Will Fernando Alonso pick BMW, Honda or stay at Renault in 2009?

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Fernando Alonso is not going to be in Ferrari overalls any time soon
Fernando Alonso is not going to be in Ferrari overalls any time soon

Ferrari has confirmed Kimi Raikkonen will drive for the team for at least one more season in 2010. With Felipe Massa contracted for the same duration, the Scuderia will not be looking for any news drivers until 2011 at the earliest.

So where does this leave Fernando Alonso? The Renault driver was widely tipped to join Ferrari in 2010 and possibly even as early as 2009.

Recent rumours have linked him with BMW and Honda, and of course there remains a decent chance of him staying at Renault next year.


Pro ?ǣ Renault are a known quantity to Alonso and, after the debacle at McLaren last year, that must be important to him. Similarly, he knows he is not in any danger of being paired with a team mate he disapproves of. He won back-to-back championships with the team in 2005 and 2006 so he knows they have it in them to win again.

Con ?ǣ The 2008 car is poor, and that was despite them curtailing development on last year?s R27 early in the season. Renault have fallen behind on engine development because of Flavio Briatore?s desire to obey the spirit, rather than the letter, of the engine rules. Alonso and the team have differed on strategies at several key points this year, and a potential win at Spa went begging as a result.


ProSome sources claim Alonso has already signed with Honda. Honda is his chance to ??do a Schumacher? and transform a struggling team into race winners. Alonso has first-rate abilities in developing a car (despite his much-derided ??six-tenths?? comment last year) which is exactly what Ross Brawn need. They?ve got Ross brawn, who?s been prioritising their 2008 campaign for a long time. And it would keep him in England, where he has been living for several years.

Con ?ǣ Jenson Button might be a more competitive team mate than Alonso would wish for (although he didn?t fare well against Giancarlo Fisichella in 2001, who Alonso hammered at Renault in 2005-6).


Pro ?ǣ BMW are a top-three team at the moment and, given the improvements they made over the last two winters, could well be winning regularly next year.

Con ?ǣ I can’t see Alonso being paired with Robert Kubica, who looks every bit as promising as Hamilton, and therefore just as likely to upset Alonso. Nor can I see BMW letting Kubica go, especially as Ferrari is now full until 2011.

Who do you think Fernando Alonso will drive for in 2010 – or 2009?

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  1. The biggest con at honda will be going atleast 2 years without even thinking of title; and trying to catch up to ferrari and mclaren. Jenson or Rubens both seem harmless to me.

    I think, Alonso will stay with Renault. Ther is an outside chance for Ross Brawn to get him to come at Honda. BMW – not a chance…

  2. I would like to see Alonso in BMW, as a driver of his caliber can easily take BMW to regular podiums if not wins. Also BMW are quite ahead on their KERS development program then others. And with his eagerness to win as soon as possible that seems to be a good fit.
    Alonso will also bring with him massive sponsorship deals which will only boost BMW’s efforts and we should remember this year alleast for some part BMW was as competitive as a McLaren and Ferrari so with some more investment things could change quickly.

    Alonso and Kubica are very good friends too.

    However there are equal chances of him staying at Renault who are getting better with each race.

  3. I can only see Fred going to BMW or staying with Renault. His current team seem to be on the slide at the moment and the investment required to make them competitive again does not seem to be forthcoming. BMW look to be the best choice as current third ranked team and having reportedly made good inroads with their KERS development for next year. Kubica is out of contract at the moment. I was under the impression that Heidfeld still had another year with BMW, but am quite happy to be wrong on that score. The best price option for BMW would be to go with their current driver line-up, but the services of a 2 time WDC racer must be tempting. I can’t see Kubica and Alonso sitting happily side by side, so maybe Alonso Heidfeld would be a better option.

    As an outside chance, STR have confirmed the Ferrari engine again for next year. Could Alonso be tempted to take the challenge to Ferrari in a STR powered by their own engine? Vettel has shown this year that STR with the Maranello power unit is a powerful combination.

