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    Harry Westwood

    @redmist I’d like to sincerely apologise, I believe I’ve massively misinterpreted your article! Sorry man :/


    Harry Westwood

    @redmist I’d really like to know how I’m relevant to your driver choices? Nothing like flogging a dead horse for some attention…

    I don’t mention you because you do have a problem with criticism, as I criticised you for being at the back pretty much every year you’ve been here. I didn’t enjoy being ganged up on by other members of this series either after what I said was misinterpreted, taken out of context and then changed altogether, so forgive me if I don’t fancy attempting to toe the line on triggering the sensitive snowflake again, because it isn’t worth the hassle.

    Besides, what exactly is there to say about Ocelot? Nothing we don’t already know.


    Harry Westwood

    Edit: Post deleted as requested by user.


    Harry Westwood

    Looks like I get to write up Russia again, since it was deleted.

    Season 1 – Race 4 – Sochi
    My second ICE durability upgrade came through, so I can finally begin working towards some more pace in this car.

    Shortening qualifying report because it was quite easy for me. Easy banker lap got me through to Q2, while a solid lap on supers put me through into Q3. Once in Q3 I took provisional pole with my first run, but mistimed yet another quali run, and started 4th. I felt the AI were too easy so I upped the difficulty to 98.

    Of the top 10 runners, only myself and the ferraris were starting on supers, so I knew I needed to beat the mercs out of turn 2. I got a good start, and got pinched into the wall a bit by Hamilton, but the straight opened out and my momentum carried on, we went three wide into turn 2 (which was nerve wracking to say the least) but I took the lead of the grand prix! Poor Bottas went from 1st to 5th and sustained minor wing damage, with Vettel 4th, Raikkonen 3rd and Hamilton slotting into 2nd somehow.
    I tried to pull away, but it just wasn’t working. I ran wide on the exit of turn 4 on lap 3, and Hamilton drew level. I managed to get a switchback on him through turn 5 and took the lead back into turn 6, leaving him just enough room. However, it was only the next lap where he managed to get a good run through turn 1 and got up my inside at turn 2! I tried to fight back but Lewis had spotted his line beautifully and I had to get out of it, running off track and being forced to surrender the place afterwards.
    It wasn’t long before Raikkonen fancied his chances however, and on lap 7 he got a good tow through turn 1. I learned from my mistakes and went defensive, so Kimi just drove around me at turn 2, with a fantastic overtake. However, the kerbs affected his traction into turn 3, Which gave me a run on him culminating in a close move into turn 4! We were banging wheels on exit but I had the inside and Kimi gave up the challenge for the time being.
    Around lap 9 was when Hamilton pitted for softs, followed on lap 10 by Vettel and Bottas (softs and supersofts respectively) and finally on lap 11 Kimi made a stop for some soft tyres. He apparently had also sustained front wing damage, so I had a small advantage over him and Valtteri. I basically tried to put in some consistent times while conserving the tyres as well as I could until my pitstop on lap 15 where I fitted a nice set of ultrasofts. However, the undercut had done wonderful things for my competitors as I emerged in 7th place. It became 5th at the end of the lap due to drivers having finally pitted, and I wasn’t sure how able I’d be to catch Bottas. Luckily I was closing on Bottas as he in turn reeled in Raikkonen. I caught them on lap 19 but couldn’t find my way past until Valterri had a poor exit from turn 2 on lap 21. Sensing a chance I’d regret not taking, I tucked in as much as I could before launching an aggressive move on the inside at turn 4. There was contact but I came out of it with 4th position, now bearing down on Kimi. I was able to bide my time and wait until lap 22, where I completed the move before turn 2 with the aid of DRS.
    I set about chasing 2nd place but Vettel’s outright pace was just too good for me to hope to challenge. I ended up just creating a 3 second gap back to 4th (which was now Bottas) and just going easy on the engine until the finish, for my third podium on the bounce!

    Round Four Standings
    A strong win for Hamilton saw him take the lead of the championship.

