettel, no doubts about that, made teh best of the car when it struggled a bit on the tires. When teh car camegood he crushed the whole field.

    2) fernando alonso, don’t like him, but scored every possible point he could. even though his interest seemed to wain a bit when vettel seemed unbeatable. I’ll still give him second, but not by a big margin

    3) Kimi raikonnen, a bit unlucky not to win a few more. but for him too goes: seemed to wain a bit in the second half of the season, if for different reasons.

    4) Nico Rosberg, I know he ended up behind lewis in the points but i feel this ws more through basd luck. Wasn’t always on the ball, but more often then not he did better then his teammate imo. Even though he was under tremendous pressure bcs everybody thought he’d be lewis’whipping boy.

    5) Romain Grosjean, struggled with bad luck and the car early on, then blew everybodie mind

    6) Nico Hulkenberg, did amaizng things in that sauber, how he is not at lotus/mclaren/ferrari I will never get.

    7) Marc Webber A worthy send off campaign, but a bit obvious he was fading already

    8) lewis hamilton, never got a good handle on the car. had a few highlights like his win, but neevr looked comfy all season.

    9) Bottas, For a rookie he kept early pace with maldonado, who is a douche, but quick. When Williams ditched the coanda he showed what could have been.

    10) Ricciardo, impressed me especially in qualifing

    11) Button, the car was very abd, but as newly appointed teamleader i would have liked to see a few stand out preformances from him

    12) Sergio Perez , got a tough deal for his fiorst year at Mclaren. i still think he is capable of more….hope he cans how it next year and not be crushed ad force india by the hulk

    13) massa, i hope he is reborn at williams, but never looked less likely to chalange alonso then this year, although he picked up his qualifing

    14) Jules Bianchi, the marussia soon fell behind the caterhams, but he was still ahead more often then not

    15) paul di resta….go to indycar pleaseee….. He shows flashes of speed, but really underwhelmed me

    16) Sutil got outscored heftily by and underwhelminfg teammate, only monaco really stands out as a great drive

    17) maldonado, still afan of this guy, but this year….. he was not as crashprone, but with a bad car his drives seem to get worse

    18) Guido van de Garde, started the year on the back foot, but has surprised me, like outqualifing the other backmarkers at the USGP after missing friday

    19) Vergne, really dissapointed em this year, was nowhere near ricciardo on pace

    20) Charles Pic, second year in, but got beaten by vand e garde more often than not.

    21) Chilton, finished 19 out of 19….bcs he’s to slow to stress the car into breaking

    22) Gutierrez…..enough said

    Left Heikki out, can’t judge a man after 2 races in an unfamilliar car (even though look-how-bad-you-are memmories resurfaced)



    I think it’s a matter of track, at the corckscrew the asphalt run off is very small , the dirt is just behind it and in both marquez and zanardi’s pass you can see the dus kicking up. most modern f1 tracks however have such huge asphalt run off area’s there might as well be a whole other track next to the racing line. Making use of that is an unfair advantage I think, doing it at leguna seca means the driven/rider takes a huge risk in the dirt and is rewarded for taking that risk, but if he would fail the “punishment”would most likely be a retirement. Not so on most f1-tracks there is no risk, the track simply continues beyond the white line for safety reasons



    1) Stirling Moss
    2) Ronnie Peterson
    3) Juan pablo Montoya
    4) Jakckie Ickx
    5) Gilles Villeneuve
    6) Carlos Reutemann
    7) Steffan bellof
    8) Dan Gurney
    9) Fellipe Massa (pre- accident)
    10) Rene Arnoux



    Indeed i did not know, but I think it should then be based on each individual time, now the way i understand it because the villain posted teh quickest time in his group, everybody in his group gets to start on the clean side of the track, even though drivers in the other group posted better times then then the ones in the villains group



    never realised how wierd the qualifing sytem is….. Frijns starts 10th, but if he had had an even numbered car instead of an odd numbered car the same lap would have put him third on the grid….



    frijns gets to drive in Monoca for Hilmer as well ! :D



    Frijns shows once again his class, GP2 is a notoriously difficult class to come into as a rookie . Frijns missed more then half of the pre-season testing and missed the first raceweekend.

    Then in his first race weekend he qualifies 10th, runs in the points till a collision.
    Then in his second weekend he scores a feature race win, and a second in the sprint race.

    How amazing is that! Just imagine If he gets the Hilmer drive for the full season, and manages to win the title….

    then it’ll be
    2010 formula BMW champion
    2011 formula renault 2.0 eurocup champion
    2012 formula renault 3.5 champion
    2013 GP2 champion……?

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