    I think Honda is a long shot for Alonso. He would probably rather stick with Renault than step down to Ross’ team.

    BMW is my best guess.

  4. Alonso together with Kubica? Ha, Alonso will get a nervous breakdown and again leave after one year. Could be fun, because I’m sure Kubica don’t care a rats a** about Alonso’s claim to fame. But it is probably a bad deal for BMW in the end, so I don’t see it happen.

    Alonso together with Heidfeld? Heidfeld will be reduced to nothing, and (like with Webber and Button) the “he-is-really-great-but-hasn’t-got-the-chance-yet” crap will go into high gear explaining everything. Heidfeld never gonna make it big, that’s it. He is good, but not that good. Kubica can take a bad car and make it good and wrestle every little bit out of it; Heidfeld hasn’t got that talent.

    My guess is that it will be Honda, but I’m not sure how that will work out regarding the culture in the team. Could be great or just another McLaren-like disaster.

  5. I would be surprised if Alonso left Renault. Briatore said at the beginning of the year that he would not sign him for just one year as that would be stupid and not be in Renaults favour/interest. I appreciate there are opt out clauses but Alonso has exceeded expectations so I would guess he stays on. I also think the other teams would not pay him what he wants. But this is F1 and anything is possible.

    I should add that I do feel a little sorry for Alonso as he is a good driver and it would be great to have another driver duking it out in the championship mix

  6. BMW has to have at least one German driver on board of their cars so I don’t see Fernando driving for them while Kubica’s there. I hope so anyway, as pairing ALO and KUB in one team would be nothing else than repeating McLaren’s mistake. It’s another season at Renault for ALO in my book. If I was Alonso I wouldn’t even consider Honda as it would be a drop down in tem charts two years in a row.

  7. On second thoughts: Could there be a Heidfeld-Alonso pairing at BMW next year. Since, the recent articles say:
    1. Nick is relaxed
    2. Kubika says team is asleep
    3. Alonso gives no comments about joining BMW.

    May be, Nick has consented to playing 2nd fiddle to Alonso. Mario Theissen might have really pulled a rabbit out of the hat if he has done that..

  8. i highly doubt that one mate! they’d b stupid to let Kubica go

  9. He will stay in Renault.
    BMW must have a German driver.
    Let go Kubica? No way like Jonesracing82 sad.

  10. Its ashame that the most talented driver is essentially a nomad, McLaren wont have him because Ron Dennis is a prat, Ferrari wouldn’t have him during Toads tenure and can’t now because seats are full.

    He’s renault’s prodical son, and in return they give him a car that wants nothing more than to see him suffer (instead of R28 it should be called Desire).

    Honda want him providing he drives their boat of a car, Toyota also want him but the suspension system would try to kill him much like its trying to do to glock now.

    Rumour was Toyota is willing to do anything for him, money, girls, 2nd drivers, even fire trulli… to have him

    Dede says Red bull aren’t ready yet, not till past 2009.

    BMW are willing to pay Heidfield 10million to moan about tyre temperatures yet don’t wanna pay 20 mil for a proven champion.

    and force india, ha lol, even if! Mike Gasgoyne would probably argue with him over bottled water, since he argues with everyone.

  11. I forgot Williams didn’t I?

    i’m sorry Frank, i have brought on my house and my family, please forgive me.

    errr… williams, no. They are in bed with Rosberg, even though he leaves the toilet seat up and doesn’t call them when he’s late from work.

  12. If I’d be a betting man, I’d put my money on Alonso-Heidfeld at BMW next year, with Kubica at Renault.

  13. Kubica and Alonso could work at BMW. The pair are very good friends so competing against each other might be done in good nature. One pushing the other. It would be up to BMW to make sure they have enough resources to concentrate on both drivers equally as to not cause a falling out. Senna and Berger managed their competition.

  14. i think he will stay with renault as he suggested today at italian f1 quali…

    it would be quite interesting i he goes to honda…and really exciting if he can pull them in the top 5 contnders…honda have been working on 2009 for quite a long time so they might surprise everyone…i will feel really sorry for honda if they cant produce anything next year…

    its will be a stupid if BMW give up kubica…

  15. I´m also betting for BMW, Alonso and Kubika are good friends and in the past has commented they could work well along.

