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    1)Alonso-Been amazing all year just a pity his car wasn’t.
    2)Hamilton-He’s had the pace most of the year but the car has just been unreliable.
    3)Vettel-He’s been his 2011 self when he dominated Japan, Korea and India. I wouldn’t say he’s the best though because his car has been the best out of all of them.
    4)Raikkonen-It’s great to see him in F1 again. I expected a bit more and a lot of people overrate his win Abu Dhabi. He inherited the win from Hamilton but he did keep the pace throughout and he is the only driver to not retire from a race.
    5)Button-I’m not sure what to say about Button. He’s been good, I mean if he wasn’t he wouldn’t have won three races. But he had a lot of problems early on whether it was him or the car I don’t know.
    6)Massa-Part of me feels he shouldn’t be this high up because of his early season performance but the last few races showed what he can really do. I hope the old Massa returns.
    7)Grosjean-Granted he did cause the pile up in Spa and he’s been in quite a few collisions but he’s qualified better than Raikkonen and he’s challenged the big boys on more than one occasion.
    8)Hulkenburg-His performance in Brazil prior to colliding with Hamilton is enough to put him here and his performance has been good all round. I can a new Vettel forming in him.
    9)Kobayashi-He’s scored on more occasions than Perez did which I think is more important than the number of podiums. I hope he gets a race seat next year. He deserves it more than Perez.
    10)Perez-Perez did score more points than Kobayashi but that was from three podiums. He only scored on four other occasions that were 6th or below. Kobayashi on the other hand got one podium but he scored on 8 other occasions that were 4th or below.
    11)Rosberg-For a driver that has won a GP he is rather far down on this list but the Mercedes hasn’t helped. He probably could have been better but with a car that worked so well and then did so poorly it’s hard to tell whether he would have won another race. I like to think he could have done.
    12)Webber-I have nothing to say with him. He hasn’t dazzled me nor has he made me think he shouldn’t be on the grid even if he has won two races that was the car not him.
    13)Di Resta-Compared to Hulkenburg he hasn’t done very well and you would think after two years with the team he would be better than the new kid. Saying that I can see the next Hamilton in there it’s just going to take longer to come out than Hulkenburg.
    14)Senna-His qualifying has been poor but I think that is down to losing out on practice sessions to Bottas. His driving has been better and I haven’t seen any bad blood from other drivers about him. Compared to Maldonado I think he deserved a race seat more.
    15)Schumacher-A disappointing end to his career. The Mercedes didn’t help matters but his driving hasn’t been what we all loved years ago.
    16)Maldonado-Maniac, well in the first half anyway. Second half, better but not enough to win me over.
    17)Vergne-For a first season in a car that hasn’t been very good he’s done well. Could do better but that is the car more than anything I think.
    18)Ricciardo-I expected more from a driver that has already done half a season. It doesn’t matter if the car was terrible he still had the experience.
    19)Kovalainen-Solid drives from him all year and at one point I thought he could grab a point for the team. I can see him not being on the grid next year though but he has the experience that Petrov or Senna don’t have.
    20)Glock-Being able to make a car get into 12 place without the use of Kers deserves some merit. He needs a better car.
    21)Petrov-Even though he did get 11th in Brazil for Caterham his performance has been poor compared to Kovalainen.
    22)Pic-He has certainly surprised me this year but he isn’t ready for F1.
    23)De la Rosa-I wish I could say more about him but the car prevents me from doing so.
    24)Karthikeyan-Do I really need to say it?

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