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    Prof Kirk

    Sebastian Vettel had it pretty tough in the RB7 and RB9


    Prof Kirk

    Likewise Zero connections with Formula 1 :P



    Prof Kirk

    “If you can’t win, you cheat.” – Stirling Moss

    wow. wait what? no. no no no.


    Prof Kirk


    PS apologies if none of the links worked. no idea wat I do.


    Prof Kirk

    2015 Grid: Drivers machinery and success


    DRIVER NAME (Competing in 2015 season)
    TEAMS: Teams driver has won with in Bold
    ENGINES: Engine Manufacturer Driver has won with in Bold

    Data Includes Test sessions during Grand Prix weekends. (Does not include other tests, feel free to dig that information up and add it in !)
    Data as of 2014, (not including the soon to be 2015 season, eg: Vettel = Ferrari)

    Feel Free to improve this list or whatever. May be someone can do more drivers! Past World Champions would be interesting to compare.


    Lewis Hamilton
    Teams: McLaren | Mercedes
    Engines: Mercedes V8 | Mercedes V6

    Nico Rosberg
    Teams: Williams | Mercedes
    Engines: Cosworth V8 | Toyota V8 | Mercedes V8 | Mercedes V6

    Daniel Ricciardo
    Teams: Torro Rosso | HRT | RedBull
    Engines: Ferrari V8 | Cosworth V8 | Renault V6

    Daniil Kvyat
    Teams: Torro Rosso
    Engines: Renault V6

    Felipe Massa
    Teams: Sauber | Ferrari | Williams
    Engines: Ferrari V10 | Ferrari V8 | Mercedes V6

    Valtteri Bottas
    Teams: Williams
    Engines: Renault V8 | Mercedes V6

    Sebastian Vettel
    Teams: Sauber | Torro Rosso | RedBull
    Engines: BMW V8 | Ferrari V8 | Renault V8 | Renault V6

    Kimi Raikkonen
    Teams: Sauber | McLaren | Ferrari | Lotus
    Engines: Ferrari V10 | Mercedes V10 | Mercedes V8 | Ferrari V8 | Renault V8 | Ferrari V6

    Fernando Alonso
    Teams: Minardi | Renault | McLaren | Ferrari
    Engines: Cosworth V10 | Renault V10 | Renault V8 | Mercedes V8 | Ferrari V8 | Ferrari V6

    Jenson Button
    Teams: Williams | Benetton | Renault | BAR | Honda | BrawnGP | McLaren
    Engines: BMW V10 | Renault V10 | Honda V10 | Honda V8 | Mercedes V8 | Mercedes V6

    Sergio Perez
    Teams: Sauber | McLaren | Force India
    Engines: Ferrari V8 | Mercedes V8 | Mercedes V6

    Nico Hulkenberg
    Teams: Williams | Force India | Sauber
    Engines: Cosworth V8 | Mercedes V8 | Ferrari V8 | Mercedes V6

    Romain Grosjean
    Teams: Renault | Lotus
    Engines: Renault V8 | Renault V6

    Pastor Maldonado
    Teams: Williams | Lotus
    Engines: Cosworth V8 | Renault V8 | Renault V6

    Marcus Ericsson
    Teams: Caterham
    Engines: Renault V6

    Some Facts:

    • Only 4 Drivers left in the 2015 F1 Season that would have experienced V10 engines during a GP Weekend
    • Button is the only driver in the field to have Honda engine experience
    • Lewis Hamilton is the only driver to win with anything he’s given.
    • Alonso, Button, Vettel, Grosjean, Maldonado, Ericsson, Nasr, will be the only drivers to experience a different V6Turbo Power Unit.
    • I was expecting that last fact to be more interesting.


    Prof Kirk

    How ” I ” Would like to see the grid, is I’m sure very different to how it will actually unfold.

    Red Bull | Ricciardo | Verne

    Williams | Bottas | Alonso

    Ferrari | Vettel | Bianchi

    Lotus | Grosjean | Ocon

    Red Bull approached Daniil Kyvatt and told him that they were going to pretend to “promote” him just to silence the media whilst they continued to negotiate contracts. They eventually decided to go with Verne. Alonso makes a surprise announcement he will be replacing Felipe Massa “Felipe, Alonso would like your car, do you understand?”. Kimi decides to quit because he’s having a rubbish time, and so Bianchi gets an immediate promotion alongside Vettel at Ferrari. Grosjean decides to stay with Lotus hoping the 2015 Merc-Lotus funded by Maldonado will be quick, and unfortunately during the Christmas break Maldonado is involved in a car accident, flipping his car 8 times whilst reversing out of his drive way. He manages to injure both his wrists, preventing him from driving in 2015. The accident promotes Esteban Ocon (The kid currently beating “the next Senna” Max Verstappen in F3 at the moment) to the team.


    Prof Kirk

    Mark Webber is still yet to finish higher than 3rd in the WDC, despite having “equal” equipment to the tripple world champ.


    Prof Kirk

    Sir David Attenborough.


    Prof Kirk

    I received Fernando Alonso’s 2006 Renault Front Wheels from the Monaco Grand Prix!

    Very happy chappy, just thinking of what I should do with them, light sculpture? Coffee table sculpture maybe?


    Prof Kirk

    Another Feature that bugged me, was the obvious “Question” choices from the press

    If you selected the middle option your opinion was neutral, the left option made other teams like you and your own team hate you, and the right option made your team like you and other teams less interested.

    Is this still the case?


    Prof Kirk

    Is the Time Telemetry Data easier to use?

    In the previous game I found that when I returned to the pits during Practice and Qualifying, viewing the lap times was very frustrating. I could not see my fastest sector times, just the last lap I did, neither could I see who and what was the fastest sector times for the other drivers.

    Then again, maybe I’m just offering my ignorance, and it is as simple as clicking left on the d-pad or something.

    Any one agree/disagree with me on this one?


    Prof Kirk

    I have a quick question for everyone. During the Melbourne GP week, where would I be able to find Sebastian Vettel? My aim is to seek him out so that he can autograph my Sun Visor from my Renaultsport Clio200. Last year I found Fernando Alonso at the rent a bike shop just outside Albert Park on a Wednesday so this year I was thinking about aimlessly roaming the streets after work each day.



    Prof Kirk

    Codemasters WANT to do all of this stuff, but can’t because of Formula 1 and there ridiculous contracts.

    All I want from the 2011 game is for Codemasters to find a way around the contract to allow them to DO all this.

    I think I read or listened to something somewhere about updates for the game takes about a 6 weeks or more to get the all clear, because it has to go through lawyers and testers and management and directors and emails and arghhhh…. That is why they haven’t bothered with making a visual update on the cars, so they all have Fducts and new wings and bits and bobs.

    Annoying to say the least.

    I wouldn’t mind a 2d top down view mini game while the race loads, to drive your car round a track.

    A manager mode would be lovely.

    Eddy Jordan as your manager instead of that stupid girl, who is so emotionless.

    Love the GP3 to GP2 suggestion.

    Helmet design ***Professor-Drool

    Visual upgrades throughout the season.

    Improved everything else, especially the ‘live the life’ aspect.


    Prof Kirk

    It’s like that game that kids play, you put your hand on someones knee and slowly work your way up to their package and the first one to scream “uncomfortable” looses. – Except when Mark and Christian play, nobody looses.


    Prof Kirk

    Yup, Gee Mac, you guessed it! your turn!

    @todfod, I have this slotcar and your also right about the tyres,

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