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    Even Nick himself once admitted he was the slowest driver…




    Strategy can be good and bad. It’s good when people are free to choose different things, and there is more than one solution to a problem.

    It’s bad when it’s limited and mostly prescribed, which is what we have at the moment. The forced tyre change and forcing of people to start on their qualifying tyres means soft, soft, (optionally soft), hard strategy is always going to be favourite. Then there’s also the enforced rule of the same tyres on all 4 corners. I have no idea why this is (it used to be open). A single tyre supplier doesn’t help either. With a tyre war you’d get a good mixture of tyre options and more emphasis on the driver’s skill of choosing the right one.

    If drivers had complete freedom, we’d probably see Perez and Button doing hard, hard and others doing soft, soft, soft, soft, soft. Sadly we’ll never know.



    I think The biggest time gap made up is likely to be Fangio at the ‘ring.

    In lap terms, it’s worth mentioning Jim Clark at Monza in ’67. In the 60s, Monza was the ultimate slipstreamer race – if you got spat out of the pack, you were considered to have no hope.

    Clark lost a lap because of a puncture and came out in 15th, but he managed to get the whole lap back (through pure speed no some yellow flag), overtake *everyone*, and take the lead. The best victory in F1 ever was spoiled when he ran out of fuel.



    I’m hoping for rain. An ideal result for the championship would be a Massa win, Kubica second, Rosberg 3rd and the top 5 all failing to finish. That would close things up nicely and put the cat among the team orders pigeons at Ferrari:)



    I find that the way the comments are threaded is quite hard to follow compared to linear forums.

    I much prefer systems the allow you to quote selected posts and always add replies to the bottom of the page.

    Finding new comments when you come back to a story is quite time consuming because they’re scattered through the existing comments so I rarely revisit even the most interesting subjects.



    I agree with…

    Ratboy – Brabham BT55 – sub zero

    My f1 cool wall entries:


    1967 Lotus 49 (BRG and no wings!)

    1976 Fitipaldi-Copersucer FD04 – made silver cool way before McLaren

    1979 Brabham BT46B “fan car” – for taking the p*ss

    1986 Lotus JPS 98T – black and gold, nuff said

    1991 Jordan 191 – the clean lines, the colour, the lack of sponsors

    1993 McLaren MP4/8

    1994 Simtek S941

    1995 Ferrari 412T2

    2010 Renault R30 – the retro colour scheme sells is


    1972 Techno PA123

    1998 Williams FW20 “winfield”

    2004 Ferrari F2004 – total world domination is best left for Bond villains

    2008 Renault R28 “ING”

    Seriously uncool:

    1972 Eiffelland F1 – oh dear, I think I’ve been sick on myself

    1982 Ferrari 126C2 (Long Beach spec) – seriously, what’s up with that rear wing?

    1990 Footwork – slower than a slow thing with broken legs

    2004 Williams FW26 “walrus” – fell out of the ugly tree, hit every branch on the way down and landed on it’s face!

    2007 Honda RA107 “earth dreams” – WTF were they thinking with that livery!!?!???!



    If you’re on twitter you should check out the tedkravitzfacts:


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)