Martin Brundle at BBC in 2009

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Martin Brundle has confirmed he will be commentating on Formula 1 for the BBC in 2009, continuing the role he began with ITV in 1997.

Speaking at the Autocar Awards in London he said:

I’m delighted to be able to tell you all that I’ll be joining the BBC next year. I’ve been commentating on F1 for the past dozen years and I briefly considered calling it a day, but in the end I decided to take up the BBC’s offer and I am now very excited about working for them next year.

Brundle was tipped to be the co-commentator alongside Jonathan Legard from an early stage. However rumours suggested the FIA was putting pressure on the BBC not to hire him due to his criticism of the Spygate affair last year.

Brundle is a first-class commentator and I’m very pleased he’ll still be covering the sport in 2009. Congratulations to him and the BBC.

More on the BBC’s F1 coverage in 2009

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  3. Serbian Kimi Raikkonen
    17th November 2008, 22:55

    HOOOOOORAY x 3:):)

  4. Though we all sort of knew it, it’s fantastic to have Brundle confirmed at the BBC.

    Being in Australia, I’m not sure exactly who Jonathan Legard is. I’ve read about his radio work for 5-Live, but is he also the voice of the season reviews? I think I read that somewhere before.

    Also, has anyone heard any more on DC’s potential involvement in the BBC coverage?

  5. Good news. Very good news that the FIA (Max) didn’t necessarily get their way. I am a very happy man. Now, for the rest of the team…

  6. I am very happy now, livens up my mood after hearing the sad news of montreal being axed.

    I’m sure martin has a word or two to say about that!

    Anyway glad to see Martin Joining the BBC!


  7. Best thing about ITV’s coverage by a country mile, so it’s fantastic, if obvious, that they’ve taken him on. Brilliant.

  8. I’ve read about his radio work for 5-Live, but is he also the voice of the season reviews? I think I read that somewhere before.

    Nope, that would be Ben Edwards. After 5Live F1, Jonathan moved to football commentary, before being considered for the F1 TV job.

    As for Martin: HOOOOOOORAY!

  9. Excellent

  10. Fantastic! Listening to the terrible commentary on the A1GP highlights today made me appreciate how good Martin is.

  11. Hooooray!!

  12. Fantastic news!!

  13. I have a question regarding the BBC coverage. I asked Sky tv here in New Zealand why their F1 coverage has ad breaks in it (that don’t always coincide with the ITV breaks) and they told me they had no say as it was the international feed. Now BBC have the coverage does anyone know if the international feed will include ad breaks or not?

    Great news about Brundle by the way!

  14. Owen – I would have thought your TV channel (Sky TV) will still have Ad breaks, these adverts pays for their rights to show the coverage in the first place. If I am right Channel 9 in Australia always had advert breaks during the 80’s & 90’s despite them taking the BBC feed.

    Dito everyone else’s reaction to the Brundle news – Hooooray!

  15. The BBC will not have ad breaks, at least not when viewed in the UK.

    If other channels in other countries use the BBC feed, they may insert their own advert breaks if the channel they’re broadcast on is a commertial one (of which I would think most, if not all of them, would be).

    Hoooray for Martin, it wouldn’t be the same without him!

  16. Martin Brundle must have the highest approval rating in F1 today. Is there anyone who is as well-loved as he is?

  17. Great news about Brundle. Will we still get the same amount of screen time i.e. qually 1,2&3 and a decent run in time before the start and a reasonable time after the race?

  18. As much as I am happy to hear this. I will wait till the formal announcements are made

  19. The best news I’ve heard all week.

    Journeyer – The only person I can remember who was so universally liked by F1 fans was Jos “The Boss” Verstapen, but he’s been retired for a few years now.

  20. @Beneboy – Verstapen was infact liked for me as well.. till that tangle that took JPM out :-(

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