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    I am taking my hubby here for his birthday as a surprise and need some tips and advice as I don’t know much about f1.

    I found most of the prices and flights out of my leauge so I have done a week holiday flying to and front montpellier and driving along the coast staying at quieter towns.

    For the f1 weekend I have arranged the camping via f1 camping. I know that this is just outside of monaco and then there is a free shuttle

    I have rocher tickets for the saturday and sunday. I have seen mixed reviews but I would hope that the experience of being there will be great for my husband

    If anyone has any tips of advice on the campsite it would be great – if anyone has been there, what it is like, how far away it is from monaco, are the shuttle buses regular etc

    Then regarding rocher, i know it is a rocky hillside but as we arrive in monaco friday, I was hoping to go down there as i beleive there is a free pit walk? and then can i secure a spot a rocher for the whole weekend? what is the best way to do this? i am willing to go there with seats and secure them somehow? I have heard you can do this and people respect your space? I want to make sure I get the best spot possible so if people have done this before then let me know. I’ve tried to give myself plenty of time to ensure we don’t end up with a bad viewing point on the day!

    So any tips on rocher and monaco f1 then please let me know! I want to go prepared!

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