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    brilliant result for alex and so deserved!!


    sorry, perhaps i should’ve expanded the “dead” comment slightly….
    MY viewing of F1 on BBC is dead. Probably.
    My main reason being that MB has gone to Sky and i enjoy his commentary immensely.


    i thought he was knocked out and was surprised when they said later that he wasn’t. as the car slid along the barrier, his hands were not on the steering wheel and with there being no attempt to brake before stopping in the tyre wall. add to that the lack of response when the marshal tried to see if he was ok, this led me to believe he wasn’t conscious.


    watched it yesterday after having sky+’d it. real eye opener as to how things were. i wasn’t aware that 1976 was the first season where a driver hadn’t been killed on track.

    what looks scary today was the accepted norm for that era. straw bales, spectators standing wherever, fuel cans laying in the ‘pit’ area, the race continuing on around burning wreckage etc. not saying it’s right, far from it, but that’s how it was. thankfully the sport moved on, largely due to jackie stewart and the GPDA.

    despite the graphic footage, i think that every race fan should watch this just to see how things have massively moved on.


    repeated (this) saturday 27/8/2011 @ 9pm on bbc4


    for me, the most memorable sound comes from rallying…..

    sitting in a forest, just as dawn arrives, course car has been through, now waiting for the first ‘real’ car. then you hear it. it’s still 3 miles away, but that unmistakable 5 cylinder brutish bark of the audi quattro s1 group b beast on full chat first hits you. the doppler shift builds the anticipation. as it rockets towards you, the 500hp monster looms out of the trees, the sound building into a crescendo. you step back as the car showers you in gravel, spitting flame as it passes. and then it’s gone. your first experience of a group b s1 is firmly etched and THAT sound will remain with you forever.


    for me, it’s not about discrediting, it was more a case of in my mind i don’t equate vettel as being one of f1’s prolific overtakers. was curious if this view was justified or not.


    ‘found’ this place about 5 years ago whilst searching for testing schedules – i have friends that live about 30k’s from the ricardo tormo (sp?) circuit in valencia that’s used for pre-season testing. deffo the best f1 site on the web!!


    always been a mclaren & williams fan. just about my first memory of f1 was james hunt driving the macca (and later the walter wolf). loved the livery of the day glo orange in the 80’s and the fact that senna & prost drove for them. kinda switched allegiance to williams in the mid 80’s but that was due to mansell driving for them.

    so, my support is generally driver biased. if there were no drivers competing that i was interested in, then macca would be (and have been) the team i’d support.


    start of FP1…..and blue skies there now with the track virtually dry.


    i think my favourite leggard comment was when nico was getting a ride back to the pits on the scooter. “and there’s mark webber getting a lift back”. mentioned this to my missus, who loosely follows f1, that a driver wearing white overalls was getting a lift back and that the commentator said it was webber. she said “but webber wears dark blue overalls”. ’nuff said.

    to be honest, i hadn’t really noticed much he’s said in the past, but it was out-take gold on sunday. i’ll be kind and put it down to jet lag.


    MW2, dirt 2, gran turismo, rock band. another vote for the SSX series!!!! really disappointed they’ve not done one for ps3.


    what kind of stuff can you get on the streams?

    we’re lucky enough to get all the practice sessions etc. the qualy prog is around 2.5 hrs long, raceday coverage is around 4hrs plus an extra hour or so of the red button stuff after the main prog has finished.

    apologies if the above reads as “my dad’s bigger than your dad”. it’s not meant to. i’m now curious as to what others do or don’t get access to.

    it’s a far cry from when i was a kid (late 70’s) and the only stuff i saw of f1 was on world of sport with dickie davies 6 days after the gp. it *may* have been covered elsewhere, but that was all i got to see.


    i’m just going to get it from the store on friday. s0ds law dictates that if i pre-order AND take the day off, it won’t get delivered on day of release or not delivered until much later on that day.

    just need to find out what time it’ll be on the shelves in ASDA now…..



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