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    1. What country are you in (and state, if applicable)
    Australia, WA
    2. Which channels broadcast F1 near you?
    Network Ten
    3. Do they show all the races live or only a limited number (if so, how many?)
    All Races live. One or Ten. Ten shows Australia, Asian/European races for rounds that start at 9.30pm only for AEST and Abu Dhabi except WA and SA and One shows others
    4. Do they also show qualifying live? (if so, how many?)
    All. One or Ten. One/Ten shows qualifying for Australian GP. One shows all qualifying except for American rounds and Ten replays or shows qualifying live for American rounds
    5. Do they also show practice sessions live? (if so, how many?)
    Australian GP only
    6. If they are a subscription channel, what does a full year’s subscription cost (excluding limited time offers)? Nil
    7. Do they broadcast coverage online? If so please post link/s
    Yes http://tenplay.com.au/sport/formula-1/live-streaming
    8. Please supply any other relevant information such as alternative viewing options
    Ten Play app

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)