2009 F1 calendar shortened

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The FIA has published an updated 2009 F1 calendar.

The Chinese Grand Prix is now the third round instead of the 15th, and will be held in April. This means F1 will have visited the circuit twice within seven months, and next year’s Grand Prix may see different climactic conditions to what we have been used to.

At the end of the calendar the final race of the season, at the new Yas Island Marina circuit for the inaugural Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, has been brought forward by two weeks, reducing the total duration of the season by the same amount. The Brazilian round has been moved forward two weeks and the Japanese round by one week.

There is no indication that the missing rounds at Montreal (Canadian Grand Prix) and Magny-Cours (French Grand Prix) may be reinstated.

Full updated calendar details here: 2009 F1 calendar

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  1. I saw the revised calendar on the FIA site. Feels like we’re going to have a rather short season, in 2009, starting the last weekend of March, and finishing the first day of November. And, sadly, only 17 Grands Prix.

  2. The Chinese Grand Prix is now the second round instead of the 15th, and will be held in April.

    Oh, and China’s the 3rd race, after Australia and Malaysia.

  3. im sure they will reinstate either the canadian or french gp, canandian is more than likely.

    1. john macdonell
      7th June 2009, 20:23

      bye-bye Bernie

      Your greed took you away from Montreal and it’s sold out venues, you thought you’d make a killing in Turkey.

      Who’s the turkey now ?

  4. I think Canada will be back but not France. At least I hope that’s what happens.

  5. Visiting the Chinese GP twice in such a short space of time will not do much for the (already very poor) attendance.

  6. Lustigson – fixed, ta. And yes, 17 rounds instead of 19 when there should be 20+ sucks.

    Steve – I wish I shared your optimism…

  7. I don’t see France or Canada being reinstated. But the reorganization of the calendar is very good. Only the traditional summer break, and the usual back-to-back races.

    Having the Chinese GP in April will be very interesting.

  8. Seems like they are increasing the overall travel for the teams. Why not lump Singapore and Japan in with the other Eastern races.

    Also at the end of the season the teams will be going from Japan, half way around the world to Brazil and then back again to the Middle East?! What a waste!

    Well, they may actually have the same overall mileage to travel now that there is no reason to go to North America…

  9. My first thought on seeing China moved to April was – Weather ! and you picked this up straight away Keith.
    A quick google shows average temperatures lower and rain fall higher in April compared to October.

  10. This is getting crazy.

    We want more races, not less.

    I’d like 22 if possible and with the number of international race tracks around the world there is no reason (other than Bernie’s greed) that we couldn’t have that many.

    The U.S.A. & Canada should have two or three races between them, Central & Southern America should have at least two.

    It’d be nice if we could get at least one race in Africa too.

    Then it really would be a World Championship.

    Even if we can’t get the extra races in the Americas & Africa sorted out quickly then we’ve got loads of good tracks in Europe that could easily upgrade to F1 standards.

    Le Mans, for one, is safe enough & good enough to hold a couple of GP’s until they can sort something else out for a future French GP.

  11. yeah i agree, it’s sad to see races dropping off the calendar, and i can;t believe there will be no north american race this year! Some ‘world championship’

  12. Terry Fabulous
    6th November 2008, 0:12

    Excellent point Robert McKay. Expect more empty stands.

    You know, I used to think it was a really dumb idea. But I seriously believe now that every race should be held at the time of year most likely to be wet.

    When i think back to the classic races of the past few years the only one that wasn’t wet was Suzuka 2005 and that was great because it rained in qualy!

    Bring on more wet races!

  13. Sprinkler system for some improvised rain LOL;)
    I would love to see the calender grow to 20+ races but not in favour of crap circuits, IMO Magny Cours and Montreal should stay as they still offer the drivers a challenge and are good for the spectacle. I feel Valencia and Singapore although great for the sport by bringing on new circuits wern’t great races. The only good thing about Singapore was it being a night race IMO.

    I have a feeling we may have 2 races here in Britain in 2010 ;) Donnington will take over mantle of British GP and the merry go round of the European GP will come to Silverstone (well if they can get their facilities upto Bernie’s liking) How good would that be? ;) :D

    You have to remember guys also that they are trying to look like they are being environmentally viable and adding more races (more air miles with all the kit) they wont appear to achieve that. I’m not fussed if we dont have american races for a few years. Indianapolis is a boring circuit and if/when F1 goes back stateside surely they can try to impress as much as the newly developed circuits and maybe even bring back a street race in America.

  14. @ MattMan

    Some ‘world championship’

    Indeed! Formula One visits only 4 of the 7 inhabited continents: Europe, South-America, Asia, and Oceania. Heck, even IndyCar visited 3 continents, last season.

  15. Its Hammer time
    6th November 2008, 12:26

    Somers, I think you are being optimistic. I think we will be lucky if we have 1 grand prix in UK in 10′, let alone two

  16. It’s true I am being optimistic as I still don’t think Donnington will be ready in time. However if it is and Lewis is still as prominent as he is now i’m sure F1 will milk the cow ;)

  17. Re. no. 10 – I am surprised that no-one has thought to use the short Bugatti Circuit at Le Mans for F1.

  18. What about the new Autodromo Internacional do Algarve for a new F1 venue – it is hosting McLaren & Honda F1 testing in mid-Dec ’08? The track held it’s opening event last weekend with World Superbikes finale and was well received by teams & fans alike. Furthermore, it is already hosting A1GP, GP2 & Le Mans among others in ’09.

    it incorporates the sprinkler system you suggest!!

  19. Somers – while a Brit is F1 champion, I don’t think even Bernie would dare to abolish the British Grand Prix!

  20. Terry Fabulous
    6th November 2008, 20:59

    Maybe it should be part of the prize for being World Champion, that you get an additional (or new) GP in your homeland.

    Schumi had Nurburgring and Hockenheim.
    Fred had Valencia and Barcelona.
    Lewis could have Silverstone and Donnington Park.

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