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    You are welcome יֹאשִׁיָּהוּ
    You will get original goods for “Kamui cheer stand”, it may be t-shirt and flag or like that. You will get a photo card signed by Kamui Kobayashi too.
    Enjoy the race!



    You are welcome Ad Hoc!

    Information of Thursday is here but it’s only in Japanese…
    I can’t find any English information at this moment. I’m sorry on behalf of Japanese for inconvenience to non-Japanese people.

    I hope you enjoy the race!



    Yes your seat will be “Kamui cheer stand” at C2.
    You can see the second corner and the S-curve there.

    Ad Hoc
    Anyone who has the ticket can access to the circuit on Thursday.

    The main gate of the circuit will open at 08:00
    Pit lane walk:09:00-11:30(the last admission is 11:15)
    East Course walk:09:00-12:30(the last admission is 11:30)
    Pit lane walk for family:11:30-12:30(with children of junior high school age or under. The last admission is 12:15)
    Autograph session:16:00-17:00(participants are chosen by lottery)
    At the entrance of the circuit you will get a special postcard and the postcard is also the lottery ticket and the entrance ticket for the East Course walk. Elected persons for the autograph session will be announced on screens at around 13:15.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)