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    Uzair Syed

    My driver rankings:

    1. Daniel Ricciardo – The class of the field in 2016 and the clear best of the rest in points. Another superb and consistent season from the Aussie. He won Malaysia after an intense duel with another great driver in Max Verstappen, and deserved to win Monaco the most. He could have also won at Singapore if the race was extended by one lap! Very good in qualifying too. He is one to watch next year.

    2. Max Verstappen – Another great season from the flying Dutchman. He has been the most exciting driver to watch this season with some ballsy (and sometimes questionable) attacking and defending. Another one to watch for next season.

    3. Carlos Sainz Jr – If three car teams had existed, then this man would have deserved the third seat at Red Bull. He has scored 46 points in a car that has a slow and outdated engine, and has destroyed Kvyat. Who knows where he would have been with a proper engine.

    4. Fernando Alonso – He has dragged that McLaren in places where it didn’t belong. He is always there in the top 10 when you least expect it. Massively outperformed Button in the second half of this season.

    5. Lewis Hamilton – I don’t feel that Lewis has been driving at his best this season, making some careless starts and some generally bad races in Baku and Singapore. However, when he has been at his best he has been faultless and in a class of his own and way above his teammate. Yes, some people may say that Malaysia costed Hamilton the title, but they choose to ignore the races where he has been uncharacteristically sloppy and poor.

    6. Nico Rosberg – I place Rosberg just below Hamilton, although he was very close to him in my opinion. His performance was very similar to Hamilton’s over the season, excelling in some races but was also poor in others, most notably Monaco and Austria. However, he has been the better of the two with starting races, and that has won him the title, so to me he is a deserving world champion.

    7. Sebastian Vettel – A 2014-esque second half of the season from Vettel. He made a strong start but his performance dropped over the season, and his much older teammate ended up matching him in qualifying, and also being close to him in the races, which came as a surprise considering how Vettel thrashed him last year.

    8. Kimi Raikkonen – The most improved driver of the season. Last year Kimi was very bad, but this year he has improved massively and at some points in the season he was leading his teammate on points. He has also matched his teammate in qualifying. Good effort from Kimi.

    9. Sergio Pérez – Overall, a very good season in which Pérez ends up scoring just over 100 points in the Force India by consistently finishing in the points. He has had more luck than his teammate, but he has also been more consistent.

    10. Nico Hulkenberg – The unluckiest driver of the season. I can recall at least two instances where he should have been on the podium but instead lost it through no fault of his own, and he also somehow finds himself 29 points behind his teammate. A points gap which would have been much smaller if he had better luck. Poor old Hulk.

    11. Valtteri Bottas – Was much better than his teammate, although I cannot place him any higher because the people above him were simply better. He was still good though.

    12. Jenson Button – Goodbye Jenson, you will be missed. I don’t think that he put in too much effort in the second half of the season though, or maybe it was just Fernando being Fernando. That points gap between teammates is one of the biggest. I want Jenson on Channel 4 F1 next year! Please Jenson, please!

    13. Romain Grosjean – A bit of a meh season from Grosjean. He was impressive in the first few races, but his performance dropped off quickly after that and in some races he found himself behind Gutiérrez, which brings his ranking down.

    14. Felipe Massa – He was going to retire, but he was still comprehensively beaten by Bottas. Obrigado Felipe, another driver that will be missed. I will never forget the heartbreaking scenes in Brazil 2008.

    15. Pascal Wehrlein – The best backmarker driver of the season. He managed to get into Q2 many times this season in a car which I think is the worst on the grid. He also scored a point in it which ALMOST leapfrogged Sauber. ALMOST.

    16. Esteban Ocon – He started off badly, but in the past few races he was matching and sometimes even beating Wehrlein. Pretty impressive from a man who has only had 9 races in the car. He will be pretty good at Force India.

    17. Kevin Magnussen – I don’t think that he was too much better than his teammate, something which I expected in the pre-season. He did help Renault secure 9th in the WCC though, so he definitely helped the team. A shame that they didn’t repay him. At least he is still in Formula 1.

