Debate: Did the best man win?

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Kimi Raikkonen, Jean Todt, Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Interlagos, 2007 | Ferrari mediaNever before in the history of F1 have three drivers finished so close to each other after the final race.

With just one point separating the Kimi Raikkonen from Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso at the end of the season, any one of them may feel this should have been their year.

So, did the best man win the title?

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38 comments on “Debate: Did the best man win?”

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  1. I think so. At the beginning of the year Kimi seemed a little off form at times, but later on, and when the championship was at stake, he was able to do absolutely everything he needed to take the title. I wouldn’t hesitate for one moment to say he’s the best driver Formula One has right now.

  2. Well, assuming it’s Kimi, yes, I believe the best man won. Remember he was 17 points behind with 2 races to go. Even Schumi last year was tied already with Alonso with 2 races to go. So the scale of Kimi’s comeback cannot be emphasized enough.

    However, we’re not even sure if Kimi IS the champion already. So did the best man win? We don’t even know for sure who won yet!

  3. another lewis fan
    22nd October 2007, 8:37

    i don’t feel too dissapointed that lewis did’nt win (how long has kimi been tryin to do it?)but at least the spantard did’nt win!but lewis has had a phenomenal year can’t deny that he will have learnt alot from this year and i can’t wait for march 16 2008 lewis’s time will definately come kimi won’t have that title for long!

  4. Yes Kimi deserved it. Not just for the comeback. He won 6 races this season, 2 more than anyone else! That’s pretty good going.

    Massa was flattered and Kimi disadvantaged at the begining of the season because of the change to Ferrari / Bridgestone. Since he’s been on top of that, he’s gone from strength to strength.

    Good for result for Kimi, good result for the sport. Presuming all of this appeal goes away.

  5. Yes, Kimi definitely deserved it after a fantastic comeback. He wasn’t my favourite choice to win, but he spanked McLaren good and proper yesterday.

  6. He got the most points & wins, therefore he deserved it…

  7. I would say yes, the best man won. Most points, most wins as mentioned above already. But also when taking into consideration that it took him almost half a season to get comfortable with the the new car and new tyres … Another thing – he won the title for Ferrari in his first season with the team, and in the season, where Ferrari suffered quite a bit with their reliability and did not have a number 1 driver till more less the last couple of races …

  8. Yes, Kimi has certainly deserved this championship victory. While the two McLaren drivers fought amongst themselves, Kimi just got on with it and took the title right under their noses.

    I mean, from 17 points behind in 2 races remaining, that is simply amazing!

    But it is not certain that Kimi will remain champion. McLaren appeal may rob Kimi of the title.

  9. well at least hamilton didnt win,even considering the amount of points wich he benefited from the FIA.neither alonso nor hamilton should have win,so its a good result.but still take in consideration that without some polemic decisions made by the FIA alonso would have won the championship.

  10. The REAL CHAMPION is Felippe Massa. That boy flies when he’s in front and his sporting gift to Kimi should never be forgotten!
    And Kimi did make known his thanks PUBLICLY, so should we.

  11. Of course the best man won.
    Some people fight between themselves, and others more intelligent work together to beta them.
    Forza Ferrari,


  12. Massa: you showed what a true loser you are. Signed on with Ferrari for the next several years, we now know that you are content with never being in first place because you’ll always be a second tier driver at Ferrari. In front of your home fans you had to sacrifice a sure victory for a teammate. Which kind of exemplifies the way your career will play out the next three years. Giving up your spot. Some call that “teamwork” while others call it being “charitable”. I call it being satisfied with a fat paycheck and not giving a damn what happens on the track. Enjoy it, Felipe, because you’ll always be a second place driver.

  13. I too I’m afraid Felipe did a Coulthard (with Mika, remember?) But I believe Felipe has more guts than DC ever had.

    Kimi, what a way to win a championship!!! Amazing.
    Lewis, well, the inexperience had to show sometime.
    Alphonso, I’m so glad he didn’t win. Now he can go cry-baby at his home or at renault. Hopefully McLaren will retain him and won’t let him race.

    The fuel thing – If they didn’t disqualify McLaren drivers over the spy saga, why should they disqualify BMW and Williams drivers over some temp thing wich they can’t even agree on?

  14. of course the best man won!!
    mclaren only fight for the title cheating, shame on them!!
    justice has been made ! the mclaren drivers were lucky not being thrown out of the competition!!
    best driver in 07 was kimi!!

  15. 6 wins to 4… That is 50% more success than the nearest competitor! Kimi is the World Champ… Make that “Kimi is MY World Champ” and he earned it fair and square… Period.

  16. No doubt at all! It’s really an unforgettable season for kimi in ferrari and he deserve to win the title for his great determination.

    But if world champion goes to Hamilton by stripping the BMW and Williams driver’s points then it is not worth to watch F1 racing any more in future.

    Mclaren should feel shame to get this kind of championship title.

    Ron Dennis – think!think!

  17. also starring
    22nd October 2007, 18:01

    Hamilton is “The Youngest looser in F1 history” courtesy of Ron Daddy Dennis.

    Ron, please, step down, Mercedes, the sponsors, and your team deserve a better leader.

    …and yes, Kimi deserves it. That was what Ron was looking for: Equality. 109 for Alonso, 109 for Hamilton. That’s equality. Congratulations Genius!!

  18. I think yes, Kimi is, today, the best driver, but I also think this was perhaps his last chance. I think that even though Alonso will take a lot of performance with him if he leaves McLaren, Ron Dennis and Hamilton with a posible Rosberg will still do a great job next year. Massa will want to win too, and get the favor back (People are used to seeing the Brasil guys being overtaken, but Massa has fiber, you could see he was about to burst in anger because he had to let Kimi pass. He´s more on the Senna/Piquet side, though not as competent.). Alonso will have a great year wherever he goes, even Toyota, I´d say. And the BMW´s will come flying next year, so I wouldn´t doubt that Heidfeld (Or even Kubica, why not?) is a title contender too. So, good for Kimi that he took the chance, its gonna be harder next year.

  19. Kimi has also been on the podium 9 times in the last 10 races. Without technical problems in Nurburgring it might be 10 straight podiums.

  20. For sure! Kimi deserved thw Championship!

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