    Drivers Top 10:
    ^(1) Hamilton – 73
    v(2) Raikkonen – 65 (-8)
    v(3) Westwood – 65 (-8)
    ^(4) Vettel – 42 (-31)
    v(5) Ricciardo – 38 (-35)
    ^(6) Bottas – 34 (-39)
    v(7) Verstappen – 24 (-49)
    ^(8) Perez – 18 (-55)
    ^(9) Grosjean – 12 (-61)
    v(10) Ocon – 12 (-61)

    ^(1) Mercedes AMG Petronas – 107
    v(2) Scuderia Ferrari – 107 (-0)
    ^(3) Williams Racing – 76 (-31)
    v(4) Red Bull Racing – 62 (-45)
    -(5) Force India – 30 (-77)
    -(6) Haas – 12 (-95)
    -(7) Toro Rosso – 7 (-100)
    -(8) Renault – 3 (-104)
    -(9) McLaren – 0 (-107)
    -(10) Sauber – 0 (-107)

    Not thrilled for Spain or Monaco and may wait to get a new wheel to do those with :/


    Harry Westwood

    Season 1 – Race 3 – Bahrain
    I had lots of my durability parts arrive this weekend, and that put me in a jolly good mood for the race, as well as knowing I enjoy this track and it suits the Williams; top 5 was the aim.

    Qualifying 1
    I had used FP3 to fit a new ICE (was at 68%) and a new turbocharger (was at 60%) and found the increase in horsepower to be refreshing. Decided on one step away from the lowest downforce setup, and was able to make it to Q2 in just rich mix.

    Qualifying 2
    Once again I went out and set a run on softs, which put me in 7th place and I was happy with that. Went out at the end of the session on supers just in case those around me improved, but once again I only just missed the cutoff time. I was knocked out by Grosjean by 0.036 of a second…

    I was confident at this track as I knew my low aero would provide fantastic speed. I customised my strategy to be a 2 stop from supers, to softs, to mediums. I got a lightning start and rose to P7 before the braking zone, and that became P5 after I did some late braking and then drove right around Verstappen who was slow through turn 2. I then threw it up the inside of Vettel into turn four and almost ran wide, but held on. Spent the next lap chasing Hamilton (all of the mercs and ferraris were on softs except for Raikkonen) before launching it up the inside at T1, spotting the apex beautifully.
    The next couple of laps were spent trying to follow Bottas, and whilst he wasn’t pulling away, I wasn’t getting any closer. However, after turn 1 on lap 4, Bottas merely pulled to one side, and retired. Brilliant, easy second place! Raikkonen however, was well up the road.
    At the start of lap 5 things got really interesting. Hamilton attempted a move around the outside into turn one, and I left him the space. He didn’t manage the position but when I went for the apex of turn 2, because I came from a wider angle he ended up tagging the rear of my car, which sent him and Vettel round. they then caused a roadblock that Perez ran into at high speed, retiring. They all left masses of debris littered over the race track. (Yellow flags didn’t stop in that corner until lap 11).
    Anyway, on lap 7, Hulkenberg unfortunately retired in a difficult spot close to the wreckage, and after all that I think Charlie finally decided a safety car was needed. Perfect for me, that was when my stop was scheduled. I came out in 4th, with Verstappen first and Palmer second due to not pitting! We got underway again on lap 11 where I was able to take Raikkonen for 3rd with a brilliant run off the restart. I managed to put Palmer between him and my car going into the hairpin in the middle sector, which gave me some breathing room until Palmer pitted a lap later. Raikkonen and I were then going wheel to wheel until the finish basically, with some very close racing, but the straight line speed I had on my side was enough to hold him at bay. However, in the dying laps, Hamilton was coming at us; fast. I ran wide at the penultimate corner on lap 27 and he went through, but I managed to compromise his line by forcing him to go defensive into the last corner, and demolished him on the straight. End of that lap, I backed him into Raikkonen and they spent the last lap scrapping, giving me room to cruise home to my first career win! Another fantastically fought race in my eyes.

    Round Three Standings
    A strong win saw me rise up the table, with Raikkonen’s lead coming under threat.

