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    Interesting this. Maybe a ploy to attract some people to make the plunge to Sky and their tombola of sports variety, before mainstream airwaves fill up with the 24/7 Olympic coverage?

    That, or perhaps with regards to F1, this strikes me as the first public sign that Sky are possibly becoming somewhat unnerved by their lack of raw viewing figures, given the huge infrastructural commitments they’ve made to the sport and the extra peripheral shows (/maybe presenting team salaries…? :P)

    This site has been keeping tabs on the BBC/Sky viewing figures comparison. – and they appear to show Sky Sports F1 is only pulling 1 million viewers tops each race on average. But then again, Sky haven’t been known to care hugely about such figures, the pure possession of a said sport is the key for their business model. After all, compared to most sports they broadcast, they didn’t have to pay exclusive rights for F1 – getting a big, broad sport for 1/2 price at £50m

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)