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    Spot on David.

    And dam00r, I never said RBR wasn’t the fastest car (quite the opposite actually), but it’s mostly Vettels talent and speed as to why he’s so far ahead in points this season. And Webbers Championship standing is proof of that.



    Vettel is clearly the fastest.. so many factors speak for him. The fact that he’s got the quickest car is just a bonus but by no means the REASON why this is. Lets not forget that Webber is fighting both Ham and Alonso in the championship currently in the SAME car. It’s a testament as to how much he has grown since last season, it’s almost scary!

    Alonso second, Ham third.



    Keith, the way to view mistakes is not just how many Points they cost, but how much they cost in terms of winning the Championship. Hamiltons mistakes cost him a VERY good shot at winning the title in the end so they are far worse then Vettels, which were able to be overlooked since he won it in the end. That’s just my opinion though and is reflected in my driver ratings.

    Itchyes – The reason why I ranked Button so low is stated in what I wrote. Since the beginning of the season when he won two races he’s been imo outclassed by his teammate and if you look at the rest of my ratings I place a HIGH value on the fact which teammate was better then the other. It seemed that for Button it is more important to look after tyres then to attack the person sitting in front of him. Worked this season to a degree, but lets see how Pirellis will react to that driving style.



    I can’t believe how many people are putting Hamilton as Number 1 and calling his driving mistakes ‘Dumb Luck’.

    The cold hearted truth is that if he didn’t make stupid ‘rookie’ errors that took him out of the race in Singapore and Italy he probably would’ve lifted the title.

    Fanboyism rules over common sense in this case.. hands down…

    Few drivers impressed me this Season.. Kubica and Rosberg most of all. I really hope they get a chance to have a go at the title in a faster car in the next few years. It would be a shame to let that talent go to waste.

    Top 10:

    1. Vettel (Same amount of Mistakes as Ham but actually lifted the title in the end. Needs to work on his composure and overtaking ability for next season)

    2. Alonso (Worst Car when compared to Red Bull and McLaren and still managed to fight for the title which he almost won)

    3. Hamilton (Almost got there in the end but the mistakes he made cost him dearly)

    4. Rosberg (Impressed a great deal and was held up only by Mercedes incompetence with the wheels and Webbers stupidity when he decided to roll back on the track in Korea)

    5. Kubica (Strong as always in an inferior car, needs a fast car badly)

    6. Webber (Some good results, but he just doesn’t have what it takes to be World Champion it seems. Threw it all away when it mattered.)

    7. Button (Strong start to the season, but just let himself go after that. No idea why.)

    8. Schumacher (Flashes of his old self (Eg. when he defended his position against Button…Overtake of Alo in Monaco) but want to see more of it)

    9. Sutil/Barichello (Can’t choose as both made the most of the Williams/Force India Cars they were given and beat their team mates comfortably. Ended up with same points in championship as well)

    10. Massa (Didn’t get a feeling he really wanted the title at any time during the season)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)