    Drivers Top 10:
    -(1) Raikkonen – 55
    ^(2) Westwood – 50
    v(3) Hamilton – 48
    v(4) Ricciardo – 37
    ^(5) Vettel – 24
    ^(6) Verstappen – 24
    v(7) Bottas – 22
    ^(8) Ocon – 12
    v(9) Perez – 10
    ^(10) Grosjean – 8

    -(1) Scuderia Ferrari – 79
    -(2) Mercedes AMG Petronas – 70
    -(3) Red Bull Racing – 61
    -(4) Williams Racing – 55
    -(5) Force India – 22
    ^(6) Haas – 8
    v(7) Toro Rosso – 7
    ^(8) Renault – 1
    v(9) McLaren – 0
    -(10) Sauber – 0

    Should be doing Russia tonight!


    Harry Westwood

    Just a warning I accidentally posted something wrong in this thread that was meant for the career mode one, due to how my shortcuts work. It won’t show up for me to delete though :(


    Harry Westwood

    Season 1 – Race 1 – Melbourne
    For this round I started off with the difficulty level at 90, full length qualifying and 50% race length, manual suggested gears, manual pitstops/starts, medium tc and abs.

    I chose to take a seat in the Williams for this season as I figured it’d be fun and challenging to drag them to the front. I then discovered they are apparrently the fourth fastest team, so it should be easier.
    I went through practice okay, passing all the programmes set for me, except the tyre wear test. I was also able to achieve a perfect score on a few, and invested in the first durability upgade.

    Qualifying 1
    Qualifying one was a breeze, I’d chosen a soft tyre allocatio so I had an abundance of supersofts to use, which was good as there was rain forecast for the race, so I could do all my runs on them. I easily reached Q2 in 13th place on my banker lap set early on.

    Qualifying 2
    Qualifying two I was hopeful for as I had left a lot of time on the table. I upped the ante somewhat, and set a banker lap early on which placed me P8 after all the runs were done. Feeling I’d left at least a couple of tenths on the table, I went out as late as I could, except… It was too late to get out and do a lap. So I had to retire in my garage, where I saw I’d sadly fallen to 13th place.

    I was confident in my car having gone for the balanced setup, so I knew it could handle the conditions we faced. I was put on a two stop on intermediate tyres, and saw the rain was expected to remain constant all race. Had some trouble with tyre temps on the formation lap but the engine was cool and the brakes were nice and warm.
    I got an average getaway and pulled alongside Grosjean for 12th but he had the inside line covered and hung me out to dry. I managed to pick up a few positions into turn 3, and was up into 10th position. I took another place off of Perez into turn 6. Somehow got a good enough run to challenge Massa into turns 9 and 10, we were wheel to wheel on exit but I got a tow off of the car in front. Up next was Kvyat (somehow) and Hulkenberg. I was able to dispatch Kvyat into turn one the next lap, but Hulkenberg had a couple of seconds back to me which I spent a lap or two closing down. I was able to draft past him after the fast left right chicane, and progress to 6th position. However, on lap 8, Ricciardo had a problem and slowed right down. I had been promoted to 5th! He also held up the driver behind, nearly causing a big accident, thankfully he didn’t as it was Felipe now behind me.
    I didn’t have the pace to match the Mercedes and Ferarris so I just did my own thing and pushed to get a gap back to my teammate. This left me rather marginal on fuel. I pitted on lap 9 and the other two stoppers pitted on lap 10. This undercut gave me a gap of roughly 5 seconds back now to Massa. However it was lap 13 when I realised a lot of the guys ahead of me would only be stopping once. It took everything I had to push hard whilst staying in the green on fuel. I pitted again on lap 19 and fell to 7th behind Verstappen (who had started 14th) and Perez. I was able to slide up the inside of Max into turn 3, but I struggled to chase Perez. It was halfway through lap 26 I finally caught up, then I just bided my time and nicked his position into turn 13. Then I was able to pull away and gained a comfortable margin of 3.5 seconds across the finish line in 5th place.