    18. Jolyon Palmer – Would have been on par with his teammate if he didn’t bottle it in Hungary. He should feel lucky that he is still in the Renault for next season.

    19. Marcus Ericsson – That Sauber was a bad car so I didn’t expect Ericsson to score points, and he didn’t.

    20. Felipe Nasr – He saved the team in Brazil with an impressive 9th place finish, but apart from that he was disappointing compared to Ericsson to be brutally honest.

    21. Daniil Kvyat – Outperformed by both his teammates this season. He has only scored 4 points in the Toro Rosso compared to the 46 that his teammate scored. He really needs to do much better than this if he is to have any chance of staying in Formula 1.

    22. Esteban Gutiérrez – He should have scored points in that Haas. It was clearly capable of points, and he didn’t score any. Grosjean single-handedly brought the team to 8th in the WCC. His attitude hasn’t been that great this year either.

    23. Rio Haryanto – This man was so bad, that he didn’t even get to finish the season. When he was in Formula 1 he used to finish last in almost every race, so it didn’t surprise me when he was replaced by a much better driver.

    N/A. Stoffel Vandoorne – I cannot rank him for obvious reasons but if I did, I probably would have placed him in 19th just for that single race alone. What he did in Bahrain was extraordinary, he flew straight from Japan to Bahrain with hardly any experience at all, and despite this he still manages to pick up McLaren’s first points of the season. I am looking forward to watching this man next season.


    Uzair Syed

    Ricciardo on Bottas at Monza.


    Uzair Syed

    NNNOOOO! That breaks my heart. I loved the 412T cars!


    Uzair Syed

    2004 – Button
    2005 – Raikkonen
    2006 – Alonso
    2007 – Hamilton
    2008 – Kubica
    2009 – Hamilton
    2010 – Kubica
    2011 – Vettel
    2012 – Alonso
    2013 – Vettel
    2014 – Ricciardo
    2015 – Vettel


    Uzair Syed

    Haryanto in 17th is very high. He has been absolutely destroyed by Wehrlein in the races, and Haryanto has finished last in almost every race. @geemac


    Uzair Syed

    1. Ricciardo – Very consistent and fast so far. Deserved the win at Monaco the most but was unlucky.
    2. Hamilton – Hampered by issues at the beginning but good mini comeback from him.
    3. Verstappen – Took a surprise win at Spain and his aggressive driving is entertaining to watch.
    4. Sainz – He is quietly proving himself. Consistently finishing in the points and outperforming Kvyat.
    5. Vettel – When the car actually works he has done a good job. Ferrari’s strategists have often screwed him over.
    6. Rosberg – After the first four races he would have been first on my list. Now he is only sixth because of his catastrophic bottling of the lead.
    7. Pérez – Took two well earned podiums this season and has been outperforming his teammate in most races.
    8. Raikkonen – He’s actually been pretty decent so far this season. He leads Vettel in the points but his car has been slightly more reliable.
    9. Alonso – He’s done pretty well so far picking up solid points on three occasions in the slow McLaren.
    10. Button – He has also done well finishing in the points quite often. Has been quite close to his teammate.
    11. Bottas – The Williams has been a tricky beast to tame this season but he has done a good job even finishing on the podium at one stage.
    12. Hulkenberg – Still behind his teammate but he is getting closer to his 2014 form.
    13. Wehrlein – He has scored points in a Manor which is no mean feat. Has also destroyed his teammate in the races.
    14. Grosjean – Was very good early in the season but has dropped off. Even the mediocre Esteban Gutiérrez is beating him.
    15. Magnussen – Scored points on one occasion in the slow yellow Lotus with Renault written on it which is pretty good, and has had the measure of Palmer.
    16. Massa – He was consistently finishing in the points early on this season but has started to slip a little recently.
    17. Palmer – Magnussen has been beating him and he could have scored points at Hungary, but he blew it.
    18. Gutiérrez – At the start of the season he was poor, but he is now starting to beat Grosjean. Hasn’t scored a point though.
    19. Ericsson – He has beaten Nasr in most of the races this season. Not much else he can do really.
    20. Nasr – This season has been poor compared to last season. He has beaten Ericsson in the last few races though.
    21. Kvyat – Had a solid start to the season, picking up a podium at China. However, his demotion to Toro Rosso has left a broken and demotivated man and I feel sorry for the guy. However, Sainz has destroyed him.
    22. Haryanto – The worst driver on the grid right now, consistently finishing last in almost every Grand Prix. He is basically Max Chilton.

