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Max Mosley, Monte-Carlo, Red Bull, 2007 | Red Bull / GEPAMax Mosley had several important and interesting things to say in his latest interview with The Times but what grabbed my attention was the but where he admitted to reading F1 blogs:

I don?t mind flak ?ǣ I come from a family where we have had flak all our lives ?ǣ but I realise some people do. I love reading the blogs when they are being furious about me, it?s very entertaining, and there is the odd one which defends me. But F1 simply cannot divorce itself from the zeitgeist.

This got me wondering, what happens when Max Mosley types his name into Google?

Max Mosley on Google (click to enlarge)
Max Mosley on Google (click to enlarge)

This F1 Fanatic article pops up at number five: Ten videos Max Mosley should watch.

I think he gets plenty of criticism as well as praise when it’s due. If you’re reading, Max, please leave a comment or get in touch it’d be great to get some feedback from you.

I met ex-Autosport journalist Nigel Roebuck today for an interview that’ll be on this site in a few days’ time. He said he’d asked Mosley why F1 doesn’t have things like free-to-air radio which NASCAR has that would be great for F1. Mosley agreed, but hasn’t got the manufacturers to agree to it. I wonder how many things like that get blocked because the teams are paranoid about change.

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