Doubt remains over Raikkonen’s title as McLaren appeal

Kimi Raikkonen, Ferrari, Interlagos, 2007 | Ferrari mediaKimi Raikkonen is champion for now but the F1 world is waiting to hear the outcome of an appeal by the McLaren-Mercedes team.

McLaren have appealed against the stewards’ decision not to exclude the BMW and Williams drivers from yesterday’s Brazilian Grand Prix.

The stewards found that there was not enough evidence to prove that the cars in question used fuel that was cooler than the regulations allow, despite it being recorded on several occasions that the minimum limit was exceeded during pit stops.

The odds are stacked against McLaren however.

The International Court of Appeal may choose to reject their submission. Even if it goes to the appeal court, choosing to change the order of the race and by doing so change the identity of the world champion would be an extraordinarily controversial decision.

Photo: Ferrari media

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87 comments on Doubt remains over Raikkonen’s title as McLaren appeal

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  1. oliver said on 23rd October 2007, 22:25

    Good question keith.

  2. openwheelfan said on 23rd October 2007, 22:35

    If it was Ferrari I would be flipping out. Look Kimi won THE END but someone was obviously cheating. If the fuel temp makes no diffenence according to Micheal K then why is it addressed in the rule book. Micheal K you start by giving us details about how the rule applies to the whole car, but you end it by saying that the spirit of the rule was about “fuel coolers”. So it is evident that this rule is about fuel temps. Then the comment is that the fuel heats up anyway because of the heat of the car itself. So WHY would they need a rule. Come on, they need a rule because it is an advantage that the other cars don’t have. It adds about 10 horses to the engine. OK lets just all stop–KIMI IS THE 2007 FORMULA 1 CHAMPION. Lets just get on with 2008. I have been reading blogs all over the internet. The concensus is that Kimi stays Champion regardless. This is from bloggers I know are McLaren fans and from Ferrari haters as well.

  3. openwheelfan said on 23rd October 2007, 22:37

    OK Keith they should appeal, but no one should take the championship from Kimi!!!! The decesion of penalty should be constructor points and/or a fine.

  4. carlos said on 23rd October 2007, 22:39

    That is sophism.
    In the hypothetic case McLaren should appeal, cause the winner would not be worthy, but in the real case, I do think not, Hamilton says not, and the most of the people think the same.

  5. Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 23rd October 2007, 22:50

    Clearly it isn’t – Raikkonen finished ahead of Hamilton just as Rosberg, Kubica and Heidfeld did. McLaren are just as entitled to protest three cars that finished in front of Hamilton as one car that finished in front of Hamilton, regardless of the championship situation.

    (Although of course in my example if Raikkonen were disqualified then Alonso would be champion).

  6. carlos said on 23rd October 2007, 22:59

    Kimi is the winner, the others not, Kimi can not pay the bill of the people that did not well.

    Hamilton did understand this very quickly, why you not?

  7. McLaren is entitled to their opinion and they very well can protest(wait, they did), about all the teams(remaining ones on the grid) & their legality. However, lets not jump to conclusion just yet. The stewards, however incompetent, would of-course would have had thought of ramifications before letting off the threesome. Now, i understand it is frustrating(for Lewis fans), but i do not buy into McLaren’s gambit of all things sporting and fairness.

    This when as is claimed by McLaren to be in sporting interest, is equivalent of hogwash. They should be honest to say that it is in their interests & their drivers. Which they came down to conclude after much deliberation, Mr Whitmarsh it was. I do not mind them appealing. However, i think all other teams also have an equal right to go to FIA and protest about Lewis & Fernando being allowed to drive in this years championship. They could go ahead and request for McLaren to be thrown out, from next years championship just as well, on the grounds of fairness and fair game. Well it’s a sport. McLaren are politicizing their loss of the championships, which, was due to their own fault.

    McLaren should protest, as they did, they have every right to. Just that i wonder why the others are not yet protesting about McLaren? It is in the best interests of sport, as far as ‘am concerned. Does anyone over here thinks it’s fair on the remaining teams, to be disadvantaged by one team(McLaren), which used some other teams data(Ferrari’s), to have a stonking fast car? I think not, and this will be enough grounds, for FIA/WMSC to strip McLaren of all their winnings, impose furthermore much stricter penalties on McLaren(perhaps, exclusion for a year or two from championship altogether)

    Drivers should protest to FIA, for unsafe driving behind the safety car. About a certain Lewis Hamilton in Fuji Grand Prix & couple of other races and get him punished too. Come on people, let it remain a sport. At least we should not harm the sport. Bernie, he already is trying enough! Let’s all remain calm and not let emotions rule over heads.

  8. Michael K said on 24th October 2007, 10:14

    I never said that cooler fuel temps weren’t an advantage, in fact I said that they were, so I suggest you read what I wrote, openwheelfan. The point I made was that most probably the temps that were in the accused cars couldn’t be lower than they were supposed to be in the first place.
    Should McLaren be appealing if it was Ferrari? No.
    Why not? Well, as I pointed out before I’m sure McLaren KNOW that they won’t achieve anything with this ruling other than potentially have a rule clarified. Who in their right mind thinks that now is the right time to start “discussing” these matters by indirectly questioning the new F1 Champion after the sport has been brought into disrepute by one of the most tumultuous seasons in F1 history? And who thinks that McLaren, the team that has been convicted without doubt of using another teams information, is the team who should be discussing rules at this point in time?
    The problem I have with this is the motivation behind McLaren’s act, they can give it all the spin they want to now by saying that this is about the principle etc., the real reason why they are doing it is to harm Ferrari and they are most probably still hoping this might give the Championship to them, regardless of what they say. The only realistic effect of this whole appeal issue is that it might clarify a rule, but at what cost? It has definitely damaged F1’s reputation even more and makes it look more and more like a kindergarten-level fight than a sporting contest.
    Who thinks the McLaren appeal has helped F1’s reputation?
    And don’t come with any “oh it’s so good that someone addresses the problems in the rulebook”-arguments, there are so many problems in there and like I said, now is not the time to start discussing these issues.

  9. Paul Sainsbury said on 24th October 2007, 11:28

    The fact is, the cars were illegal so of course they should appeal.

  10. oliver said on 24th October 2007, 12:13

    Micheal you forget that Mclaren also stand to gain constructors championship points. Even if they will have their position deleted, the prize money available from finishing first would form a substantial part of their $100M fine.

  11. Michael K said on 24th October 2007, 13:20

    Two points, oliver:

    1. For the purpose that you mention only the points that McLaren accrued until and including Monza are counted, so the last race doesn’t make any difference.

    2. If it did McLaren has 218 compared to Ferrari’s 204 points as it stands so again it doesn’t make any difference.

  12. Roger D said on 25th October 2007, 1:19

    On Friday during practice Lewis Hamiltons team broke rules by using 2 sets of
    inter-wet tires. The stewards left it go without penalty.
    At any other time it could of resulted in a 10 grid spot penalty, but with the
    championship hanging in the balance it was left alone. OK McClaren, give them the
    2 spots then take 10 away. Take it like a a man Ron Dennis, you were a large part
    of the loss, quit trying to blame it on everyone else.

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