  16. I would put my money on BMW as Mario Thiesen has been suspiciously postponing the 2009 line up. I am not sure that they can offer him a winning car. They may be the third team but their lack o development in the second half of the season is incredible and now Toro Rosso, Toyota and even Renault have close the gap. Anyway I fear that wherever he ends, he won’t win anything anymore.

  17. @ Niguen.

    I completely agree with you on the Alonso/Kubica situation, I think they would make an excellant partnership and would take BMW Sauber forward.
    The point that most people forget about Alonso’s disastrous year last year was that he was not so much unhinged by Hamilton’s raw pace, but by his standing in the team.
    The closeness between Hamilton and Dennis, and others within McLaren hightened Fernando’s sense of paranoia, which was not misplaced in my opinion. Hamilton was an unknown quantity to the Spaniard, where as Kubica is not. Would Mario Theissen favour Kubica over Alonso?
    All the evidence suggests that Theissen would almost certainly handle the pair alot differently than Dennis did at McLaren. After all, Hamilton is McLaren, Dennis found him, nurtured his career, and gave him his big break. It is completely different.
    The bottom line is that nobody is better placed within Renault now than Fernando Alonso, and only Fernando knows in what ‘true’ state the team is in, and how far off the pace they ‘really’ are.
    Alonso comes across to me, in interviews that is, as a tremendously proud and confident man, in no way content to play second fiddle. With both Renault and Honda in such dire straights, and the Ferrari deal dead in the water, Alonso has only one realistic alternative. For the sake of Formula One, it would be great to see Alonso back in a car capable of winning the championship again. He is just too good a driver to let go to waste!

  18. Alonso at BMW, he wants to be champion again, they are looking to win a championship, they go hand in hand. I dont think Alonso would have the same problem with Kubica as he did with Hamilton because with hamilton there was the factor of how close he was with Ron, the fact he was the brit in a british team etc. Kubica and Alonso are also friends, get rid of hiedfeld and put Alonso there.

  19. @ the limit

    Spot on, mate.

    I’ve got my BMW T-shirt at the ready ;)

  20. I can’t see him moving anywhere. I am sure he has enough get out clauses in his contract to walk away from Renault but his options are limited.

    Ross Brawn’s affect on Honda is overrated. Some people have suggested that Brawn and Alonso would be like Brawn and Schumacher. But Ferrari had Rory Byrne, Nigel Stepney and a whole stack of other people which Honda don’t. I can’t understand why anyone would think Button would be a threat to Alonso. We know how Barrichello fared against Schumacher and he certainly isn’t any faster now than he was then but Button hasn’t exactly dominated him. WHen Mark Hughes did his half season team mate comparison the most evenly matched pair on the grid were at Honda. Alonso would burst the Button myth in double quick time. There is no reason whatever to believe Honda will progress in the near future.

    The BMW car suits Kubica’s driving style more than Heidfeld’s and Alonso style is the closest on the grid to Kubica’s so unless next year’s new regs fundamentally change the basic behaviour of their car it should be easy for Alonso to slot in their. He may be friends with Kubica but the first time Kubica goes faster than him there will be fireworks. Fisichella was rarely ever a threat but its no secret that any time he was Alonso blew a fuse. I don’t see Mario Theissen putting up with that. The thing is though that Alonso in the car seems to be immune to any ructions that are going on within the team or sport so although I would expect a fiery relationship between the two I would not expect it to affect Alonso’s performance.

    Renault seem to be dead in the water right now and will stay that way until Flavio realises that F1 is not a hippy commune. When did anyone in F1 ever pay any attention to the spirit of the rules. I really can’t bleieve Flavio made that statement when you consider some of the strokes Benetton pulled in the Schumacher years. Maybe Ross Brwn just didn’t tell Flavio what he was doing.

    Alonso deserves to be in one of the best cars on the grid but I can’t see it happening next season.

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