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    @CarnivorousPope that is a good point but id say it would be incredibly hard for them to get the rights to all the cars in a certain year of a given era.I would be happy enough if say they had the McLaren MP4/4 in the game and you could compete in a race against 21 other MP4/4’s.
    @roblo97 Track designer would be interesting but i think it would be a difficult area to get right. If they put in the likes Montjuic, Old Imola, Old Hockenheim, Old Spa then it would be savage


    @CarnivorousPope It could be done very simple. Have a car from all the era’s i mentioned above and throw in a classic track or two. Then they could have a game mode of Onemake races etc or just have it in time trial mode..


    Hopefully they will include some classic cars in this years game.One of Senna’s McLarens, Lauda’s Ferrari, Stewarts Tyrell, Clarks Lotus..and maybe some more modern ones like Schumachers Bennetton from 95, Hakkinens Mclaren from 99 or The v12 Ferrari from 1994, now that would be something..While they’re at it they could also maybe throw in a few classic circuits. Montjuic, Zandvort, Kylami, pre 95 Imola, Adelaide.. Probably enough there for a whole new game..


    Gas man..looks very relaxed in his role at lotus..Can see myself putting a few quid on Kimi for the championship this year…


    Very lucky to pick 2012 to go to the European GP. A much maligned race track provided one of the races of the year. Alonso’s charge froma poor qualifying, Vettel’s retiring, then Grosjean, Hamilton and Maldonado. Topped off withe the master Michael Scumacher getting his only podium of his comeback. Very enjoyable weekend, fantastic city and good viewing areas. A pity it wont be on the calander next year.


    My Top 10

    1. Vettel :(at the end of the day he is the world champion and that is all that counts. Two amazing races in Abu Dhabi and Interlagos right from the back of the grid, showed his unbelievable talent and finally put an end to the ridiculous notion that he couldn’t overtake.

    2. Alonso : ( Amazing all year, probably deserves number 1 down to his pure consistency, but the records will show he finished 2nd in the championship. My Highlight of the year was being at the European GP in Valencia. Seeing Fernando pull off one of the best victories in his career. Amazing day.

    3.Lewis Hamilton : Lewis showed his unbelievable talent throughout the season but was incredibly unlucky with so many car failures. Seems to have matured as a person and all round a more likeable character in my opinion. ( i know, the tweet in Spa, but hey we all make mistakes. Going to be riveting watching him in a much slower Mercedes next year.

    4.Kimi Raikkonen : Bar a hic-up in Qualy at the first race of the season, Kimi has been fantastically consistent. Probably should have had at least 2 victories, Bahrain as well as his win in Abu Dhabi. If Lotus can deliver Kimi a slightly faster car next year then he will be a major contender for the title. (Should get number 1 in any Most popular driver award, what a character)!!..

    5. Jenson Button : Another steady if unspectacular season from Jenson. Seems too dependent on having the car absolutely perfect for his driving style, unlike Lewis who could drive a rusty nail. Will need to vastly improve his qualifying performances if he is going to mount another title challenge. Next season will be key for him with Sergio coming into the fray.

    6. Mark Webber : Mark a bit like Jenson had a steady enough season with a couple of amazing wins thrown into the mix, Monaco and Great Britain. Must get demoralising for Mark when he puts in a belter of a lap in qualy only to see young Vettel beat him by a few tenths. Will have to regain the consistency he showed in 2010 or else will forever be looked upon as Sebastian’s Bridesmaid.

    7. Nico Hulkenberg : Nico in my view has done a sterling job all year, and could have been topped off with a spectacular win last weekend only for the safety car period. Ever before the Hulk entered into Formula 1, he was well known in motorsport circles as the next big thing, maybe even the new Schumi. For this reason I think it is a shame that he will have to put up with another season in a 2nd rate car , the Sauber. This guy deserves a seat with a top seat. Martin Whitmarsh & Ron must have been asking themselves last Sunday “ Why didn’t we sign this guy instead of Perez?!!”..

    8. Pastor Maldonado : Aside from the penalties which everyone associates him with, I couldn’t have been more happy to see Pastor win this years Spanish gp. For a year and a half we had to listen from gutter journalists and so called experts telling us he is only a pay driver. How many times did they mention he won the GP2 championship?!! Pastor at times this year showed speed that I believe only the very best can match. Put Pastor in a Ferrari or McLaren and he could fight for championships. Extremely talented if a bit rough around the edges.

    9. Sergio Perez: Sergio had a very strong start to the year. Should have taken victory in Malaysia. Had 2 very good podiums in Canada and Monza. This guy is very talented and probably would have been further up in my ranking only for his stuttering and blundering run of races at the end. Ever since he signed for McLaren he has been outshone by Kamui and has been involved in some very stupid incidents’. Incidents and accidents which will not be acceptable for McLaren. Still has a lot to prove.

    10. Michael Schumacher : The king is dead, long live the king. How fitting was it to see Michael give Sebastian a lending hand on Sunday. People always said Michael was a cold , machine like character. However ever since his return to the sport we have seen a much friendlier and relaxed Schumi. A driver who paradoxically is now more loved than when he was at the height of his success. Why do I have him in my top 10 ahead of Kamui or Nico who won a race. Well History means a lot in Formula 1, and I think a lot of people would be lying if they said they weren’t delighted to see Schumi gain a fantastic pole in Monaco and the much deserved podium in Valencia. As I said above with Alonso, I was at this years European GP and seeing Fernando, Kimi and Michael on the podium together was a day to savour. The King was back!!!


    In order of Deservedness 1.Alonso 2.Vettel 3.Hamilton 4.Webber 5.Button 6.Raikkonen 7.Hulkenburg 8.Rosberg 9.Glock 10.Perez 11.Kovalainen 12.Maldonado 13.Kobayashi 14.Massa 15.Sutil 16.DiResta 17.Grosjean 18.Senna 19.Petrov 20.Buemi 21.Alguersuari 22.Bottas

    I Honestly think Sutil has to get another chance.He drove some fantastic races for Force India in 2009/10 & 11. Also Glock is wasted in a Marussia.Could probably do as good a job as Nico Rosberg in the Mercedes. Others to mention, Buemi and Alguersuari..Are Vergne and Ricciardo better than these two.After this year it id very debatable.Buemi was consistant in his time with Toro Rosso and Alguersuari came good at the latter part of 2011, achieving better results than Ricciardo or Vergne managed thsi year.

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