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    Robo nazdar

    ChristopherF1, Morpheus – are you guys from Hungary? I have also ordered tickets from gpticketshop but mine still didnt arrive (i´m from Slovakia), they are listed as “paid for” on their site. Just want to know when i can expect them


    Robo nazdar

    I have not tried the shuttle bus (as i had better to use metro just at the train station (keleti)), but from what i´ve heard its totally full bus with 40 celsius and stucked in a traffic jam. This could be an option maybe on friday/saturday or if it wouldnt be so hot.
    I will find more about that fire engine tour! :D on our hostel page it says that they have connections with sighseeing companies and this just one of many options. I will send them an email and will inform you.

    It will be boring without all those people going there! Its great we have a grand prix here and we can see this. I actually want to get drunk on thursday, as a friend of mine has birthday, hopefully we will be able to wake up for practice :D


    Robo nazdar

    Hello everyone,
    i was at hungaroring last year, was something like a last minute decision to go there, but it was great. I only saw sunday race, but it was enough. Probably the best place for general admission is above the last corner and in the start of finish line. I was also at the opposite straight, but it was too much sun there and i was sunburnt after one and half hour :D so i went a little back, somewhere in the middle of general admission area is a little place with big trees – the only one on the track with the shade. I will go to this place during practices if it will be too hot this year (last year was 36 celsius, definitely too hot). But I hope it would be a little colder.

    For transport i reccomend you usinge metro line 2 (M2) to Ors Vezer Ter and from there on the train (HEV) which is heading to Godollo. Train is pretty big and goes often and you will avoid traffic jams. On the way there is easy to find seating place, on the way back it will be full (everyone wants to get back to Budapest immediately…) but still its faster than car/bus.

    For accomodation, there is plenty of hotels/hostels in the line of M2, so your transportation will be easy. I´m personally going here: (sorry for advertisement, if its not allowed pls delete) looks like good and cheap option.

    For sightseeing, Buda castle area is a must, especially castle itself and Mathias Church. But there is plenty of great building and attractions all around the city center. I personally want to get a ride on a fireman car, with its tank filled with beer :D

    Hope this will help someone, if you want to know something else, just ask, if i will be able i will answer.
    PS: If you will see totally drunk, naked and sunburned people, theyre 99% finnish, so dont blame Kimi ;-)

    And I have one question also – is it possible to buy weekend tickets also in thursday before pitwalk in the box office at the circuit?


    Robo nazdar

    Hi people!

    I want to go on sunday to grand prix, but i dont have ticket. I know that there will be box offices with tickets, but will there be enough tickets around 10.00 – 11.00? I mean tickets for general admission. I dont want to go there and then have a bad surprise, you know.
    Also, i´ve heard that is possible to pay in € for tickets there, wouldnt there be any problem with this? If its not possible, how much costs ticket in HUF?
    Own drink and food is prohibited? I´m not a moron, but i have not very good way there, I wouldnt be able to buy food in some village where i have to wait 2 hours on midnight for the train, so i want to bring that with me…
    And the last thing, what place in general admission do you think is the best? I want to see enough of the circuit and also to be not far away from track.

    Thanks for any help!

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