Is this the 2009 F1 drivers entry list?

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Takuma Sato tested for Toro Rosso this year - will he race for them in 2009?
Takuma Sato tested for Toro Rosso this year - will he race for them in 2009?

McLaren, Ferrari, BMW, Williams and Red Bull have their driver line-ups set for 2009.

With a few informed guesses we can probably make a decent guess at what the official 2009 F1 driver line-up will look like. Here’s my thoughts, share yours below:

Scuderia Ferrari

Kimi Raikkonen (has 2009 contract)
Felipe Massa (has 2009 contract)

Ferrari confirmed their driver line-up before the Italian Grand Prix, sticking with the line-up they’ve had since 2006.

BMW Sauber F1 Team

Nick Heidfeld (has 2009 contract)
Robert Kubica (has 2009 contract)

Kubica joined Heidfeld at BMW halfway through 2006, and the pair will remain together for another year in 2009.

Renault F1 Team

Fernando Alonso
Lucas di Grassi

There seems to be no way into Ferrari or BMW for Fernando Alonso for the time being. But with Renault returning to form late in this season, and the prospect of engine equalisation next year nullifying part of their disadvantage, perhaps he doesn’t want to move on after all?

Flavio Briatore’s lukewarm reaction to Nelson Piquet Jnr’s fourth place at Fuji suggests there might be something to rumours GP2 driver and Renault tester Lucas di Grassi will take Piquet’s place.


Nico Rosberg (has 2009 contract)
Kazuki Nakajima (has 2009 contract)

Williams confirmed their driver line-up earlier this year, with Rosberg entering a fourth season with the team.

Red Bull Racing

Mark Webber (has 2009 contract)
Sebastian Vettel (has 2009 contract)

Sebastian Vettel’s move to Red Bull was announced months ago. David Coulthard is retiring from F1.

Toyota Racing

Jarno Trulli (has 2009 contract)
Timo Glock

Trulli is signed up for 2009 and Glock looks a dead cert although there doesn’t seem to have beena formal announcement yet.

Scuderia Toro Rosso

Takuma Sato
Sebastien Buemi

The hardest line-up to predict, with Vettel leaving and Sebastien Bourdais in doubt. Whether Sato deserves the seat may be a moot point as he appears to have marketing appeal for Red Bull, who want to export more canned caffeinated craziness to Japan.

Presumably someone will do the maths and if the value of that brand recognition exceeds the cost of fixing Sato’s STR4s the switch will be made. Disappointingly, Anthony Davidson seems not to have been given a moment’s thought by anybody.

Sebastien Buemi is a Red Bull tester and impressed in GP2 last season. His absence from the GP2 Asia roster suggests he is not spending another year at that level in 2009.

Honda Racing F1 Team

Jenson Button
Bruno Senna

Honda have been holding out for Fernando Alonso but it appears to have been to no avail. However there are rumours Williams’ Brazilian petrol supplier Petrobras is to switch to the team to coincide with the arrival of Bruno Senna. The GP2 runner-up admitted a few weeks ago he’s been in discussion with the team.

Force India F1 Team

Adrian Sutil
Giancarlo Fisichella

Team boss Vijay Mallya hinted in August that he planned to keep the same driver line-up for 2009. Paul di Resta was recently linked to the team but Mercedes’ Norbert Haug said his driver will either remain in the DTM or switch to GP2 next year.


Lewis Hamilton (has 2009 contract)
Heikki Kovalainen (has 2009 contract)

Hamilton signed a five-year deal last season, and Kovalainen got a one-year extension before the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Do you think this is how the 2009 F1 grid will look? Share your thoughts below.

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47 comments on “Is this the 2009 F1 drivers entry list?”

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  1. Keith – under Honda, it should be, “to no avail”.

    I agree with the grid you’ve got. That’s exactly what I would have said. We’ll see about Bourdais.

  2. That looks very likely, yes. My only question marks are Toro Rosso and Honda, though. I really hope Bourdais gets another season, and for some reason I don’t (yet) see Senna at Honda, but rather at Toro Rosso in Buemi’s place.

  3. Glock is all but confirmed, though.

    Speaking in Hungary, Toyota team principal John Howett confirmed that Glock would be retained alongside Jarno Trulli for 2009 even though nothing has been officially confirmed yet.

  4. Jonesracing82
    16th October 2008, 12:35

    i thought Glack had already been confirmed for next season?

