Video: What did Massa say to Alonso?

Felipe Massa, Fernando Alonso, Nurburgring, 2007Here’s video footage of Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso’s argument after the European Grand Prix.

Alonso passed Massa with a handful of laps to spare at the Nurburgring, taking the lead from him in a smart pass around the outside at the Valvoline Kurve that ended with the two banging wheels.

It looked to me that if anyone had a right to be angry about it, it was Alonso, who was clearly ahead of Massa when the Ferrari touched the McLaren. But Massa looks like the agitated one, although I can’t tell what they’re saying. Any interpreters out there?

Video not working? Let us know.

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32 comments on Video: What did Massa say to Alonso?

  1. luca said on 14th August 2007, 3:52

    alonso is an idiot… he has to make a big show out out everything and why would massa let him pass with 3 laps 2 go..? good question. and mclearin would be nothing this season but since they like to steal ferrari’s papers they just happen to be so good? hamilton is over-rated! honestly i hope ferrari prove that mclearin were cheating and hamilton doesnt win and neither does alonso. FORZA FERRARI

  2. la tifosa said on 15th March 2008, 4:38

    Haplo, did you read the the F1Fanatic comment policy before writing your racist remaks about alonso’s accent and level of english?  Alonso speaks several languages fluently, he expresses himself better thank most native english speakers! The man has an accent, BIG DEAL.  I’d like to hear you speak spanish…hmmm I wonder how many other languages superstar lewis speaks.  You can pick on the guy’s  experience, his driving technique and his attitude, but his pronounciation of the english languge is a little lame.  

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