• michael pearson posted an update 3 years, 5 months ago

    DID YOU READ THE STUPID WORDS WRITTEN BY DAMON HILL, MAIL ON SUNDAY ? RE LEWIS VICTORIES RUINING F1;;; I AND FREINDS ARE SO DUMFOUNDED AT HIS CRASS STUPIDITY,,AND KNOCKING OF THE N0 1 BRIT, DID DOPEY DAMON SAY ANYTHING LAST YEAR WHEN VETTEL , AND RED BULL DOMINATED THE SEASON/<??,,so dopey damon, dosent like a brit ti have a good year, he is efxxxxxxxxxxxing disgraceful, we are beyond flabergasted, his fantastic and fair farther, GRAHAM, who i once met at silverstone at silverstone in the 1960 s, would turn in his grave, if he had heard that giberish from dopey damon,,we have to rest our as words fail, we have to behave in this columm do we not<<<