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    Prof. Sid Watkins’ death – a man who did so much for the sport behind the scenes, saving so many lives, his passing leaves a huge void in motorsport.

    Maria’s accident – the wait to learn whether she would survive or not was terrible.

    The row over technical regs – if a team finds a loophole, fair play to them, they’ve been clever, in my opinion, if the FIA want to ban it, they should do so for the next year only.

    Belgian GP start – one of the most horrifying crashes in recent memory, nearly killing Alonso, and ruining a brilliant qualifying effort from the Saubers.

    Poor stewarding – Penalties were too inconsistent this year, so many surprising decisions, even with the rubbish standard of driving at the back of the field.

    Driving standards – huge yawning chasm between the front runners and the ones in the midfield and below. The GP2 graduates especially showing a lack of patience, spatial awareness and poor judgement in wheel to wheel racing, causing far too many incidents this year.

    McLaren – Massively letting down their drivers, especially Lewis. Calamitous pitstops at the beginning of the year, utter lack of reliability in the second half of the season – Lewis’ retirements in Singapore and Abu Dhabi were especially painful.

    Ferrari’s development – Despite using the Toyota wind tunnel, the new parts after Monza made Fernando’s car slower than before, crippling his title bid. He was unable to respond when Seb went on a winning spree in the Asian races. Ferrari shouldn’t have allowed Seb to run away with the title like that.

    The Williams pit fire – What should’ve been a perfect weekend, with an amazing return to the top step, a birthday present for SFW, was spoiled by this fire that thankfully didn’t claim any lives.

    Bahrain GP – The last thing the people of Bahrain needed was a farcial race, with cars going around in front of empty grandstands, but it was the way the FIA handled the whole episode that frustrated me.

    And finally the retirement of Schumacher, the driver who drew me to the sport when I was a kid, it was really sad to see him getting pushed into retirement for the second time. I desperately wanted him to win one last race before he finally went, but thanks to Merc’s woeful form it never happened.

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