    Round One Standings
    A 1-2 for Ferrari left Mercedes trailing slightly, with everybody else way off the pair of them.

    Drivers top 10:
    -(1) Raikkonen – 25
    -(2) Vettel – 18
    -(3) Hamilton – 15
    -(4) Bottas – 12
    -(5) Westwood – 10
    -(6) Perez – 8
    -(7) Verstappen – 6
    -(8) Massa – 4
    -(9) Ocon – 2
    -(10) Kvyat – 1

    -(1) Ferrari – 43
    -(2) Mercedes – 27
    -(3) Williams Racing – 14
    -(4) Force India – 10
    -(5) Red Bull Racing – 6
    -(6) Toro Rosso – 1
    -(7) Renault – 0
    -(8) McLaren – 0
    -(9) Haas – 0
    -(10) Sauber – 0

    Next round up next; it’s an absolute cracker!

    Season 1 – Race 2 – Shanghai
    Since I was getting some overly comptetitive times in practice and qualifying, the difficulty for the race is 95.
    Practice went well, perfect score on all except qualiying pace, which was concerning. Again, we were forecast for a wet race but it was starting dry this time. My durability part was fitted, allowing me to improve the durability of all parts except for the ES and gearbox, which should be ready at the next race.

    Qualifying 1
    Qualifying one was easy, set a banker on options to go 7th. Had no primes at the time.

    Qualifying 2
    I decided I was confident enough to try and get out on primes, so I fitted the softs and went for a lap on the lowest fuel possible. I absolutely nailed the lap, and secured a place in the top ten by well over half a second, with no need for a second run. This handed me an advantage over about 5 other runners, with 4 of the AI doing the same as me.

    Qualifying 3
    My first banker lap was good in this session, bagging me a net 6th place in front of Verstappen. I fell to 7th not long after he improved though. My second lap was an absolute stunner, and I bagged a front row spot; 0.083s off of Hamilton, 1.4s ahead of Felipe.

    After upping the difficulty, I felt it was much more fair. I was on a one stop, but I knew with rain coming I could be making any number of stops. I again borderline underfuelled the car, with plus half a lap. I was slow on the start due to my late reaction and struggled to draw alongside Lewis, and when a move up the inside failed (he was on supers) I almost ran wide, giving Vettel a nice space to fill. However with lower aero than him, a better exit and slipstream, I was able to go wheel to wheel with him down the inside at turn 6, and we were side by side on exit. I got better traction, but Vettel tried to reach the racing line despite me being there. I was rammed in the sidepod four times, each spinning me further round until I was sideways and slamming on the anchors through turn 7. Vettel clobbered the wall and I got myself facing the right way, and luckily yellow flags protected my position. However, I’d lost 6 seconds to Hamilon.
    I then set about cooling the tyres off and trying to get some laptimes in. Raikkonen chased me until about lap 7/8 when I began pulling away, leading to him making a pitstop. Hamilton had pitted also, but he ran into technical issues and fell far behind. The frontrunners were all soft runners now, and Ricciardo was an ever present threat, especially after turn one and through the middle sector where I had to hold him at bay a couple times. My pitstop was scheduled for lap 11, and luckily the light rain arrived when I was finishing lap 9. By lap 11 it was wet enough for inters (just about) and so I pitted in. Again, I was losing time to Ricciardo and luckily my straight line speed kept me safe down the long straight. However as the track conditions worsened, he fell back eventually by approximately 2 seconds a lap. Now the second pitstop was scheduled for lap18/19 ish, but the engineer told me heavy rain was on the way. I decided to risk my leadand stay out in the hope of getting the tyre switch right. At this point I had a 30 second gap back to Ricciardo, and a 39 second gap back to a recovering Hamilton. I ended up losing about 1-1.5 seconds a lap despite pushing hard. My engineer told me they were gonna switch the strategy and pit me on lap 23 for wets, but when I asked for tyre status he said inters were still the best. I was 23 seconds ahead at this point, and still stayed out.
    On lap 25, disaster struck. I got a left rear puncture through the long right hander onto the main straight. I had to trundle down the straight at low speed while my team chose my strategy for me. I saw they picked inters, so I risked wets in the hope I could gain some time in the final laps. The gap before the puncture had been 20 seconds, but Ricciardo was nearly past me as I approached the pits. I fell to 3rd, only 6 seconds off of Hamilton, but 10 off of Daniel. Turns out, the wets still werent working and I was losing 2 seconds a lap to all of the intermediate runners. Raikkonen was on me in no time, and for almost 3 laps I had to defend while fuel saving and on the worse tyres; I was braking as late as was physically possible in heavy zones, and running slightly wider lines through high speed turns in a futile attempt to find a small amount of extra grip. Just about managed to bring the car home in 3rd, after one of the most intense offline races I’ve ever had.

