Poll: do you watch F1 and NASCAR?

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

Formula 1 and NASCAR. Are they polar opposites with entirely different groups of fans, or can you enjoy them both?

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NASCAR is the number one motorsport in America by miles. Juan Pablo Montoya defected to the championship from F1 in 2006 and Jacques Villeneuve and Scott Speed are trying to follow him. Villeneuve’s deal to race this year has apparently fallen through and Speed is racing in one of the junior categories to the top level, the Sprint Cup.

This weekend sees the first round of the 2008 NASCAR series at Daytona. Will you be watching?

I can see the appeal of NASCAR – the cars run a lot closer to each other than F1 cars do and there are a lot more of them. And actually being able to go to a race and see the entire circuit from one point has its advantages.

But I feel the same way about NASCAR as I do about Moto GP – although they’re both quite like Formula 1, they don’t excite me in the same way.

NASCARs don’t look like racing machines to me – they look bluff and bloated. Although they can race closely it only seems as though they really fight for position late in the race.

Above all, I don’t find it spectacular. An F1 car on the limit looks fast – NASCARs just look ordinary. It’s not that I don’t like oval racing – some of the most spectacular races I’ve seen were the 500 mile races on the superspeedways in the former CART series.

But NASCAR, so far, doesn’t do it for me. Nonetheless I’ll be watching tomorrow, to see if it finally clicks. How about you? It would be interesting to see if there’s a split between American, European and other fans…