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    I might take them off you. I work at cadwell park race track, i’m sure our marshal’s and maintenance crew would enjoy them in our breaks…. It depends how soon you want rid of them. I could come up in a couple of weeks (after payday) as my sister has just moved to leeds a couple of days ago, would be a good excuse to go see her in her new place too.

    If you need to get rid of them sooner, and someone is willing to collect sooner then i wouldn’t be offended if you gave them away.



    Oh, you removed my teflonso one :(

    Could have just blanked the offensive word.

    I’m more bothered cause my hulk one was attached.



    There was a world champ called jenson

    Who I almost forgot to mention

    He didn’t have the brains

    But he did have the brawn

    In a season that mostly lacked tension.

    Lewis was up for a fight

    Whether racing in day or at night

    But more often than not

    His patients would rot

    And his left wheel would meet with the right.



    Come on, it was funny. I couldn’t resist.

    Red bull were king of the mound

    Cause their front wings flex down to the ground

    DC doesn’t doesn’t notice

    Are there hidden motives?

    Of course! He’s contractually bound.



    There once was a bloke called Ron Dennis

    Who Max Mosely believed was a menace

    But it was Max who got caught

    while his nazi girls fought

    Over who got to suck on his pen-iss…..

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)