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    I’m from Lebanon here, been a daily follower for the past 3 or so years, a bit more i think. an I know of at least one other person that access F1F…. so we got you backed Keith…



    First I would like to say that this is the coolest post on this Forum in a long time, and some of the posts (well a lot of them) I can relate to… I will add a few of my own.

    …Not a day passes and you don’t Mention Ayrton Senna,

    … a new champion is crowned and the only thing you can think of is if he compares to Ayrton Senna

    …you try, hopelessly, to explain racing strategies to your wife, only to have her ask you, who’s winning moments later after year’s of watching races together

    …You log onto to F1fanatic every hour of the day to check for updates despite being a twitter follower and getting every tweet as it comes.

    …wasting a big chunk of your work time every day to catch up on all the f1 stories that came up from the last time you checked, on more than one F1 site.

    …someone mentioned this before; u have F1F live blog live timing, Twitters and the team website feed on your one screen (i downloaded Firefox’s screen splitter for that…brilliant)

    …can’t wait for Bahrain despite the fact that you are happy u can spend some weekends worry free with your family

    …excuse yourself from your newly wedded wife on your honeymoon to go to the hotel bar and watch F1 coverage in a foreign language, along with your Laptop and the online feeds.

    …cancel family days out on Sunday because of an F1 race…(OK i think i took it too far)

    … oh and yeah i take the racing line whenever it’s safe to do so, saving weight and heating up my tires are a constant worry when I want to drive a fast car fast…

    ..You know you have been watching F1 too long when your wife catches you explaining to your 14 month old daughter why the red car was hopelessly stuck behind a yellow car several positions behind where it’s supposed to be…(on a side note, the F1 noise calms my daughter down immensely and she giggles every-time the camera goes on-board)



    I’m with the idea that of Bar wasn’t at Brawn last year, Button would have had a much more difficult time winning the title, if he had won it at all. Bar was openly sharing info with Button at first, but at about the same point Button stopped dominating, you could see that Bar was not as open as he used to. perhaps at that point he stopped sharing information to give himself a chance.

    As for Bruno, i still don’t get why no one has banked on his name at least. he’s got talent, everyone knows that, the best endorsement you can get in a name if you are racing, and sponsors to boot. I think if Renault want to win big for next year, they should hire Bruno to partner Kubica.

    because The Renault and Senna name in Brazil go very much hand in hand, and Renault need all the help they can get to increase their market share in the Brazilian market. they tried with Piquet jr., the little cheating weasel, but I think Bruno is their ticket to Brazilian automotive Valhalla.

    and in my opinion Bruno need a car that will show what he is capable of, and Renault is just about right for this stage of his career.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)