2009 F1 calendar

This is the official 2009 F1 calendar.

You can follow every session of every race in the 2009 F1 season live on F1 Fanatic. See here for more information: F1 live blogs on F1 Fanatic.

Rnd Date Event Circuit
1 27-29 March Australian Grand Prix Albert Park, Mebourne
2 3-5 April Malaysian Grand Prix Sepang International Circuit
3 17-19 April Chinese Grand Prix Shanghai International Circuit
4 24-26 April Bahrain Grand Prix Bahrain International Circuit, Sakhir
5 8-10 May Spanish Grand Prix Montmelo, Circuit de Catalunya, Barcelona
6 21-24 May Monaco Grand Prix Monte-Carlo
7 5-7 June Turkish Grand Prix Istanbul Park
8 19-21 June British Grand Prix Silverstone
9 10-12 July German Grand Prix Nurburgring
10 24-26 July Hungarian Grand Prix Hungaroring
11 21-23 August European Grand Prix Valencia Street Circuit
12 28-30 August Belgian Grand Prix Spa-Francorchamps
13 11-13 September Italian Grand Prix Autodromo Nazionale Monza
14 25-27 September Singapore Grand Prix Singapore Street Circuit (night race)
15 2-4 October Japanese Grand Prix Suzuka
16 16-18 October Brazilian Grand Prix Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace, Interlagos, Sao Paulo
17 30 October – 1 November Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Yas Island

The French and Canadian rounds have been cancelled.

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  1. emily margaret said on 2nd September 2008, 14:08

    Anyone who can shed light on the absence of an American Grand Prix yet again, please do. Thanks ever so.

    • DEAR EMILY MARGARET said on 5th March 2009, 20:27

      the reason the american dont have a GP is beacuse they are waiting for one good driver but dont think it will ever happen


    • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 5th March 2009, 21:08

      No, it’s because Bernie Ecclestone charges more than race promoters in America can justify paying. It’s the same situation for the French and Canadian Grands Prix.

    • jochem said on 6th April 2009, 18:34

      The americans have lots and lots of other race event, indy, indy 500, y’know all these oval tracks.

  2. When will the 2009 provisional calendar be confirmed

  3. Susan Rigby said on 29th September 2008, 14:34

    My husband loves F1. He has a special birthday next December 2009. I would like to suprise him and go to one of the circuits, but as I do not understand the circuits, could some advise me which is the best one to go to.

    • Gary kingston said on 13th January 2009, 11:19

      Susan, big thing depends on where you live and how much you want to spend, if he has never been to an F1 then most of the races would be good. The sheer sound and sight of these cars as they shoot past is somethng to behold.

      If you write back I will give you as much info as you can handle!

      My email address is


    • Simon Hall said on 25th January 2009, 2:30

      the best one to go to is either Silverstone in UK or Nurburgring in Germany

    • Xavier said on 28th January 2009, 1:19

      Hello Susan,

      I have never been to a Formula 1 GP too but I have assisted many times to the 24 hours of Le Mans. Ok I am french too.
      But if I would ever go to a F1 GP, I would certainly go to Monaco even if the price is horribly expensive or ZI would go to Spa, for the Belgian GP, It is a very nice circuit and one of the most interesting races too.
      That’s my opinion.

    • Hello Susan, Just be happen to be looking @ website and saw your question. I live in USA, Pennsylvania and have been to quite a few venues. I am sort of old school and have been to SPA Francorchamps, Belgian GP 6 times and each time I go I am in awe of the place. I am listing where I have been in a priority order first to last , which as far as I am concerned really give the average guy a great experience SPA Francorchamps, Canadian GP @ Montreal ( attended 20 times and its fabulous, but off 2009 calendar) Monza, Hockenheim, Nurburinging (they alternate years now), Silverstone, Magny Cours. I attended the US GP @ INDY every year and also used to go to the US GP @ Watkins Glen, NY. I am planning my 7th trip to Spa this year. (My son has gone with me 4 times )
      Any questions let me know.
      Marlin Evans

    • Jairo Leiva said on 23rd February 2009, 0:01

      Monaco no doubt about it.

