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    Started in 3rd behind the two Mclarens had a bad start and in the first corner lost out to Alfred and Marcstrub.

    By the 4th corner It seemed like Alfred and Marc tangled and marc went slightly wide I also went wide and had to avoid him unfortunately taking out my teammate which left him at the back ruining Lotus chances. I somehow recovered and stayed with the mercedes and FI.

    After a lap or two Marc was getting away and I gained on Alfred and got DRS on the straight unfortunately when I turned at Turn1 we collided and I spun and set me back behind Clappy,Daazarcher and MadDogMolloy and into 8th probably should have taken my chance earlier on.

    Had a battle with Molloy and y2j but I ended up losing focus and finished a lacklustre 8th after y2j’s penalty.

    Overall I say we potentially had a chance at a 4-5 finish for Lotus but me late bracking ruined Molloy’s chance’s.

    I agree with Marc and Y2J if we would could leave space on the first few corners as it is very hectic and usually ruins at least 1 person’s race.




    My team preferences are

    Choice 1 – Ferrari
    Choice 2 – Williams
    Choice 3 – Mercedes

    For 100% races I think we should do maybe Silverstone Japan Canada and maybe Germany?

    Also I know I didn’t touch on this with you but Y2J said a after a race a while ago that the randomness of the rain ruins the races sometimes, And I have to agree with him so I am wondering would It be possible to maybe say pick certain tracks to have Clear weather and others to be Rainy from the start? for example

    I think a wet start on Singapore or Germany/Australia would be good

    and dry start on Canada and maybe 1 or 2 other tracks with the rest being Dynamic.

    I just feel this would make the races feel more enjoyable to race tell me what you think.





    Driver of the season -Kevin
    Pass of the Season (your personal favourite if you can’t think of any others) –
    Race of the Season-Germany
    Best newcomer – Johny ??
    Best Race drive of the season (eg from last to 1st..) -Brazil
    Gentleman of the season-Y2J
    Most defining Moment of the Championship –
    Most controversial moment –
    Most exciting start –
    Most exciting Qualifying -Spa
    Crash of the Season -Singapore crashes everywhere
    Team partnership of the season -McLaren
    Best Strategic call of the season –
    Worst strategic blunder of the season –
    Funniest moment –On India in 7th or 8th I looked at a footy match on tv for a split sec and ended up in the wall
    Radio (headset) message of the season –
    The Pastor Maldonaldo award (for driver who loved to collect penalties) –
    Most improved driver From last season – MarkStrub
    The romain grosjean award (for driver most likely to be involved in first corner crash) –
    Quote of the season -Uhh Alfred
    Favourite sprint race of the season – Spa

    For those who have completed more than one season..

    What has been the most enjoyable season and why?-
    What have been your 3 all time favourite races, 1 being best, 2 second best etc. (please state which season that race was held) –

    Personal questions

    Biggest rival -uhh Daaza or DarrenARcher?
    Any Personal milestones –
    How you can improve next season -Challenge for 6th with every else
    Overall Personal highlight –

    Next season

    What did you like about this season?
    What could be improved?A break between races after a while
    Would you be interested in another championship?Yes

    Sprint Race Championship

    Which Mondays are you available for a sprint race championship in April?15th or whenever you hold it.



    Haven`t done one of those yet but here goes… first off I`d like to talk about my first race in rainy hockenheim had a great battle with the two ferraris stunk and infernojim for half the race

    As for monza well It could not have gone worse I thought about not doing a lap but decided to try and do a lap anyway but alas it was too late and I messed up trying to rush through the track as for the race I took advantage of the crash on the first corner and up to 7th after starting last was catching mcwoblin in the lotus while Johhny raced up behind us..but my aggressiveness cost me and I spun costing me a few places.

    A few laps later I just spun out and lost 3 or 4 places due to my aggressive driving through the last corner..at which point I gave up tried to catch up to Mcwoblin but Overall a dreadful race for me I guess for me I`ll just practice the next few races and properly adjust and take my opportunity and hopefully try and get Mercedes into at least the top 3 in the constructors.



    I talked to molloy on XBL about this and have signed up so If you need anyone to fill in for a race im your man.

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