Doubt remains over Raikkonen’s title as McLaren appeal

Kimi Raikkonen, Ferrari, Interlagos, 2007 | Ferrari mediaKimi Raikkonen is champion for now but the F1 world is waiting to hear the outcome of an appeal by the McLaren-Mercedes team.

McLaren have appealed against the stewards’ decision not to exclude the BMW and Williams drivers from yesterday’s Brazilian Grand Prix.

The stewards found that there was not enough evidence to prove that the cars in question used fuel that was cooler than the regulations allow, despite it being recorded on several occasions that the minimum limit was exceeded during pit stops.

The odds are stacked against McLaren however.

The International Court of Appeal may choose to reject their submission. Even if it goes to the appeal court, choosing to change the order of the race and by doing so change the identity of the world champion would be an extraordinarily controversial decision.

Photo: Ferrari media

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87 comments on Doubt remains over Raikkonen’s title as McLaren appeal

  1. oliver said on 22nd October 2007, 16:27

    But while that may be true or false, it is a know fact that Mclaren opened up the gearbox of Lewis just before the race started, because they were concerned that there existed a fault in it.

  2. Kalle Päätalo said on 22nd October 2007, 17:10

    Hi everyone…

    Season was exiting etc. when you look drivers championship. Team “game” was boring to watch and almost I lost good taste to F1, because of team “game” what happened at this season.

    All four drivers (McLaren and Ferrari) were brilliant. All these guys want to race on track, not in court or outside of track. Last race was everything you can expect of F1 race. Mistakes, fight, pitstops,.. exciting!!!

    If all GP’s will be same as 2007 last race (Brazil), there will be lot of fan’s and new people watching this sport. But all what is required is clean and pure competition.

  3. Unfortunately F1 fans around the world watched yesterday ,maybe, the most embarrassing final in F1 history.
    It would be by far more fair for the f1 fans to be announced the new world champion by Max Mosley than to watch a theatrical play on TV of how McLaren lose the driver’s championship.
    Suddenly only in the last race Alonso was 45 secs slower than the ferraris.
    Suddenly only in the last race Hamilton’s gearbox shifted to neutral and then started working properly only when Lewis was 16th.
    Suddenly the Big bosses of McLaren accepted the above performance of their team like we was back in 2001, but just for the one and only final race.
    Suddenly there wasn’t any safety car during the race even though turn 1,2 and 3 was full of debris from accidents (Renault,Spyker etc.).
    Suddenly all f1 fans around the world became STUPID and believe that the above are coincidences.
    I try to find Max Mosley’s e-mail address to send him a proposal. I think that in next season’s debut he’d better announce us who will take the two titles (drivers & constructors), in which race of the season, whether or not his beloved team (Ferrari) will be ruling all the sport AGAIN, which teams must obey all the rules and which must obey some of them, what new measures he’ll take to help Ferrari AGAIN, which GP we must visit in order to see a real and CLEAR RACE and which not. Finally I want to Remind to dear Max that he shouldn’t forget NOT to disqualify BMW or Williams for their fuel temperature (equality against rules) because that will be against Ferrari’s benefit.
    PLEASE anyone that knows his e-mail send to me at

  4. Hi

    I agree with Kalle (no.47) the racing this season was brill. I would say that All 22 drivers were excellent! Robert Kubica being just one who springs to mind.

    Roll on March 2008(but leave the politics in 2007), cos I’m missing F1 already!!

  5. Sanity from Luca:

    Di Montezemolo also suggested that the FIA should reconsider how the technical regulations were enforced and appoint professional stewards rather than the current unpaid officials.

    “Enough of that, let’s look ahead and let’s send professional stewards to the races instead of amateurs at large,” he said.

    “It must be said that the complexity of today’s cars creates difficulties in checks and verifications, from the electronics to the fuels, aerodynamics and everything else. Everything is about hundredths of seconds.”

  6. @John – interesting comment there ,but i am afraid that you are seeing it one sided, we have got many people here who argue that the FIA favoured Hamilton a lot, also i fail to understand how the FIA can cause a technical problem in the McLaren car ?