      No other race like that one.

      But if you ask a real F1 fan like me where to go, the answer is to anyone will be perfect!!! all of them are great.

      Please remember to be from Thursday to Sunday, because the show to see the arriving cars, warm ups, qualy are as good as the race day.

      Just check your preference, Europe? Asia? Or Malaysian of china?…..

      Enjoy it whatever your decision will be.

    • I think the best Grand prix circuit is Monza as it is not as expensive as the others and is quite centralised for a short holiday ie Milan and the Italian lake district there is usually a festival in Como near Monza on the same weekend and is well worth going.
      i would go that little extra and book seats I sat on the Ascari chicane and had a fantastic view but avoid the Parabolica as it is away from the track and not so good

  4. bruno said on 1st October 2008, 19:35

    Hi to all the f1 fans all over the world just asking if above dates for 2009 are set in concrete as we are a band of old foggies (middle age fans) who have been attending for a number of years so we would like to book well in advance thanks

  5. bruno said on 1st October 2008, 19:39

    to susan whoes husbands birthday is next year if you can afford it the one to take him to is monaco if not the other good one is barcelona or the new one in valencia we go to all these and will be going to valencia next year to try it as looks good.

    Hope this of help

  6. Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 1st October 2008, 19:45

    Bruno – not ‘set in concrete’ as such, no. They are largely expected to stay as they are but Bernie Ecclestone is trying to put the three-week break back in August so there could be some movement there. When an official calendar is produced it’ll be mentioned on the site and this page will be updated.

  7. Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 7th October 2008, 14:21

    The above calendar has now been ratified by the FIA. More details here: No Canadian GP on 2009 F1 calendar

  8. Stephen said on 16th October 2008, 12:54

    Susan – I have to agree with Bruno. Monaco for the Glitz and Glamour. Great for walking the circuit and getting close to the cars. Stay in Nice – 20 minutes on the train. I would advise buying a stand ticket – not general admission. Barcelona is great for moving around the circuit and seeing the cars from different views. General admission is excellent. Stay in barcelona and a taxi to the circuit is very handy.

  9. Paula said on 21st October 2008, 19:11

    Hi Susan, I took my husband to Barcelona grand prix for his special 40th birthday, stand N i think it was. It was a fabulous weekend with lots to do in Barcelona itself, Gaudi cathedral, nou camp football stadium. we caught the train up to Montmelo, little village near the track with approx 20 minute walk from there to the circuit. Would love to do it all again, it was excellent. Barclona is easy to get around on the metro, its a wonderful city.

  10. misterjamin said on 4th November 2008, 10:16

    Hey, is there an iCal (.ics) version of this calendar I can subscribe to?

  11. Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 4th November 2008, 10:29

    Misterjamin: These dates (and other info on testing etc…) will be added to the F1 Fanatic Google Calendar which I think you can subscribe to via .ics. If you can’t, let me know and i’ll look into it.

  12. JB FAn said on 4th November 2008, 14:55

    Message for Susan
    Whatever anyone else says – Silverstone is superb, as is Spa.

  13. Flugplatz said on 5th November 2008, 17:06

    Uncle Bernie should pony up the clink to bring Watkins Glen back to world stanard and host a proper US Grand Prix. Indy was a joke.

    Montreal off the calendar is a tragedy for F1.

  14. Wesley said on 5th November 2008, 22:33

    @ emily margaret

    I am afrid that is a question we have been pondering quite a bit on this site,I think the teams will finally push hard enough to make it happen again(BMW and Toyota in particular),until then….sighhhhh…..we Americans are starting a savings account for Bernie and we are all pitching in to see if we can’t fill a dump truck full of money and dump it on his head to see if that gets his attention.

  15. beneboy said on 5th November 2008, 22:55

    @ Wesley

    You may need something bigger than a dump truck :~)

    I agree with you & emily though, it’s a great shame not to see some North American races on the calender.

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