Brawn-Mercedes BGP 001 (2009)

Pictures of the Brawn-Mercedes BGP 001 (2009) at the 2010 Goodwood Festival of Speed.

6 comments on “Brawn-Mercedes BGP 001 (2009)”

  1. It’s a shame that it’s painted with the Mercedes livery.

    1. Yes, although I now think it looks better in this livery than the W01 does. I like the wide,flat, low nose a lot. But I miss the Brawn fluorescent yellow/green stripes.

    2. It’s just awful and incredibly disrespectful. The people that made Brawn GP what it was in 2009 sacrificed a lot and deserve more than a bit of Mercedes whitewash.

  2. absolutely agree, its disgraceful to repaint the championship winning car.
    Why were the allowed to do this?
    all the other cars on display are using their correct historical livery. Brawn’s championship not historically significant enough?

  3. I can’t leave this one alone because I’m really disgusted.

    Fiat doesn’t repaint every historical Lancia, Ferrari, Alfa Romeo or Maserati in Fiat colours. Why? I suppose it’s because they respect history.

    I’m happy to have seen the Brawn GP cars at the Melbourne GP with my own eyes. It’s a shame that Mercedes is trying to rewrite history.

  4. i wonder how ross brawn feels about this, i’m not sure he likes it.

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