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    1. Kubica’s return
    2. one of the Sauber drivers reaching a podium
    3. entertaining season like last one was, even if one team dominates



    1. McLaren – Senna/Hamilton

    2. Williams- Mansell/Hunt

    3. Benetton- Schumacher/Prost

    4. Ferrari – Berger/Alesi

    5. Lotus – Clark/G.Hill

    6. Brabham – Brabham/HAkkinen

    7. Jordan – Patrese/Irvine

    8. Maserati – Fangio/Ascari

    9. Alfa Romeo – Piquet/Lauda

    10.Tyrell – Stewart/Rindt

    11.Cooper – Hulme/Surtees

    12.BRM – Kubica/Raikkonen

    13.Minardi – De Cesaris/Kobayashi



    hmmm, top 5 you say.

    I guess this would be the top 10:

    1. Senna

    2. Fittipaldi

    3. Prost

    4. Hakkinen

    5. Lauda

    6. Hunt

    7. Hamilton (if he’s included)

    8. Hulme

    9. Coulthard




    Well, I guess they draw a conclusion from the end of the season standings etc, when championships were a bit tighter and more than 2 teams fought for the title. But yeah, strategy was an important part of Formula 1 ever since pitstops became important part of every GP.



    Hamilton – Montreal

    Kobayashi – Suzuka

    Webber – Silverstone

    Petrov – Yas Marina

    p.s. I don’t watch races on street tracks, well except Monaco sometimes, tho last one I’ve see was in 2008, so can’t judge Valencia and Singapore races.



    I think I’d go for Webber’s “that felt good” comment on radio after he lapped Schumacher in one of the early races in the season (not sure which one).



    I’d add Warwick’s decision to stay with Renault instead of moving to Williams for 85 season (Williams than took Mansell instead).



    I’d say they are more or less same, only difference between them is Alonso’s experience. Lewis had really amazing rookie season (I honestly can’t remember anyone being so consistent in his first season), but he’s terrible under pressure – I kinda thought his 1st WDC would “relax” him a little, but looking at last season, it didn’t help much. Alonso on the other hand can’t stand being equal to his team mate – 2007. was the only season he had team mate that could match his skills, and we’ve all seen how things developed.

    And I guess that last thing is only thing that really separates them, while Alonso clearly must be nr. 1 driver in the team to perform, Lewis looks much better when he has competitive team mate (2007 and to some extent 2010 proved that). As far as racing skills goes, there’s very little that separates them.

    But it’s still too early for a definite judgment, in 10 to 15 years, when both of them retire we’ll have a bit clearer picture who was better.



    Q: Are you the kind of guy to have a Plan-B?

    No, not even Plan-A, only improvisation.

    Q: Who is your dream date?

    My girlfriend I guess.

    Q: Which film last made you cry?

    Can’t remember any at the moment. Well, except on footages of Senna’s and Razenberger’s accidents.

    Q: What are you afraid of?

    Heights, spiders and repeating mistakes.

    Q: What was the last book you read?

    Ape and Essence by Aldus Huxley.

    Q: What is your favourite way to relax?

    Beer and a new record (preferably by a band I’ve never heard before).

    Q: Have you ever – or would you ever – dye your hair?

    Yes I have, and would do it again I think.

    Q: Name five things that you hate?

    Hypocrites, unimaginative ads, reality shows, football (soccer for americans) and parties where there’s no cold beer.

    Q: Do you have any tattoos or piercings?


    Q: What did your teachers say about you in your school reports?

    Smart but lazy mostly.

    Q: Who were your childhood heroes?

    Ayrton Senna, Gerhard Berger, Robert Prosinecki and Sid Vicious.

    Q: Do you have any guilty pleasures?

    Yes, a little obsession with terrible pop music.

    Q: Do you collect anything?

    Obscure Punk records.

    Q: What was your worst buy?

    Boots that didn’t fit. :D

    Q: How do you take your coffee?

    Black, no sugar with a drop of rum.

    Q: Your ideal non-race Sunday morning?

    Sleep till afternoon.

    Q: What was your first vehicle?

    12 yr old Renault 5, it was falling apart when I got it, but somehow it lasted a bit more than 2 years.

    Q: Whats the most embarrassing mistake youve ever made?

    I don’t believe in worst mistakes. Worst mistake is a mistake you never tried to do.

    Q: What is the best thing you can cook?

    Boiled eggs. I can’t cook.

    Q: When was the last time you were really angry?

    I don’t get really angry, just slightly angry.



    Driver Champion: Lewis Hamilton

    Constructors Champion: McLaren

    Biggest driver let down: Massa (I just don’t see him turning in to a good racing(!) driver all of a sudden, and with more overtaking coming he’ll just seem worse)

    Biggest constructor let down: Mercedes

    Best race of 2011: Spa Francorchamps or Silverstone

    Worst race of 2011: Valencia (after a first race there I was stunned that they managed to make a circuit more boring than Monaco)

    Biggest Suprise of 2011: Kobayashi taking his first win with Sauber (well, I wish) :)



    I think two tyre barriers would cause red flags even with a bit more minor accidents, since tyres would fly all over the place. What about haystacks? They could be used as such “half-way-to-the-wall” barriers I guess, though I think they were banned for some reason.



    Tumborello run-off in ’94 was tarmac/concrete if I remember right. Anyway, wall was just too close, I don’t believe that any type of run-off at that speed would help.




    I’m Luka from Zagreb, Croatia.

    I’ve been following this site on and off for quite a while now. Just somehow always managed to skip introduction part.

    Anyway, my favorite driver is Kobayashi, but apart from him I like Hamilton and Kubica as well. And Petrov grew on me in last couple of months (ever since Korean GP). I’m one of those Jordan GP fans that still haven’t found a decent substition for them as far as favorite team goes, but McLaren is close second here due to their driver recruiting policy in last ten years (well, except from Alonso) – I was surprised that they gave a chance to rookie (Hamilton) 4 years ago, but even before that they gave chance to young drivers (Kimi, Mika, Heikki just to name a few), something you won’t see Ferrari doing. But for next season I’ll be in Sauber camp, can’t wait to see what that mexican guy can do.




    At the moment probably “Spirit of Keith Moon” by Peter and the Test Tube Babies.



    Hmmm, tough call… my personal best would be:





    though I can’t see Brabham finishing in top 4

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