If Massa wins the title will it be tainted by the Spa controversy? (Poll)

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Felipe Massa\'s inherited win at Spa has kept him in the title battle
Felipe Massa's inherited win at Spa has kept him in the title battle

In the run-up to the final race of the season several people have left comments here pointing out that Lewis Hamilton would already be champion had he not received that infamous penalty at Spa-Francorchamps.

Without it the drivers? championship would already be over. Is that a good thing or not?

Should the drivers? championship be over already?

Everyone likes a closely-fought championship and a title battle that goes down to the final race.

But because of the controversial penalty Hamilton received at Spa if Massa wins the title now it will be impossible for him to say he would have done it without the six-point swing in his favour the stewards handed him at Spa.

It?s a suggestion that will surely find little support among Massa?s fans – especially givent he problems he’s had this year. But for others it may undermine Massa?s credentials as champion should he win the title.

We?ve been here before

The situation reminds me of the 1982 title-decider. On that occasion John Watson battled Keke Rosberg for the championship at the final round.

Watson?s championship had been boosted by six points gained at Brazil by finishing second. Rosberg had originally been second in that race, but was disqualified for running below the weight limit by using so-called ??water cooled brakes? to get around the rules.

Watson?s car infringed the rules in the same way in that race, yet he was not disqualified. As Rosberg ultimately won the title, it didn?t matter. But, much like this year, one driver faced the possibility of losing the title due to a stewards? decision that many felt was dodgy.

Your verdict

Some might argue the penalty decision is simply bad luck for Hamilton – and Massa has had plenty of misfortune of his own.

Others might simply be glad the penalty means the drivers? title has gone down to the wire ?ǣ however it was achieved.

But many people felt Hamilton’s penalty was excessive, including 70% of F1 Fanatic readers (a figure which can’t entirely be down to nationality, as British readership of this site is around 35%). So might they feel Massa?s claim to be a worthy champion is undermined by the controversial decision in his favour at Spa?

Cast your vote and leave a comment below.

Would the Spa penalty diminish Massa?s status as champion?

  • Yes (60%)
  • No (37%)
  • No opinion (2%)

Total Voters: 416

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