Poll results: NASCAR vs F1

Last week I asked how many of you watch NASCAR as well as Formula 1.

I also watched the Daytona 500 and suggested some things F1 can learn from NASCAR.

Here are the results of the poll:

Poll results: NASCAR vs F1

OK so most of you don’t but over a fifth of F1 fans here also keep an eye on NASCAR. I wouldn’t have though it was that many, and I wonder what the figure might look like in 12 months’ time?

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20 comments on Poll results: NASCAR vs F1

  1. rampante said on 28th June 2009, 9:42

    The question was how many F1 fans watch nascar. This is an F1 website Mark go and complete polls on Nascar fanatic.com if it exists. What are people doing on this site if they don’t watch and love F1??????

  2. Mark said on 28th June 2009, 18:35

    Ok, so this is a F1 website, I get it. But then, why even ask how many people like NASCAR alone (when there is a seperate question asking how many people like F1 and NASCAR)?

  3. Mark said on 28th June 2009, 18:37

    NASCAR alone = I watch NASCAR, but not F1

  4. It’s a choice of interest. Both F1 and NASCAR are different events and the experience and charm to watch both is totally different. But I always watch NASCAR as it have more glamor with cars then F1.

  5. It’s all about the thrill and fun which both games provide us, I generally watch f1, but never denied to go for nascar both have quality races, that I like most.

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