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    V. Chris

    1) Vettel – Flawless season. For sure the most perfect season i have ever seen. Did Vettel actually had any mistakes?

    2) Hulkenberg – he was good entire season, though the bad car masked his good performance in the first half. As soon as the Sauber became more competitive, he did some fantastic races.

    3) Raikonen – Good start, solid performances. He could have achieved at least one more victory i think. The second half of the season was very bad for Kimi, but his overall season was very good.

    4) Hamilton – He underperformed in my eyes and he couldn’t bring the spark his team expected. He managed to beat Nico, but somehow i don’t see Lewis as the leader of the team yet. I think that Nico is gaining even more confidence and their battle next season will be very interesting.

    5) Rosberg – he was the best “number 2” driver and actually showed he is not number 2 at all (except that moment in Malaysia)

    6) Grosjean – excellent 2nd half, but mediocre 1st. If he was better in the first half, the 3rd place would have been for Lotus.

    7) Alonso – the worst season for ALO so far. When his car was competitive he couldn’t capitalize at all. The first half of the season should have been better for him and Ferrari and the second i think he just gave up.

    8) Button – he outscored Sergio by far and his car wasn’t competitive. But overall he did good.

    9) Webber – some bad luck involved here but also not so great races. Mark should have put his car in better position overall, especially when his team mate won 13 races with it.

    10) Bianchi – really big question here, he demonstrated clearly that he is above the rest in the bottom but it is hard to judge in this machinery.

    I don’t have the time to write my full list so i’ll stop with top 10. Also it is getting harder with every place.


    V. Chris

    When i am out and start to feel like i had to much alcohol, i drink Red Bull and that keeps me going for few more hours :) Then i switch to water and in the morning i am brand new. Seriously guys, Red Bull is not every day drink, the company knows that, and they are not marketed as one. They want to be something different than coke and coffee. If you go to night club, or music festival, you will see that Red Bull is very popular. But if you are at home, or in the park you will never buy one. Looking at the previous pages I guess we don’t have many party animals in the forum :p
    I am not one either :)


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