Fernando Alonso and Ferrari rumours

Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Vittorio, 470

Speculation that Fernando Alonso could be a Ferrari driver in the future refuses to go away.

Ferrari boss Luca di Montezemolo said in April he was happy with the line-up of Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa. But now Alonso is being linked with a move to Ferrari where he would be reunited with sponsor Banco Santander.

Alonso has made it clear in the past he wants to drive for Ferrari.

Spanish bank Santander joined McLaren last year to coincide with Alonso?s arrival at the team in what was supposed to be a five-year deal. The bank, which runs the Abbey brand in Britain, remained with McLaren after Alonso left the team.

It wouldn?t be a surprise if they wanted to be associated with the Spanish driver. One might ask why it needs to as it has the Abbey brand in Britain which profits from the association of Lewis Hamilton.

But the Abbey brand is expected to be replaced by Santander in Britain in the future. The company has sponsored the British Grand Prix for the last two years using the Santander brand, despite the obvious potential to brand one of Silverstone?s corners ??Abbey?.

Santander?s white-text-on-red would also be a neat fit with Ferrari. As an added bonus for the Italian team it would get to pinch a major sponsor from McLaren two years after it poached Vodafone from Ferrari.

Raikkonen and Massa both have Ferrari contracts for 2009 and Massa?s goes on until 2010. Raikkonen has hinted at an early retirement in the past and perhaps he will be stepping down from the team at the end of next year, to be replaced by Alonso?

With an eye on the future, Santander also sponsors iSport in GP2, who run Bruno Senna and Karun Chandhok.

Thanks to Vittorio Alfieri for the mock-up of Alonso in Ferrari gear. Check out his website here.

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45 comments on Fernando Alonso and Ferrari rumours

  1. Shahriar said on 17th July 2008, 12:04

    Couldnt BMW be another place for this guy?
    Kubica and Alonso… that wud be gr8 for the game…

  2. …..please don’t send Massa to McLaren! Thats the ultimate cruel twist for them! And I am sure that Hammy won’t be staying too long at McLaren if he doesn’t win the Championship soon. His father may already be on the hunt for a better place and Ferrari are bound to be waving loads of Euros at him….
    I like the thought of Alonso at BMW, they might be tough enough to make him win for the team, and not just himself, but Kubica deserves to be No 1 driver, so that won’t work….

  3. sChUmAcHeRtHeGrEaTeStEvEr said on 17th July 2008, 14:32

    dg, im sure hamilton has only just signed a 5 year contract, i dont thnink mclaren are going to let him get out of his contract considering the millions they spent on getting him ready for f1 and he isnt exactly doing bad now hes there is he.

    ideal situation would be renault sorting themselves out and getting back towards the top lke 05 and 06 then we’d have:

    Raikkonen – ferrari
    hamilton – mclaren
    kubica – bmw
    alonso – renault.

    the top 4 drivers in the top 4 teams.

    but i dont think raikkonen will stay later than 09 and rumours are alonso has signed a letter of intent with ferrari for 2010, so unless renault turn into championship challengers next season alonso will be at ferrari for 2010.

  4. schu….. I am sure you are right, but that won’t stop his father from spoiling things for everyone, as he appears to be doing already!
    And although Alonso and Massa sounds like a great pairing, would Massa be content with being a No 2 for another 2 years or more? I know Ferrari officially treat their drivers equally, but when it comes down to it they always have a fravourite, and if it isn’t Alonso when the time comes it will be McLarengate-esque all over again!

  5. the limit said on 18th July 2008, 3:56

    Alonso looks good in the overalls, but the answer to this question will appear at the end of the season and on the result of the championship.
    Ferrari are certainly not in any big trouble to warrant Fernando Alonso’s help at the moment, they are well in contention for both championships, however, you get the sense that Alonso’s talents are being wasted at Renault.
    The sheer fact that Alonso has not cemented a long term deal with Renault is telling, in that he is eyeing up a move, one that could only involve BMW Sauber or Ferrari.
    If Kimi Raikkonen does decide to retire anytime soon, then I think its a done deal. Its amazing, we were only speculating about Michael Schumacher’s retirement not so long ago, but this is important.
    If Raikkonen stays, then Alonso is left with two realistic options. Stay at Renault and help develop the package, or move to BMW Sauber.
    The latter option, to me, is more plausible. BMW Sauber have already confirmed that Robert Kubica will drive for them next year, but have yet to do the same with Nick Heidfeld. This could, to the suspicious types among us, be a clue.
    Have Alonso and BMW Sauber had a face to face already? If not, why are BMW Sauber dragging their heels over Heidfeld?
    With Alonso and Kubica under one roof, Mario Theissen would possess one of the greatest driver lineups in modern F1. If they can improve the car from its current position for next year, then they will bring something serious with them for 2009.
    It all hinges on Raikkonen’s future as to the destiny of Alonso. It all depends on how he wants his career to go. I feel, looking at it from the outside in, that Fernando knows his future is not with Renault.

  6. Quattro said on 18th July 2008, 12:23

    -I think that the character of Alonso together with Massa will be more convenient/adaptable with the Italian team! On the other hand,Kimi who is in my opinion one of the greatest drivers to join the Scuderia Ferrari is too cool for them;he has to learn that their meditereanian character and mentality is quite different when compared to him.Schumacher even learned their language and proved that as a german iceberg he was able to transform them into a winning team…!

  7. michael schumacher said on 14th July 2009, 21:45

    kimi just cant be botherd anymore … so move over and let alonso have a go, 2nd fiddle to massa of course!

  8. sulistia said on 13th November 2009, 5:30

    i always support my favorite racer in F1 FERNANDO ALONSO …



  9. Fernando va hacer historia junto con la mas prestigiosa escudera Ferrari.Arriba Alonso.

  10. I think Alonso will be the winner in this years

  11. My Alonso, we step behind you, you have to be the winnner

  12. You my hero, go ahead to be the champion 2010

  13. GP Sepang 2010 your mine guys

  14. Massa said on 26th January 2011, 16:27

    Ferrari rock and Alonso is the boost we need

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