    Anyone in the top 15 has impressed me at some point. Rankings 11, 12 and 13 are very close for me.


    Uzair Syed

    I hope that they don’t actually use this for next season. The current Formula E chassis looks nice to me. Much better looking than the current F1 cars with the ugly finger noses. No need to ruin it with this!


    Uzair Syed

    I don’t think that the job of being a Top Gear presenter suited Chris Evans. I don’t think that he needs to be replaced, but if he is then I think that Rowan Atkinson would be a good choice. He’s funny but does have a serious side and isn’t shouty like Evans. However all the other presenters are very good, especially Chris Harris and Rory Reid. Matt LeBlanc also did a good job in the last episode. Although am I the only one that cringes when Sabine Schmitz cracks a joke?


    Uzair Syed

    Massa on Bruno Senna in Singapore 2012 and Hamilton on Raikkonen in Monza 2007 are two memorable overtakes for me.


    Uzair Syed

    I’m very happy with this. When you think of music associated with F1, you think of The Chain. It’s just meant to be. Thank you Channel 4. Already doing better than ITV.


    Uzair Syed

    Grosjean on Vettel. Just kidding! Verstappen overtake at Blanchimont/Bus Stop chicane section. Forgot who he passed though.


    Uzair Syed

    I think that we have already seen the ”best” of Rosberg, which isn’t exactly ”world class” or ”championship winning”. He is the Mark Webber of the Mercedes team. Good enough to get close to a WDC and win a few races, but would make a better number 2 supporting driver of the team. He does not have the race pace of Lewis, the overtaking ability of Lewis, or general wheel-to-wheel racing ability. I thought that Rosberg was good at qualifying judging by last year, but now Lewis has improved on that, so now Rosberg is worse than Lewis in every aspect. I think that last year was Rosberg’s only shot at winning the WDC and deep down, he knows it. He was leading the championship for most of the season, but he was constantly beaten by Lewis in the races and kept finishing second, which is not enough. That trend has carried into this year. Rosberg has also seemed to have developed a bad attitude, and now he is constantly crying and making up excuses as to why he keeps coming second behind Lewis. He is now not the Rosberg we all know and like, because the fame has got to his head and now it is arrogant, whiny Rosberg.


    Uzair Syed

    All of them obviously! I can’t stand Sky Sports, greedy money lovers.


    Uzair Syed

    These are my rankings at the end of the season:

    22: Ericsson – Did not improve much in the second half of the season, crashed a lot early on during this season and has probably costed Caterham a lot of money and caused them to be on the brink of death.

    21: Chilton – He is much slower than Bianchi, scored no points unlike Bianchi and lacks speed and aggression. Being slow isn’t going to win you a WDC.

    20: Maldonado – Has improved in the second half of the season but still only scoring 2 points compared to Grosjean’s 8. Made lots of silly mistakes throughout the season whereas Grosjean made much fewer mistakes.

    19: Gutierrez – Slow driver and makes errors at crucial points which has costed Sauber points, e.g Monaco 2014. The car has let him down, but I doubt Gutierrez is driving it to its full potential. Although the car has sometimes let him down in the latter stages of this year.

    18: Sutil – Slow like Gutierrez and I have a feeling he’s passed it, his best seasons with Force India have gone. The car has let him down like his teammate but a driver of his experience would be higher up the field.

    17: Kobayashi – Hasn’t shown much this season due to driving a Caterham, but has been beating Ericsson. However, I don’t think he is as good as he was at Sauber.

    16: Raikkonen – Major disappointment this season. Alonso has absoulutely demolished him this year. Raikkonen has been much slower than him, made quite a few rookie mistakes, especially in Canada and Silverstone, and I reckon his best days are over.

