2010 United States Grand Prix rumoured

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American crowds could see F1 in 2010 - but probably not at Indianapolis
American crowds could see F1 in 2010 - but probably not at Indianapolis

F1 team bosses have put more pressure on Bernie Ecclestone to put the United States Grand Prix back on the calendar in 2010.

However the venue for the race may not be the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, where the race was last held from 2000-2007.

The teams have made it clear they want a USA Grand Prix on the calendar. Nick Fry, who’s spoken in favour of the US Grand Prix before, told Autosport.com:

This is supposed to be a world championship and a large part of it is made up of North America, so we should be going back there.

The North American market is absolutely vital to us, and for all the luxury car makers especially it is key. It is a market Honda is successful in, with Honda and Acura, and we would like to get back there as soon as possible.

But Mario Theissen explained why a return to Indianapolis may be avoided:

If I look at where we sell our cars it is certainly on the east coast and the west coast, so from that perspective [Indianapols] is not the ideal venue.

If not Indianapolis, then where?

Indianapolis has been modified since it held its final United States Grand Prix last year and if it was used would likely be run in the opposite direction without using the oval turn.

America has dozens of racing tracks and some of them, like Elkhart Lake and Laguna Seca, would be stunning places to watch F1 cars race. But they are likely a long way away from F1’s expectations of safety standards and paddock facilities.

A street track might be a better option. America has many street circuits and could take advantage of the new fashion for street racing in F1. F1’s experience of racing on American street has been variously good (Long Beach), bad (Pheonix) and ugly (Las Vegas).

But it’s been said time and again on this blog that F1 must have an American round. The small but passionate F1 following in America too often gets overlooked by those who think motor racing in the USA begins and ends with NASCAR. A United States Grand Prix in 2010 would be two years too late but still very welcome. Still, let’s not get too excited – we’ve heard these rumours before.

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  1. Watkins Glen is the ideal location. It has the rich sports car racing history, and a track whose original configuration was built for F1.

    It has better proximity to major cities than any other race track in North America. Within seven hours driving distance are Baltimore, Washington DC, Philadelphia, New York, Boston, Montreal, Toronto, Detroit, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh. This is a major reason why it is the top drawing road course in NASCAR, and one of the top 5 fan drawing NASCAR races overall.

    Finally it is in one of the most picturesque settings in North America in the heart of the Finger Lakes, which was the premiere wine region in the US before California.

    Invest in the track and bring it up for F1 sagety standards, BUT DON’T SCREW IT UP, as FIA is wont to do.

    Being a foreigner, and also not living in the states, all i can say is if you get it right, your city and state will see the benefit, and believe that you are the envy of many countries and cities around the world. In some ways im lucky being in europe as we have so many choices of races to visit but the cost of tickets is ridiculous, where as with the spectators set up the way it is in america tickets will be significantly cheaper. all i hope is that this track is better than Tilke’s other efforts, which are quite dull, but to be fair he has to work to modern safety constraints – barrier placement, sufficient run off’s etc – that other older tracks such as spa francorchamps never had to worry about when they were built / designed. so once again, support it and enjoy it as if it works and you get behind it you will see the benefit that F1 can bring

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