    Round Two Standings
    A win for Red Bull propelled both Ricciardo and the team back into contention within the championship, while a disappointed Vettel scored no points.

    Drivers top 10:
    -(1) Raikkonen – 37
    ^(2) Hamilton – 33
    ^(3) Ricciardo – 25
    ^(4) Westwood – 25
    v(5) Bottas – 22
    v(6) Vettel – 18
    -(7) Verstapen – 14
    v(8) Perez – 10
    -(9) Ocon – 8
    v(10) Massa – 5

    -(1) Ferrari – 55
    -(2) Mercedes – 55
    ^(3) Red Bull Racing – 39
    v(4) Williams Racing – 30
    v(5) Force India – 18
    -(6) Toro Rosso – 5
    -(7) Renault – 0
    -(8) McLaren – 0
    -(9) Haas – 0
    -(10) Sauber – 0

    Looking forward now to Bahrain!


    Harry Westwood

    Harry Westwood

    Harry Westwood

    @alexf11995 another great read! Really interesting to see :)


    Harry Westwood

    @alexf11995 broken link :(


    Harry Westwood

    @blockwall2 I’d imagine if one driver had been there for 3 years and the other had been there for a year, either you’d get 6% for the first driver, or you’d get 6% and a 2% on top of that for the newer driver.


    Harry Westwood

    Jamie you know that suggestion wasn’t made, as Bradley and myself have discussed. We merely suggested something needs to be done. If you’re gonna tell outright blatant lies then I’m not bothered about what you have to say if I’m perfectly honest. I have nothing to apologise for and when I’m at work my mind isn’t exactly working non stop on this little series. So when I get a chance to try and think of a proposed solution, I will. I’m not trying to play the victim other than state the fact that words have been manipulated and in some cases made up to fit the dissatisfaction with my statement. And do not tell me when I can and cannot voice my opinion Jamie, as I will continue to voice my opinion when I want to. I have a say the same as anyone else regardless as to whether anyone likes it. Like I said we’re here to compete first and foremost.


    Harry Westwood

    I’m not creating a problem, the problem is already there. And if the series is just going to be run the same way over and over with these issues never being dealt with, it will suffer. Something does need to be arranged because while it’s unfair, it’s also unsafe to have two drivers trundling around at a lower speed than the rest of the field. It’s also a lot harder to create a solution when instead of it being discussed, it just gets thrown out immediately. You cannot use your opinion to try and rule out mine, so why are you trying to? I have a right to voice my opinion if I want to Jamie, maybe you should bear that in mind.


    Harry Westwood

    Actually Jamie whether it was said was relevant. How dare you put words in my mouth that I didn’t say and then not even have the balls to apologise for it? It matters that I didn’t say it, because removing anybody from the series isn’t a good call. But I won’t have it where I’m criminalised for something I didn’t say. And why should there be a “get on with it” mentality to everything in this series? Get on with it after incidents that don’t get punished, get on with it when backmarkers spoil battles, it’s getting tiresome.

    I get we’ve had backmarker issues before, but this situation is different. It has been getting worse, and we’ve never had a case of a single team being well over a second a lap back from the nearest competitor, let alone being expected to be two seconds a lap slower than them at longer tracks.

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