    15: Perez – Can deliver when he tries but has been inconsistent unlike Hulkenberg when it comes to finishing in the top 10. However, the car has dropped of the pace in the second half of the season.

    14: Vettel – Like Raikkonen he has been a bit of a disappointment this year. Hampered slightly with unreliability but Ricciardo has outperformed him all year and seems to have lost that magic touch that he has with blown diffuser cars.

    13: Magnussen – Has potential as shown in Australia but needs to start using it. He is doing OK as a rookie but expect more in the 2nd half of the season considering he has won titles in lower formulae.

    12: Grosjean – Faster than Maldonado for most of this season. And the great thing is he’s stopped his crashing without losing his speed unlike Maldonado. However, he has not improved as much as Maldonado later on in the season. I still think he deserves a better car in my mind.

    11: Massa – Could have scored a lot more points had he not have been involved in too many crashes However, Silverstone wasn’t his fault but he is becoming Maldonado in the sense that he is blaming other drivers for racing incidents/his own mistakes. Bottas has outperformed him.

    10: Bianchi – Gave Marussia their first points and is much faster than Chilton. I wish he was in a Ferrari as he fully deserves the seat but unfortunately, bad luck hit him in Japan. I wish you a full recovery Jules. Forza Jules!

    09: Button – Outperforming Magnussen but with his experience I expected him to do so. However he is consistently scoring the points which is what Mclaren needed this season. He deserves the McLaren seat next year more than Magnussen in my opinion.

    08: Kvyat – For a rookie he has done well in a Toro Rosso . Has made very few mistakes and has scored points consistently in the first few races of the season. He is in a Red Bull next year and I expect him to be slightly slower than Ricciardo.

    07: Vergne – I think he deserved another season at Toro Rosso or at another team. He is good in wet conditions and was sometimes as good as Ricciardo last year. Give him the right car and he might be a championship contender like Ricciardo. Hope to see him in F1 next year.

    06: Rosberg – His race pace has been quite rubbish compared to Hamilton. He did not win a race until Germany, until finally achieving a win in Brazil. But his qualifying has improved, and has beaten Hamilton in that aspect. I think Hamilton deserved to win the WDC more.

    05: Hulkenberg – Should have been in a top seat ages ago, outperformed most of his teammates and just because he is tall he has been declined not once, not twice but three times a top seat. His last few races have not been what I expected, but the Force India has dropped off the pace throughout the season.

    04: Hamilton – Has been the better driver out of the Mercedes pair. Much better in the races than Rosberg, better with wheel-to-wheel racing, and has passed Rosberg when he qualifies behind him. Qualifying is what he neeeds to work on but it’s not as important as the race.

    03: Bottas – One of the surprises of the season. Last year when he was dragging a slow, rubbish wooden box aka Williams FW35 and beating Maldonado despite being a rookie. This year, he has a car which I feel he deserves. No doubt, him and Ricciardo are future WDC contenders.

    02: Alonso – He dragged that red dog of a Ferrari to podiums and positions it should never have been. He wiped the floor with his fellow world champion teammate Raikkonen. His last few races for Ferrari were a little bit dull but now he can say bye bye to the used-to-be-prancing-but-now-dying-horse team.

    01: Ricciardo – THE surprise of the season. I expected Vettel to demolish him this season, but Ricciardo has beaten his quadruple world champion teammate Vettel in almost every race weekend and has made Vettel look fairly average. Future WDC rivalry with Bottas I reckon!

    I would rank Stevens and Lotterer in the top 20, considering that they did pretty well in their debut races in a slow, backmarker car.


    Uzair Syed

    The music is annoying, the track was rubbish, the cars are too slow, the two-month wait for the next race is too long and fanboost is crap but overall, this is a good start for Formula E!

    This one race was more interesting than the whole of the 2013 F1 season. There were some overtakes, pit stops were interesting, there was a battle for the lead and the last lap crash was spectacular! However it was completely Nico Prost’s fault and he needs some form of penalty for the next race. And IMO these cars look better than the 2014 F1 cars. Oh and I like the safety car too! A BMW i8.

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