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    people maybe dislike the fact that he had it much easier with cars than his main rivals the last years and feel like vettel would not have two title with a proper teammate like alonso.
    i for sure agree that a thrid title simply would be too much and too early for him and would not represent his performance.
    however, there is no need for hatred!



    people often act like hamilton was the “king of overtaking”. the true king of overtaking was nigel mansell!

    talking about nowadays, vettel at the moment cannot prove his qualities concerning overtaking, as he in most cases is on the pole position and controls the race. however being on the pole position is not his fault. lol you cannot blame him for giving his best in the qualifying.

    however, talking about overtaking i dont think hamilton is the best nowadays. what can he do that kobayashi cant do? dont get me wrong, hamilton showed good skills concerning overtaking and i respect him for these qualities, but kobayashi impressed me the most.

    for vettel we have to wait until he has a bad position and has to fight his way to the top…..



    updated statistics:


    Age 23

    Races 65

    Championships 1 (2010 youngest world champion ever)

    Wins 12

    Podiums 22

    Pole positions 18


    Age 26

    Races 74

    Championships 1 (2008)

    Wins 15

    Podiums 38

    Pole positions 18

    i have updated the statistics, as they now differ from the first published statistics. vettel is now the youngest world champion ever has the same number of pole positions, but the better quote, because he needed less races for his 18 pole positions. hamilton was starting his career in the best car and had it for two years. (mclaren and ferrari were the best cars, being pretty equal in 2007 and 2008)

    vettel had the best car in 2010. this year it will be pretty close between mclaren and red-bull.

    vettel is the best qualifier at the moment, as he dominates webber for more than two years now and webber always was know as a (the) top qualifier.

    considering the drving qualities in the rain i see vettel ahead of hamilton and also when it comes to saving the tyres vettel has the advantage. (vettel showed great performances in the rain in the toro rosso. he won in this car)

    hamilton and vettel are equal in terms of race speed in dry conditions at the moment, but considering the age (as vettel is 23 years old and hamilton 26) vettel still has more potential, as with an age of only 23 years, he is farer away from his prime time than hamilton. with that said i am pretty sure that vettel will be the more complete and more successful driver.





    @ DavidS

    thank you mate. by the way, it seem like i am a bit blind. how can i upload an avator here? i didnt see this option in profile settings.

    i also would like to welcome you on my formula 1 board:



    i agree with Nico WDC ’11

    one more thing that comes to my mind is that it is damn funny when some people on other boards start ridiculous conspiracy theories when webber has a technical problem with his car. then they suddenly say it was the evil red bull team. what a bulls*hit. nobody said something like that last year, when vettel lost a wheel nut, had a failure of a spark plug, had an engine failure and had massive brake problems. however he won the title with all these problems, which showed that nobody deserved the title more than him.



    @ Scribe

    you said a lot correct things about mansell. i was a big masnell fan. well mansell had more charisma than all the young drivers together now, but they are still young. however i like vettel more than hamilton, as he doesnt give these useless interviews telling something about being the young senna and somebody else being prost and also doesnt complain about other cars front wings lol. he just drives and doesnt talk about such stuff.

    however with one comparison hamilton was more right than he guessed. the vettel mansell comparison! i guess he wanted to be funny by saying, vettel was the new mansell, but indeed i found some similarities, which i summarized on this pic last year, while vettel, alonso, webber and hamilton were fighting for the champioship.

    however now there is a big difference between vettel and mansell, as vettel is the youngest world champion ever and mansell was one of the oldest world champions.

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