ITV F1 wins BAFTA award for race coverage that viewers complained about

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

Lewis Hamilton, McLaren-Mercedes, Montreal, 2007, 470150

ITV has won a BAFTA award for covering the 2007 Canadian Grand Prix – a broadcast that so many viewers complained about it was forced to issue an apology.

Lewis Hamilton won his maiden Grand Prix victory in the race which also saw Robert Kubica’s massive crash. Despite it being one of the most action-packed races of the year ITV gave scarcely any coverage after the chequered flag fell.

So many viewers complained ITV made an apology. How on earth can the British Academy of Film and Television Arts judges think coverage so poor should be worthy of an award?

Not surprisingly ITV’s F1 website makes no mention of the apology in its news story about the award.

Guess which other Grand Prix ITV won the same award for previously? Yep, the 2006 Hungarian Grand Prix, which was Jenson Button’s first victory. So let me get this straight – a British driver wins an F1 race for the first time and ITV get an award even if their coverage is so bad viewers complain about it en masse?

Still at least the BBC have the coverage for next year. F1 broadcast without adverts – now that deserves an award.