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    I think it’s fair to say that Michael’s HAD his time in F1 and then extend for whatever reasons he sees fit. If Schumi still wants to race he’s going have to look outside Formula 1 and elsewhere for a drive.

    DTM’s an obvious choice considering how many retired Grand Prix drivers race in that series after they’re finished with their F1 careers. But if touring cars are not to his liking then maybe the WEC would be the best choice for him. Dindo Capello’s officially retired from racing in prototypes and if I’m not mistaken that open spot along side McNish and Kristensen in the Audi is still available (correct me if I’m wrong). A German racing legend driving for a successful, multiple Le Mans winning manufacture sounds like a tasty prospect.

    And one more thing. What was Michael doing before he was picked up by Eddie Jordan? Sportscar racing. I rest my case.


    Sorry. But MCR and Metallica as Sky’s F1 intro theme would make me hit the mute button in 0.5 of a second.
    This would be my choice. Truth by T-Square. It is to Japan what “The Chain” is to the UK, F1’s unofficial theme and in my opinion it’s very catchy.


    21c remix I do believe.

    If that remix is not to your liking then there’s this 20th anniversary mix.


    Initial D Third Stage.


    F1 fans from all over the world. The more diverse, the better.


    I’ll keep this short and simple:-

    Wider cars,

    Ground Effect,

    Less draggy Front & Rear Wings,

    Four types of engines to use from,

    200L mandatory fuel tank capacity.

    That is all.


    Anyone who attended Silverstone 2008 would probably remember how bloody cold the early hours of Sunday morning felt. With the wind gusting and the rain continuing to pour it was more like the middle of November than the usual summer showers!


    What? No Steam? NONE OF YOU USE STEAM??!!!

    I’m ashamed of you all.

    As for those who are the least bit interested.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)