    But nice conspiracy theory :P

  7. Mclaren have a neck on them, after being show as non sporting team once already this season, they are showing again….have they no shame?
    Its despicable, please also remember that Raikkonen felt Hamilton blocked him in Qualli and no appeal was made, Hamilton cheated on Fri by using extra tryes and was given a ‘soft punishment’.

    I feel for Kimi in all this, he has been out of the spotlight all year, and racing away staying outta controversy and wins the title……deservedly in my opinion!

    Mclaren, Please, forget this year, and come back as a sporting team next year!
    Its time to look to 2008!

  8. KB: You are absolutely wrong! Its about the lack of clear & enforceable rules. The FIA handles the races in an entirely ad hoc manner. How is this to change?

    This has nothing to do with McLaren.

  9. People seem to be mostly concerned with WHERE the championship is decided rather than that it be decided FAIRLY. I find this strange. In an ideal world we would all have the championship decided on the track but in the event of a rule being broken and it only being caught AFTER the race has finished wouldn’t we rather justice was done? Are you saying that if you make it to the chequered flag without getting caught then you get away with your crime? Is the statute of limitations on F1 technical regulations violations really just 70 odd laps?

  10. Phil: You’re trying to make too much sense. The fanatics cannot handle it.

  11. oliver said on 22nd October 2007, 23:23

    I agree with you sean, the fact most people dont like the way the FIA has handled most Mclaren issues, doesnt mean they were not handled right. But in this particular case, the FIA is clearly contradicting itself. And I’ve read somewhere, that, BMW have already been warned twice before concerning these low fuel temperatures.

    There is also the fact that the rules got broken during the race, and not even during testing, which automatically should attract a stiffer penalty than at any other time.

    Ultimately, the appeal may not be based on points, and from what I hear, they are not contesting for the points, but rather, the consistency of the stewards decisions, because it appears from the look of things that they have contradicted themselves.

    The FIA made its own mess.

  12. openwheelfan said on 23rd October 2007, 1:27

    Look I am a Hamilton fan. I think I need to say this up front. KIMI IS THE CHAMPION. No doubt about it. If Sauber BMW and the Williams cheated it should have no effect on wo is champion. I for one would not want a title this way. At 22 Hamilton has alot of great years ahead of him. All that being said Ron Dennis is 100% right to pursue this. He has a right to challange the FIA. Most of the FIA decesions regarding McLaren have been suspect including now so a proper decision is warrented.

  13. bernie's nemesis said on 23rd October 2007, 2:23

    I agree with you there Phil. It would seem though that most people are perplexed with the inconsistancies of the FIA.
    I mean, with this philosophy, Ben Johnson would be the fastest man on earth!
    If you recall who Bernie has been supporting during the season, he seems to switch continually to whom ever will attract the largest audience and prolong the championship.

  14. Ben Goldberg said on 23rd October 2007, 2:45

    I have two things to comment on. First, the tire infringement on Friday practice was not Hamilton’s decision and the punishment was fair. I’m a BIG Ferrari fan but anyone who things Hamilton was getting special treatment on that is crazy. Remember that Button and Sato broke the same rule and got the same punishment.

    Second, john, your conspiracy theory is absurd. You think the FIA had to do with Alonso being 45 seconds slower than the Ferrari’s? Didn’t the same thing happen at Spa? Even though it wasn’t 45 seconds, the Ferrari’s were very dominating. Also, didn’t McLaren do the same thing to Ferrari in Monaco? Oh, they were only 70 seconds faster than the first Ferrari.

  15. BrendaninBrazil said on 23rd October 2007, 4:54

    The FIA can make this really simple. If you or your car break any rules you are disqualified from the race – end of story. It shouldn’t matter when it is detected, why or how. Ben Goldberg saying the tyre infringement wasn’t Hamilton’s decision is like a sprinter saying “my coach must have put steriods in my drink!” – irrelevant.

    FIA – please, set the rules, black & white, then ENFORCE THEM CONSISTENTLY!

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