• Natalie posted an update 5 years, 6 months ago

    can anyone offer me some advice on seats – am looking at T low or K low. Is T opposite the pits?
    thanks natalie

    • Hi Natalie. I can’t offer you advice as such as this is my first time. I too have bought the tickets as a gift for my partner’s birthday and ours are in T High. Yes Tribune T does have a view of the pits but I believe it is only T High, I doubt you would see the pits from T low from what I have heard. I am regretting my decision now and wish I’d bough K High which apparently has a view of a longer stretch of the track but again I am advised that High is better than Low. I would have like to do a day in each but the deal I got gave us free Thursday and Pit Walk if we booked same grandstand each day and I chose to view the pits as I don’t follow F1 and didn’t know where best view would be. If I could swap (which I can’t) I’d be booking K1 High. Sorry I haven’t been much help but saw noone had replied to you and thought I’d just give you what info I know for what it’s worth. Hope you have a fab time.