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    I’m defintely up for this, but the game will only be released tomorrow here, and I’ll only get mine next monday. If I can still join the first round, then count me in :)



    Yes Journeyer, check the second tab on the spreadsheet I linked on my first post, there is rates for wins and podiums there. Hamilton’s podium rate is 47.06% and Schuamcher’s rate is 54.80%

    Thank you for the suggestion, I will calculate it without retirements.

    Congratulations on finishing it 91jb12! I think you can upload it with Google Docs, regardless of the format.



    Looks like we’re doing the same thing then 91jb12, but your work is nearly done while I’m only 25% through it. The only difference is that I didn’t care about DNQs and DNPQs. I have all results from Michael and in my chart is says he has 3817 in today’s points system.

    But what really strikes me is the ratio, that is, how many points they have scored from the total available to them. Schumacher and Prost are real monsters, with more than 50% or slightly less than that in the 2003 system. And so far I’ve been impressed with the rate at which Hamilton finishes on the points – in any of the three systems he has more than 70%!



    F1Fanatic Name: Guilherme

    Real Name: Guilherme Teixeira

    Birthday: 25th March

    What driver do you support? Sebastian Vettel, Robert Kubica, Kamui Kobayashi and Rubens Barrichello

    What team do you support? Sauber, Red Bull

    What is your favourite ever GP? Germany 2000

    Do you like any other sports? Not really

    Have you ever got COTD? Once, about the front jack Mercedes introduced last year :P

    Are you on Facebook? Yes, I don’t use it though.

    Are you on Twitter? Yes, @Guilherme_Mach

    Do you have a site? Not anymore.

    Favourite part of F1Fanatic: Everything! From the way Keith writes to the people who comment here!



    I know a guy who is really talented, so I asked if he could draw some F1 cars to me. Here they are:

    Kobayashi – 2010 Brazilian GP

    Barrichello – 2011 testing

    Kubica – 2010 Abu Dhabi GP

    Vettel – 2010 Japanese GP

    The Vettel drawing is specially amazing!



    Kimi Rikknen

    “As a driver I think he does quite well with so little talent.”



    Best Driver: Michael Schumacher

    Worst Driver: Barrichello

    Best Team: Red Bull

    Worst Team: Gotta agre with Steph. Ferrari’s unflexibility regarding their strategy is starting to get laughable.

    Best Overtake: Vettel in Rosberg at Blanchimont

    Best Funny- moment: Schumi drafting a Virgin in order to overtake Rosberg.

    Most Surprising Result: Button

    Least Surprising Result: Massa

    Special Mention to: Vettel (flawless), Schumacher (great recovery race) and Alonso (was on fire until he had to switch to mediums).

    Race Rating: 8/10



    @ Ned: he’s doctor of law from the University of Graz.

    I don’t get why all the hate against the man though… Whenever he makes a statement you are guaranteed to read someone complaining and wishing he would just shut up.



    I agree Doance. The replays on F1 2010 are pretty pointless if you’re not watching it from the onboard camera or from the driver’s view. Is it too much to ask for realistc track-side camera positions? In F1 2010 we got those unrealistic fly-by cameras that swing from one side to the other in order to make it look more “dramatic”, but in the end we just can’t see any overtaking or collision if we’re trying to watch it with the track-side cameras. F1 Challenge had track-side cameras positioned realistically, and that was in 2002!

    Also, they could make it more easily to save replays and throw in the option of showing the hud on the replays, with throttle and brake pressure graphics. Gran Turismo 2 had them on the PlayStation, for god’s sake, so it can’t be too hard to do that!



    250,793 on my first try. This should keep me entertained for the next 20 minutes!



    I was watching the end of Hockenheim 2000 today. When Rubens enters the stadium it’s just too much epicness to handle, and as I watched I wondered how there are almost no horns anymore, and we can barely hear the crown hoaring.



    I’m in season 4 with Red Bull, Vettel is my team mate. I play with all aids off, professional AI. This is my season so far.

    Bahrain: Pole, 1st

    Australia: Pole, 1st

    Malaysia: Pole, 5th (made a lot of mistakes)

    China: Pole, 1st

    Spain: couldn’t bother qualifying. By lap 20 or so I was dead last. I’m rubbish at this track

    Monaco: couldn’t bother with this race, I’d finish last anyway.

    Turkey: Pole, 3rd

    Montreal: Pole, 1st

    Valencia: Pole, 1st

    Silverstone: Pole, 1st

    Hockenheim: Pole, 1st

    Hungary: Pole, 2nd

    Spa: Pole, 1st

    The race in Hugary was quite disappointing. It was the first time I bothered racing here, as I always struggled a lot with the track. But now I had a really good pace in qualifying, and in the race I kept the lead. I lost it to Alonso, because my tyres faded too fast, but I overtook him one lap later one the first corner. I was managing a 5 seconds lead, but then, with 3 and a half laps to go, the fuel indicator started flashing yellow. I put the engine on cruise mode and used only 4th gear for the slowest corners, and shifted back straight to 7th in order to save fuel. Before starting the last lap the indicator was flashing red. By this time Alonso was right behind me. I thought the car was going to survive, even though the car lost quite a bit of performance after the first sector. Then came the last corner, Alonso was still behind me, but I had almost no fuel, and he overtook me within sight of the chequered flag. That was frustrating.

    But then came Spa and I bossed around, it started with heavy rain and I opened a 30 seconds lead with 8 laps, and from there on I didn’t even care to push, even when the track dried. Now, off to Monza!



    I know this is about lyrics and not song names, but the song “About to Crash (Reprise)” by Dream Theater always reminds me of Sebastian :P The lyrics have nothing to do with racing or crashing cars though.




    Thanks, thanks so much Steph! I didn’t expect to win this one! I’ll send you my adress now =)




    You are right about it having only 5 lines. I should have searched for that a bit on the internet, since numbers are my stuff, not words. I hope Steph doesn’t care too much about technicalities though! :P

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