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    Best Driver: Jenson Button

    Worst Driver: Adrain Sutil

    Best Team: Mclaren

    Worst Team: HRT

    Best Overtake: Schumachers pass on Massa and Kobayashi

    Best Funny-moment: When the marshall slipped up twice :D haha

    Most Surprising Result: Vettel not coming first

    Least Surprising Result: Hamilton having another moment

    Special Mention to: Shumacher, Button, Kobayashi

    Race Rating: 10/10

    Best BBC commentator/presenter: DC

    Worst BBC commentator/presenter: N/A

    Best Commentary moment: When they made the comment about the “Red shouldered blackbird”

    BBC Coverage rating: 10/10, very good even in the lull.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)