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    I see, that makes sense.



    MotoGP and the American Le Mans Series. ALMS probably has the best racing of any series in my opinion. In addition to having multiple classes on the track at the same time, the GT field is insanely competitive. This year its going to be made up of Corvette, Ferrari, Porsche, BMW, Ford, Jaguar, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, and maybe Panoz. The first four are always fighting it out for the class win, the Ford GT’s, while usually slow, look great, the Jaguar is entertaining in its own way (never making more than 2 or 3 laps), and Aston and Lamborghini are new elements this year.



    I’m using Chrome, but I can’t get it to translate the actual game itself.



    Looks pretty cool, but I don’t know enough german to get beyond signing up for an account.



    Just finished my first season with HRT. Took pole and the win at Abu Dhabi and was about 100ft short of lapping my first backmarker all season when I crossed the finish line. Championship Standings:

    1. HAM – 303 1. McLaren – 452

    2. ALO – 283 2. Red Bull – 431

    3. WEB – 220 3. Ferrari – 399

    4. VET – 211 4. HRT – 198

    5. me – 197 5. Mercedes – 183

    6. BUT – 149 6. Renault – 90

    7. MAS – 116 7. Force India – 56

    8. ROS – 106 8. Sauber – 38

    9. MSC – 77 9. Toro Rosso – 31

    10. PET – 57 10. Williams – 20

    11. SUT-38 11. Virgin – 15

    12. KOB – 36 12. Lotus – 6

    13. KUB – 33

    14. ALG – 21

    15. LIU – 18

    16. DIG – 15

    17. HUL – 11

    18. BUE – 10

    19. BAR – 9

    20. KOV – 6

    21. DLR – 2

    22. SEN – 1

    23. TRU – 0

    24. GLO – 0

    I was planning on driving with a mid field team next season, hopefully Sauber or Williams, but unfortunately the only offers I got at the end of the season were from Lotus, Virgin, and McLaren, for beating Button, who was my rival. I guess I’m going to McLaren now, but its kind of sad to see them kick Hamilton out for me after he just won them both titles. I was expecting them to get rid of Button, but I guess not.

    I ended the season with 6 wins(Canada, Germany, Spa, Monza, Korea, and Abu Dhabi). Favorite tracks on the calendar are by far Turkey, Spa, and Interlagos. Easiest track on the calendar was Abu Dhabi.



    Just had my best race of the season at Spa. Qualifying was wet and I took pole by over 5 seconds from Webber. The race was dry, and I lost the lead to Vettel at the first corner when he pulled a Kimi and ran very wide. I got the lead back going down Kemmel though and then lead the entire rest of the race after that. Since qualy was wet, I decided to start on the primes and then pit very late for options. Alonso, who started 6th on the grid pitted on the same lap as me and took second, and somehow, Petrov took 3rd after starting 13th. I’m thinking he didn’t pit at all since there were no major pile ups during the race where he could have made up that kind of ground.



    How far into a season do you need to be before teams start sending you offers? I’m struggling through FP2 at Silverstone and I’ve managed to get so far is a third of the teams in the paddock telling me that they don’t like me.



    Is anyone else having trouble with Silverstone? I’m driving the HRT so I kind of expected to be a little off the pace, but I cannot get a single lap in without understeering off the track. I don’t understand this as I was on the pace in Turkey and beat both Red Bulls that race. Is there some trick to getting around the high speed corners in Silverstone that I just can’t figure out?

    On a side note, Silverstone is the second track from Forza that I am familiar with, the other being Catalunya. These are two of my best tracks in Forza and I can drive around them with my eyes closed in that game, but in an F1 car I am terrible. I was really expecting both of these to be a walk in the park for me since I already knew where I was going, but they aren’t.



    I started a 7 year career with HRT. Chose the yellow helmet. The first race was kind of a disaster for me. It was a wet race, and I somehow qualified 10th, but ended up getting knocked off the track at the first corner which resulted in me finishing 24th.

    Australia was another disaster, I accidentally skipped qualifying, so I started from the back of the grid. I started well and made up 5 or 6 places, but I got 3 separate penalties going around the first corner for reasons unknown. I eventually made it up to 12th, but the 30 seconds added onto my time dropped me down to last again at the end of the race.

    I have to say, this game has a lot of potential in my eyes, but its doing its best to be unenjoyable for me. Bahrain has the be the worst circuit ever made, and having that as the opening race with me trying to learn how to drive an F1 car was not a good combination. Turns 19-21 are the only enjoyable part of that track, the rest is just an endless maze.

    After Bahrain, which isn’t really the games fault, the only other problem I have is that I get penalized for everything. I’ve played lots of racing games, and I’m able to keep to the racing line reasonably well, and I am very familiar with F1 rules, and yet I cannot avoid penalties. I have been hit by other cars multiple times and received a penalty for it. I have been on a hot lap in qualy and had a Ferrari pop up behind me, and got called out for blocking. And the most annoying, in FP1 in Malaysia, Petrov popped out of the pits right in front me of and jumped onto the racing line doing about 100mph slower than I was. Inevitably, I rear ended him taking both of us out, and I was DQed for it. I turned my xbox off after that.

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