  5. Jonesracing82
    16th October 2008, 12:35

    oops, Glock

  6. What no Prodrive??? Shocking….

  7. Where’s Rubens Barrichello? Is he retiring too, or just been overlooked?

  8. Keith I can’t disagree with the grid you have , but hope for two differences to happen , being that Renault keep Piquet and Honda keep Rubens for another year.

  9. Nefer – looks like he might be squeezed out. More here: Will Honda drop Barrichello for 2009?

  10. Aaron Shearer
    16th October 2008, 13:20

    That grid will probablly be the 2009 Line up, but i think that Rubens should be kept for another year, Bourdais should also but I’m not too sure about piquet his results have been down to luck more than anything else. That is the way in Formula 1 in this day and age i suppose. It wont be wheel to wheel racing for a few years yet.

    I’m not sure if Senna needs another year in GP2 to shine. The same what they did with Hamilton. They kept him there for another year and he won the championship. Should they do the same with Senna? Nelson Piquet SNR won 3 World Championships whilst his son has been on the podium once this year. Damon Hill is the only son of a F1 driver who won a world championship to win one himself. So they don’t all live up to there expectations as there all compared to there Uncles and Fathers etc.

    Hopefully Prodrive will come in to Formula 1 next year. Jordan and other teams also applied for this year so hopefully one of them will be able to get in next year. It would be nice to see the yellow colours and Eddie Jordan back on the grid in 2009 (Prefferably on the front row).

  11. I would like to see Piquet for another year.

  12. Wouldn’t surprise me to see it that way, although I think Senna needs another year’s preparation.

    It would be awfully unfair on Bourdais, who has lost a serious bucketload of points this season for reasons that were none of his fault. Really he should go to Renault, but Alonso wouldn’t be able to stand the competition…

  13. @ Aaron Shearer

    So they don’t all live up to there expectations as there all compared to there Uncles and Fathers etc.

    And what to think of the Brabham boys?

    Geoff never made it to F1, although he was CanAm champion and 3-time IMSA GTP champion, and winner of the 1993 Le Mans 24 hours.

    Gary was runner-up in the 1988 British F3 championship and lifted the 1989 British F3000 title. He DNPQ’ed 2 times for Life.

    David was Australian F2000 champion in 1987, British F3 champion in 1989. He DNQ’ed 6 times for his father’s former team in 1990. In 1994 he raced for Simtek, but retired from 10 of his 16 races. Afterwards he took several wins in major races and championships across the globe.

  14. Keith, do you mean nothing to trust on seb@renault rumours? even giving up on retaining the toro?
    sending bourdais back to usa’d be the unfairest thing ever in f1, hes been outpacing ‘mighty’ vettel consistently in the last few races, just deserves it!

  15. Alberto – I haven’t heard anything about Bourdais going to Renault, and as he fell out with Briatore a few years ago it doesn’t seem likely. (Bourdais didn’t want to be managed by Briatore, which seems to be a prerequisite for getting a drive at Renault these days. That and not being quick enough to bother Alonso. Actually maybe Piquet will keep his seat after all…)

  16. yeah that was a small hope, the buzz was bourdais getting there due to briatore’s kinda step back in the team… I do think piquet will keep it as well, he’ll do fine in the last two races ( he’s done superb in fuji so far)
    Putting sato does not make any sense in my opinion..

  17. I do hope Bourdias keeps his drive for next year, to see how well he copes under the 09 regs, which put the f1 cars more in line with the indie cars he drove the wheels off.

  18. Scuderia Toro Rosso

    Takuma Sato
    Sebastien Bourdias

    I agree with the rest

  19. Putting sato does not make any sense in my opinion..

    it makes perfect sense to the marketing men armed with spreadsheets and powerpoint presentations. Bringing in Sato would help with marketing Chuck Norris Juice to the Japs, and getting engine help from Honda in future (a utopian future where Honda engines are good again)

  20. That would be gutting for Bourdais. He’s really upped his performance since the start of the season. He’s been beset by bad luck though, which without, he could be sitting on 18 points at the moment. Alas he only has 4 points, but STR must know that recently Bourdais has been almost level with a driver as talented as Vettel. Bourdais has impressed me much more than Piquet, that’s for sure. At least Bourdais has improved since the start of the season, whereas Piquet is too inconsistent. Even though Germany was a fluke result, he did really well in the circumstances, and looked to be the turning point to his season. But he hasn’t built on that result in the way that Glock and Bourdais have built on their best performances at Hungary and Spa-Francorchamps respectively.

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