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    Kimi Raikkonen –

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    Andy G

    I’m only nominating ones that I think are on an even level in terms of skill/cajones. There were far more ‘good’ overtakes but none as great as the 8 I’ve listed below. In no particular order (also including fights with no final position change):

    a. Hamilton on Alonso (Great Britain) –
    For: Incredible balls and skill, going on the wet track on slicks AND making the pass stick against the eventual winner of the GP, in an inferior car on the day.
    Against: Lewis was lighter on fuel

    b. Hamilton on Button (China)
    For: Zero(?) previous overtakes at this corner, same cars on a similar strategy, daring move which released him to overtake others for the win
    Against: If Jenson didn’t spot Lewis at the last moment…

    c. Alonso on Everyone (Spain)
    For: Best start of the year, from 5th to 1st in only a few hundred metres, lightning quick reflexes and anticipation
    Against: Was at the 1st corner and not a ‘normal’ overtake

    d. Hamilton on Alonso (Germany)
    For: Some distance behind Alonso before the corner, still managed to go around the outside, quick reactions to choose out rather than in, managed to defend a similar move by Webber a lap earlier
    Against: Alonso on ‘colder’ tyres, Hamilton had a natural better line out of Turn 1 due to pit exit

    e. Button and Hamilton (Hungary)
    For: A thrilling 2-3 lap battle between 2 classy drivers, holding nothing back but still not touching each other, a battle between Lewis’ wet-weather skills vs Jenson’s pace on a damp track
    Against: Button failed to get ahead of Hamilton on track, battle cut short by McLaren calling Lewis into pits

    f. Webber on Alonso (Belgium)
    For: The speed that both cars were travelling at, the trust placed in Fernando to yield, the possible dire consequences if it failed, the commitment
    Against: Not as technically brilliant as some of the other overtakes mentioned, Eau Rouge not the demon of a corner it once was

    g. Vettel on Alonso (Italy)
    For: Fernando left Seb half a car’s width and he still got through, keeping it together on the outside AND on the grass, visually stunning pass, showed Lewis how it should be done on that corner (ie not the inside), set up the victory
    Against: Set up another dominant win for Seb ;)

    h. Hamilton and Webber (Korea)
    For: A great lap of wheel to wheel action, several passes and repasses, Lewis showing how to defend in a slower car
    Against: No actual overtake

    I realise these are all top 5 cars, but I guess me memory fails due to the lesser coverage given to midfield teams… apologies!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)