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    As a long-time Firefox user, the browser already has spell-check built in. Not terribly familiar with other browsers but surely they have something similar.

    Not sure if this is the same on mobile browsers, however.



    @icthyes Bit of a tricky one to do, especially as you can only @-reply to registered members. But I do agree this area has potential for improvement, particularly in terms of making it more obvious what a person’s username is (you can tell by hovering over their name and reading the URL but that’s hardly intuitive!)

    I’d suggest stealing the notation from Twitter – Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine); Icthyes (@icthyes) – and then the notation is right there in the open.

    Also I just noticed the forum doesn’t have any guide/notes as to what HTML tags can be used.



    Just reported via the technical problem/contact pages the “Data points not appearing when hovering over charts”, but for me it’s in all browsers (Firefox 7, Chromium 16, and IE 8).



    I suspect Prisoner Monkeys may be after Hermann Tilke’s job the way he puts together so many layouts (not just for this thread, but I’ve seen it on the main site too). :D

    Anyway, my idea is this:

    http://twitpic.com/6s19d2 – existing layout in grey, concept in green

    I hope you’ll forgive the unusual method of depiction; I’ve never been satisfied with my results on gmap-pedometer as I don’t think I’ve ever figured out how to work it quite right.

    Concerns are:

    – Run-off and tightness of corner at Turn 9

    – Approach and Run-off at Turn 13, which would need to where one of PM’s ideas cuts across War Memorial land and a bus stop. I looked at this corner in Street View and the entry looks very narrow

    I also removed the two bridge crossings in Sector 2 (Fullerton Rd and Esplanade Dr), but in hindsight this bit could possibly go back in as is. The removal of that area I think perhaps changes the character of the circuit too much, which is one of the things most tend to like about the track.

    I also deleted four corners at the start of Sector 3, making a curved straight between the existing Turns 14 and 20. I’ve never particularly liked the section of Turns 16 through 19, as I’ve long found it too busy and bothersome.



    I can’t help but think the 1991 Le Mans-winning Mazda 787B should be included in this project.



    As I am American and have the game already, I can answer a few of these.


    How is the new suspension handling?

    It seems an important factor in the game. With better ability to take curbs and recover slides.

    That sounds great fun :)

    The handling model is totally updated from F1 2010 and is far more realistic. You can actually slide/drift the car, and with proper inputs, actually hold and recover slides.


    Is the driving model as realistic as some describe? I mean, would you categorize it more as a simulator or as game? Is it closer to Forza Motorsport or to Dirt3?

    I’ve never played Dirt 3 so I can’t speak on that, but I have played Forza and F1 2011 is far closer to Forza feel than F1 2010 was.


    Can you now attack the kerbs in F1 2011? F1 2010 had these massive mourns which just spun you out every time you touch them at certain tracks.

    You can attack the curbs, and I have yet to find one that is guaranteed to spin you out. Care must still be taken to not greatly upset the balance of the car while attacking them, however.

    Ben Needham:

    I was curious as to whether you are able to turn off penalties on the 2011 version. The 2010 version was far too sensitive in dishing out penalties, which, to be honest, ruined my enjoyment of the game.

    I haven’t actually looked to see if you can turn the Penalties off completely (I’ve always kept them on in F1 2010 and have continued this on F1 2011), but I did see that the option is present, so I imagine you can.

    Additionally, I have used both KERS and DRS and you can definitely tell the difference in how the car drives while using them. The first time I activated DRS (exiting Monza’s Parabolica in the new Time Attack mode), I spun out instantly. Using KERS there is a very noticeable boost of acceleration and the sound of the car actually changes a bit.


    Regarding the varying release dates, new entertainment media (music, movies, video games) are always released here in the United States on Tuesday. I don’t actually know why but it’s been like that at least since I was a young child.



    I had a similar idea to madbob85‘s above whilst thinking about this a few hours ago.

    My thinking was, instead of using ultimate laps, was using a driver’s fastest time in qualifying as a baseline, and then comparing each and all of their laps in the race against this “baseline lap,” adjusting for fuel load and tyre wear, as these affect the lap time, excluding any in/out laps, and if possible, laps where a driver had to yield to blue flags. This would ideally tell you the fastest lap a driver was capable of given the current state of their car, and then you compare that against the time they actually ran. This would show you how close a driver is running to the absolute potential of the car at any given point of the race, which (hopefully!) is solely determined by the skill of said driver.

    If the effects of fuel weight and tyre compound/state can be quantified, this might be a workable idea.

    (If anyone knows where I can find data on the above, plus each driver’s lap times for a race, at the risk of my free time and sanity I’d be willing to run some numbers.)

    Edit: An issue I see with this is it being inaccurate for laps where a driver was the race leader, because when you’re in first you don’t always need to push to the limit.



    1. Vettel: Absolutely dominant. Mistake-free apart from the last lap in Canada.
    2. Alonso: Has been putting the 150 Italia in places it really shouldn’t be. Potentially serious threat if the car keeps improving.
    3. Button: Hamilton is faster (just), but Jenson’s driving has been much better than his teammate’s on balance.
    4. Hamilton: Still quite fast, but needs to learn when to be aggressive and when to bide his time. I think the hype’s gone to his head.
    5. Rosberg: Still driving well, but I believe he’s struggling with a car that is not as competitive as last year’s Mercedes was.
    6. Webber: Where has mid-2010 Mark Webber gone? Pace is still there, but racecraft seems a bit lacking. I suspect he’s slowly becoming disillusioned with RBR.
    7. Kobayashi: Has driven very well in a Sauber that’s much improved over last year’s. Probably the most consistent driver who doesn’t have a top-tier car.
    8. Prez: Best of the rookies so far. Quietly getting the job done.
    9. Massa: Has shown flashes of competitiveness, but really overall should be much closer to Alonso. Needs to work on his race pace.
    10. Petrov: My Most-Improved Driver of 2011 so far. A bit sad that Renault GP seems to have fallen backwards after being so strong earlier in the year.
    11. di Resta: Handling his much more experienced teammate Sutil handily. Needs to cut down on mistakes, but the pace is there.
    12. Schumacher: Much improved over 2010, but needs to cut down on the collisions. Drove brilliantly in Canada though.
    13. Kovalainen: Consistently getting the most out of the best of the backmarking cars.
    14. Heidfeld: Rather disappointing so far, being outdone by Petrov. Not doing the job he was brought into Renault GP to do.
    15. Barrichello: Still has the talent, but not being done any favours by the utterly disappointing FW33.
    16. Maldonado: Not doing badly for a rookie. Has been respectably close to teammate Barrichello; had a great Monaco race ruined by an over-ambitious Hamilton.
    17. Buemi: Doing a decent enough job. Bettering his teammate overall, but only by a bit.
    18. Alguersuari: Struggled in the early races, but has come on form of late. I suspect both he and Buemi are a bit better than the STR6 allows.
    19. Liuzzi: Doing fairly well in arguably the worst car on the grid.
    20. Glock: Difficult to be impressive in such a slow car, but I don’t think he’s doing particularly badly.
    21. d’Ambrosio: Has been close enough to teammate Glock to be respectable.
    22. Trulli: Has struggled all year, being completely overshadowed by Kovalainen. Perhaps time to hang it up?
    23. Sutil: Being thoroughly outshone by rookie teammate di Resta. Why has he been rated so highly again?
    24. Karthikeyan: Only here because of Indian money. Doesn’t deserve to be in F1.



    Merry Christmas, all! =]

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