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    Chris H

    Rumour? It was probably announced in the past several days but buried under all of the BBC’s coverage of a certain birth.
    I wonder if there will be a slick “the skys coming down on us” from the commentators at Hungary again this weekend? I miss Brundle!

    This is becoming a deja vu, but seriously, I will (try) and reserve judgement until an official announcement (if there will be one), but my stance if this goes ahead is that I will just turn away from the sport I plan my entire life around. I refuse to be treated like sheep and herded towards paying £500 to watch 20 races, and being treated like that, I don’t think I’d even bother spending my time setting up a stream. I could easily afford Sky now I am working again, I just refuse to buy it out of principle and that will never change.

    This “deal” has already cost the sport millions of viewers…this would will cost the sport a LOT more, particularly of the casual nature.

    Just a thought…I wonder how much of a jump in viewers the BTCC has received since the $ky deal took over? (tried looking, but can’t find anything).


    Chris H

    Good find…downloading now!

    I will certainly keep an eye on this, as they mention that they will be releasing a whole series of these documentaries for free. Presumably they are all oldies but interesting, nevertheless.


    Chris H

    Yes, you can get onto the track after the race! I’ve done it for the past 2 years :)

    You will need to be near the gate on the pit-straight at the end of the race. They opened it just as the drivers were going onto the podium, but the crowds are quite large (be prepared for a squeeze).

    Last year I was down at Wellington Straight, with 10 laps to go we moved round and got there with 2 laps to go (annoyingly, we missed Webber overtaking Alonso for the lead which was right in front of where we had pitched!). Did the same the year before with 10 laps to go when we were at Stowe.
    You could actually set up near the gate that I mentioned, but get there early. Both years I’ve gone, it was full before 7.30am…

    To give you an idea, the gate is right on the exit of Club corner where Lewis/Massa had their wheel banging the other year.

    We were allowed to go down to the Club Corner (but no further) and as far as Abbey. By getting onto the track in the right locations, you will get to see the TV teams and possibly a driver at the fence.
    Both years we’ve been part of the “Eddie Jordan” chants below the podium, and came close to getting an autograph from Rosberg and Jenson when they come up to the fence outside the garages.

    Not bad for a GA ticket :)

    Good luck!

    Oh, and heres some pictures from when we went, for the gate and crowds to give you a better idea:
    2011 – At the Gate (you can just see the large metal fence on the far left side, halfway down)
    2011 – Nico Rosberg
    2011 – Jake Humphrey
    2011 – Crowds on the pit-straight after the podium
    2012 – Looking back on the pitlane
    2012 – Jenson Button
    2012 – Pit Straight Crowds
    2012 – Podium
    2011 – And a flukey shot of Trulli retiring…

    Edited for the image links, but also, looking at timtoo’s comment, if Silverstone were willing to help you out, you could actually get onto the stage at the Aftershow party where they interview drivers etc (BBC’s F1 Forum was filmed live on it last year). Just a thought :)


    Chris H

    I’ve often wondered about getting previous seasons. The official reviews are OK, but are a poor highlights package at best, with the commentator often ruining any action about 10seconds before it happens!
    For what could be produced, I feel as if they could put a LOT more effort into them and/or provide the full re-runs.
    I actually found this on google a few months back:

    However, I can’t work out if it is legit or not. The website seems…”old” by modern standards. They seem to be based in Austrailia (is that with their commentry I wonder?), but has anyone ever tried it or used this website?

    (BTW…Hi all, first post!)

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