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    If you mirror the scuderia ferrari logo and put them next to each other, you have a marlboro packet.

    Anyone at a computer care to do the honours? I am on my phone.



    Here are a few of my choices




    You keep logging in to f1fanatic.co.uk until 3 am to get the roundup which youve been looking for since 12am, unable to sleep until you read it, with work in the morning….

    Also, when you spend more time reading up on testing and f1 related gumpf than you do listening to anything your girlfriend was trying to say to you earlier….



    @mashiat yeah, your right, I totally got them wrong, but im not a big fan of either, pedrosa is a #2 and edwards has been riding the equivalent of a hrt.

    I would like to see the number 0 be used, used to love seeing that on the williams. Id also like to see 13 as the tradition of missing it out used to really frustrate me.



    Eventually maybe it will become like motoGP, everyone knows who yellow number 46 is. A lot of people will be familiar also with the red 58 tribute stickers a few years ago. And soon the number 93 will be pretty recognised in that world….. to be fair after a few years you will remember most peoples numbers. In motoGP I know that pedrosa is 28, bradl is 6, 99 is lorenzo, 69 is hayden, 8 is colin edwards, 93 is marquez, I even remember a few from the past, 3 being biaggi, 7 checca and 42 toseland. So im sure if a driver makes an impression either on you for his driving, or because of his marketing then you will remember it whether its 6 or 69.



    1. Hulkenberg – showed us something I’ve been waiting to see for the last 3 seasons….. sucessful defensive driving. The lost art of formula 1, giving me hope that maybe, just maybe….. everything is going to be O.K.

    2. Grogean – A refreshing sight, a (relatively) fresh faced driver mixing it with the old guard at the front. Much improved, and something ive been expecting for a while now.

    Im glad to see new faces towards the front as the driver market in f1 is starting to smell a bit like a retirement home to me. Flush out all the old rubbish and freshen the place up a bit. I don’t remember that many mediocre drivers sticking around that long in the 90’s. The massa’s, buttons, webbers, di resta’s, sutil’s, maldonado’s, etc would have all been long out the door in searc of better talent (or be driving a minardi, simtek or arrows like diniz or katayama)

    3 – nobody, bored of everyone pussyfooting around the tyres, not overtaking until drs zones and being micro managed by the pit robots.

    4 – marc marquez – won the moto gp in his rookie season above some exceptional talent…. I digress.



    Lotus – Grojean/Hulkenburg

    I disagree about Hulk staying at sauber for continuities sake. If it happens quickly, he should move to the best team he can, and stay there until something better comes. If they dont snap him up soon though, if I were hulk I would sign on the dotted line for the best of the teams showing interest. Coin flip between F.I. and sauber.

    Force India – Sutil/Perez

    Perez brings money and speed, Sutil is good, brings cash and is better than Di Resta.

    Sauber – Sirotkin/Glock

    Sirotkin for his money, and hopefully some skills

    And Glock for a solid fast driver who never got his chance to shine. That would be the smart move but I imagine gutierrez will stay.

    Marussia – Nasr

    Id love to see him in F1, a great talent, but I can only see money driving this seat, so im guessing max or maldanado. I personally would like to see the back of maldanado.



    Sorry I didnt finish my sentence, other than a few things, like that and a few missed marks, good idea, and good easy to understand format.



    I don’t understand the last column, surely it’s a good thing to win whilst not driving a constructor’s championship winning car? Surely the marks should be reversed for this???

    Other than that, and some things I dissagree with like the classification of a backmarker, being that if a driver managed to drag a backmarker to a couple of reasonable results, its no longer a backmarker. Tolman was a backmarker in my mind and always will be, just like arrows or minardi.



    2014: Raikkonen-rbr
    2015: Hamilton-mercedes
    2016: Hamilton-mercedes
    2017: Perez-mclaren honda
    2018: Magnussen – mclaren honda
    2019: Bianchi – ferrari
    2020: Hamilton – Mclaren honda



    I would have thought the same as the poster above me. Maybe a standard chassis etc, but leave engines and drive train free from restrictions, so long as its zero emmision. Having electric versus hydrogen fuel cell and anything else the boffins can come up with would really push this technology forwards. Im sure a lot of manufacturers would jump on board if the series gained notoriety. Like renault who are already pushing electric vans, and honda who have been going down the hydrogen route. Shame its being strangled to death before its even started….



    Going back to the OP, the 3 things i would love to see (however un-realistic)

    1. Sutil Winning the championship in a rejuvenated williams
    2. Glock getting a decent drive mid season and scoring a podium

    and finally….

    3. Ferrari and redbull have a dismal season chasing flexing aerodynamic parts, resulting in awful reliability and finishing 8th and 9th in the championship. And Horner gets the sack.

    Now 3 that are a little more realistic…..

    1. Hekki to make 3 Q3 sessions (possibly with the aid of rain) and score a few points
    2. Mercedes and Lotus Join the fight with the top 3
    3. Maldonado gets the boot.



    Possibly see one of the renault lineup in a williams as part of the new Renault deal? Maybe Grojean in there?



    Red bull:
    1. vettel
    2. webber

    3. button
    4. hamilton

    5. alonso
    6. massa

    7. rosberg
    8. schumacher

    Lotus gp:
    9. Raikkonen
    10. Senna (Embratel $$)

    Force India:
    11. di resta
    12. hulkenberg

    14. Kobayashi
    15. Perez

    16. Ricciardo
    17. Vergne

    18. Sutil
    19. Glock

    20. Kovalinen
    21. Grojean

    22. De La Rosa
    23. Bottas (williams gearbox connection?)

    24. Petrov
    25. Pic

    could happen?…



    1. Hakkinen
    2. Montoya
    3. Alonso
    4. Schumacher
    5. Hamilton
    6. Raikkonen
    7. Kubica
    8. Vettel
    9. Button
    10. Glock

    I know this list is not following suit of everyone elses. But I believe…. IMO…. at their peaks, in the same cars, this is how things probably would have finished talent wise. Dont forget…. IMO

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