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    just new twits in which Hamilton “explains” his first PR. Well, who knows if thia came out of himself or out of his PR manager…


    @prisoner-monkeys but Barrichello had a nice season at Brawn!


    @garns It’s the car AND Vettel, it’s Vettel AND the car. As I read just yesterday, “it’s circular, it’s bound”, The best drivers get the best cars, and the best car becomes even better when it has the best driver. You listen plenty of times the “Newey is the true WDC champion” stuff, but of course Red Bull needs Vettel to drive the car, and you can see that what Vettel does is not matched, not even close, by Webber, in the same Newey car. Alonso needs a better car? Yes, of course, and so does Lewis, but their lack of a good car doesn’t diminish what Vettel DOES in the car he is given.


    Great stuff @mnmracer, but…
    The “but” doesn’t have to do anything about you, just about people who “stare” but never “see”. I mean, we can post tons of info about how equal the things have been given to Red Bull boys, and yet many people will just understand and bend the things the way they want to see it.
    But congratulations again. Maybe your post can open some people’s eyes, at least a couple.


    Grosjean on Perez


    Best Driver: Vettel
    Worst Driver: Kimi (usually higher expectations on him)
    Best Team: RB
    Worst Team: Force India
    Best Overtake: Alonso on Webber (and Grosjean on Perez)
    Funniest moment: Force India prepared the termocamera on Di Resta’s car to show new stuff (and gets crashed very soon) FAIL
    Most Surprising Result: Hulkenberg staying 5th
    Least Surprising Result: Vettel getting 1st
    Special Mention to: Hamilton aggressive style
    Race Rating: 7/10


    in 1994 Ayrton and Ronald died, so I think the overreaction was quite a natural response.
    But returning to the topic…
    – I don’t like the final turn in Malaysia.
    – The horrible turn after the long straight in China
    – All the 90 degree turns in Abu Dhabi and Singapore (I dislike the Singapore circuit so much)


    Best Driver: Vettel
    Worst Driver: Masa
    Best Team: Lotus
    Worst Team: Williams (let the point slip)
    Best Overtake: Webber’s start
    Best Funny- moment: Marussia’s car
    Most Surprising Result: Grosjean on the podium
    Least Surprising Result: Hamilton going backwards first, then recovering a little
    Special Mention to: Hulkenberg
    Race Rating: 9/10


    @mnmracer! Great stuff, excellent! Twi things i noticed:
    1. Alonso has inherited many races, but that’s why he is always pushing the leader when he goes second. Sometimes that push pays the reward of making the leader lose concentration, overheat something and then retire.
    2. I agree with @freelittlebirds that “Vettel has more failures on the lead because he is usually leading”. Even when sometimes the car has failed “without a reason”, we can also assume that Vettel, pushing the car so much, makes it fail from time to time.

    I wonder how many races Mansell inherited, so we can compared this fact to Alonso.


    Let’s see (with no order in particular, and just to mention the ones I’ve seen during my lifetime)
    Montoya, Massa, Kubica, Ralf Schumacher, Nico Rosberg, Frentzen, Barrichello, Fisico, Webber and Trulli


    As an opinion, you should rename the post as “the ones which you remember the most” or stuff like that, because when there is a crash in F1, it just makes me feel nervous cause I don’t know if the driver can make it through.
    The ones I remember are
    Barrichello flying in Imola
    Grosjean first lap vs Alonso and Hamilton in Spa
    Kubica in Canada
    One of Schum in Abu Dhabi when his car spins and he is looking backwards, and somebody crashes him.
    Red Bull boys in Turkey
    Maldonado and Hamilton in Valencia
    Ralf Schum at Indianapolis
    … enough?


    Monaco, pick the year you want…


    @fixy and both arrived fifth to get the championship.


    @fixy your turn!!! (and for @matthijs the question excluded Monaco)


    Everybody compared Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton when they were teammates, but, what 4 coincidences were there between the 2 drivers who became champions in 2008 and 2009? (I have 4 in my mind, if you mention other coincidences it will be nice to know)

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